Here's the Pokemon Short Films VHS Collection preview.


  • Male Announcer: Now available from USA Home Entertainment. The Pokemon Short Films VHS Collection.
  • Pikachu: Pika!
  • Female Announcer: Join Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Togepi and their Pokemon friends for their exciting adventures.
  • Male Announcer: First, Pikachu and Company meet Raichu and his gang. And Pikachu faces Raichu in a full race on Pikachu's Vacation.
  • Raichu: Rai! Raichu!
  • Female Announcer: Then, Pikachu and Company find an island of Grass and Bug type Pokemon on Pikachu's Rescue Adventure.
  • Pikachu: Pika Pika!
  • Exeggcute: Exeggcute!
  • Male Announcer: And finally, Pikachu had some new friends for him, The Pichu Brothers and their friends as they face an angry Houndour on Pikachu and Pichu.
  • Houndour: (growls)
  • Both: You can collect all 3 Pokemon Short Films videos right now. From USA Home Entertainment.
  • Pikachu: Pikachu!

My Comments

  • Pikachufreak: Tomorrow, more Cartoon Paridise videos to upload. Sarting with, The Taming of Mr. Shue and Other Episodes.
  • SuperMalechi: Upload Hungry Yumi and Other Episodes. Then, upload more Cartoon Paridise videos. Starting with: What You Seed Is What You Get and Other Episodes.
  • Pikachufreak: Yes, SuperMalechi.
  • SuperMalechi: Hurry up and upload more Cartoon Paridise videos. I need 10!
  • Pikachufreak: Yes, SuperMalechi.
  • SuperMalechi Upload the full version of the 2002 Anchor Bay version of Thomas and His Friends Work Together, Pikachufreak.
  • Pikachufreak: Yes, SuperMalechi.

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