Pokemon Puzzle League 2 is the sequel to Pokemon Puzzle League that is released for the Nintendo Gamecube on January 26, 2004 (the year as Sonic Heroes) in the US, and on March 26, 2004 in Europe. It features the original 15 trainers (Ash Ketchum, Gary Oak, Brock, Misty, Lieutenant Surge, Erika, Koga, Sabrina, Blaine, Tracey Sketchit, Team Rocket, Giovanni, Ritchie, Lorelei and Bruno) with their returning Pokemon, but with major changes. This video game introduces The Orange Crew (Cissy, Danny, Rudy, Luana, and Drake), the Johto Gym Leaders from Pokemon Puzzle Challenge (Falkner, Bugsy, Whitney, Morty, Chuck, Jasmine, Pryce and Clair) and the final four bosses of the Challenge Mode (Damian from Charmander The Stray Pokemon, Alex Davis from Power Play, Koji from Good 'Quil Hunting and Ken from Wish Upon A Star Shape and Crazy As A Lunatone). Non-playable trainers include Casey (from The Double Trouble Header, The Bug Stops Here and Here's Looking At You, Elekid), Harrison (from Pop Goes The Sneasel), Macy (from Love, Pokemon Style) and Jackson (from Tie One On) who all appear in the Puzzle University mode. Delia Ketchum, Professor Oak, DJ Mary, Professor Elm, and Butch and Cassidy reprise their roles, along with the introduction of Dr. Namba who appears in Spa Service's Special Stage. There is also music from the anime, as well as the To Be A Master, Totally Pokemon, Pokemon The First Movie and Pokemon The Movie 2000 soundtracks (as well as anime opening songs from Indigo League to Master Quest).

List of Starter Trainers

  1. Ash Ketchum
  2. Gary Oak

List of Unlocked Trainers

  1. Damian
  2. Alex Davis
  3. Koji
  4. Ken of the Pokemon Mystery Club

List of Non-Playable Trainers

  1. Casey
  2. Harrison
  3. Macy
  4. Jackson

List of Starting Pokemon

Ash's Pokemon

  1. Pikachu
  2. Cyndaquil
  3. Totodile

Gary's Pokemon

  1. Blastoise
  2. Umbreon
  3. Arcanine

Brock's Pokemon

  1. Forretress
  2. Crobat
  3. Geodude

Misty's Pokemon

  1. Staryu
  2. Politoed
  3. Corsola

Lt. Surge's Pokemon

  1. Raichu
  2. Magneton
  3. Jolteon

Erika's Pokemon

  1. Gloom
  2. Tangela
  3. Weepinbell

Koga's Pokemon

  1. Venomoth
  2. Golbat
  3. Voltorb

Sabrina's Pokemon

  1. Kadabra
  2. Alakazam
  3. Mr. Mime

Blaine's Pokemon

  1. Magmar
  2. Ninetales
  3. Rapidash

Tracey's Pokemon

  1. Venonat
  2. Marill
  3. Scyther

Team Rocket's Pokemon

  1. Arbok
  2. Weezing
  3. Wobbuffet

Giovanni's Pokemon

  1. Persian
  2. Sandslash
  3. Nidoking

Ritchie's Pokemon

  1. Sparky (Pikachu)
  2. Zippo (Charmeleon)
  3. Cruz (Pupitar)

Lorelei's Pokemon

  1. Dewgong
  2. Cloyster
  3. Poliwhirl

Bruno's Pokemon

  1. Onix
  2. Hitmonchan
  3. Primeape

Cissy's Pokemon

  1. Seadra
  2. Vaporeon
  3. Quagsire

Danny's Pokemon

  1. Electrode
  2. Machoke
  3. Nidoqueen

Rudy's Pokemon

  1. Electabuzz
  2. Exeggutor
  3. Starmie

Luana's Pokemon

  1. Marowak
  2. Flareon
  3. Rhydon

Drake's Pokemon

  1. Dragonite
  2. Venusaur
  3. Ditto

Falkner's Pokemon

  1. Hoothoot
  2. Dodrio
  3. Pidgeot

Bugsy's Pokemon

  1. Spinarak
  2. Metapod
  3. Beedrill

Whitney's Pokemon

  1. Miltank
  2. Clefairy
  3. Nidorina

Morty's Pokemon

  1. Gastly
  2. Haunter
  3. Gengar

Chuck's Pokemon

  1. Poliwrath
  2. Machamp
  3. Hitmonlee

Jasmine's Pokemon

  1. Steelix
  2. Magnemite
  3. Ampharos

Pryce's Pokemon

  1. Piloswine
  2. Shellder
  3. Seaking

Clair's Pokemon

  1. Dragonair
  2. Gyarados
  3. Kingdra

List of Unlocked Pokemon

Damian's Pokemon

  1. Machop
  2. Rhyhorn
  3. Drowzee

Alex Davis' Pokemon

  1. Hitmontop
  2. Slowbro
  3. Skarmory

Koji's Pokemon

  1. Graveler
  2. Granbull
  3. Fearow

Ken's Pokemon

  1. Sneasel
  2. Houndoom
  3. Tyranitar

List of Stages

Starting Stages

  1. (Ash's Stage)
  2. (Gary's Stage)

Unlocked Stages

  1. (Damian's Stage)
  2. (Alex Davis' Stage)
  3. (Koji's Stage)
  4. (Ken's Stage)

Unplayable Stages

  1. (Butch and Cassidy's Stage)
  2. (Dr. Namba's Stage)

List of Music

  1. Gotta Catch Em All (Title Screen)

List of Challenge Mode Stages



Hard, Very Hard and Super Hard


  • This is the US version of Nintendo Puzzle Collection's Panel De Pon.
  • The cast from the 4Kids dub reprise their roles.
  • In Easy mode, Clair is the final opponent, in Normal Mode, Koji is the final opponent and in Hard, Very Hard and Super Hard, Ken of the Pokemon Mystery Club is the final opponent.
  • Casey, Harrison, Macy and Jackson appear as non-playable characters.
  • The video game takes place at Puzzle League village.


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