Pokemon Stadium 3 (Nintendo Gamecube)/Prime Cup (Round 1) is Pikachufreak's idea.


  1. Cool Trainer F Mona - Uses Rhydance, Granbance, Venance, Torkance, Ursarance, Kecleance
  2. Triathlete M Verne - Uses Zaplethe, Joltlethe, Buzzlethe, Amphalethe, Tonlethe, Maneclethe
  3. Blackbelt Hiro - Uses Lee, Yama, Champ, Cross, Loom, Top
  4. Triathlete F Felicia - Uses: Miltlethe, Fablethe, Delclethe, Tufflethe, Vileplethe, Jynlethe
  5. School Girl Mia - Uses Swampling, Tropling, Blastling, Exegguling, Feraling, Sunfloling
  6. Swimmer F Renee - Uses Blissaps, Persaps, Porygaps 2, Spindaps, Ploudaps, Slakaps
  7. Dragon Tamer Roy - Uses Niteame, Kingdrame, Salamame, Charizame, Gyaradame, Aerodame
  8. Cool Trainer M Boomer - Uses Mewstor, Raistor, Celestor, Snorstor, Blazistor, Metastor

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