Pokemon Stadium 3 (US Game)/Gym Leader Castle Walkthrough (Round 1) is Pikachufreak's idea.


Rustboro Gym

  1. Youngster Dustin - Uses Bulbiny, Slakoiny, Zubiny, Dodiny, Sluginy, Geodiny
  2. Hiker Roland - Uses Hihorn, Hidra, Hileep, Hitung, Hiduck, Hicute
  3. Gym Leader Roxanne - Uses Nosepass, Rhydon, Omastar, Tyranitar, Golem, Kabutops

Dewford Gym

  1. Blackbelt Matt - Uses Chop, Ty, Mank, Hita, Tite, Snub
  2. Battle Girl Gwen - Uses Clefairil, Smoochirl, Skittirl, Meowirl, Chansirl, Pikirl
  3. Gym Leader Brawly - Uses Hariyama, Heracross, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Primeape, Breloom

Mauville Gym

  1. Guitarist Pete - Uses Raitar, Voltar, Magnetar, Flaatar, Chintar, Triketar
  2. Gym Leader Wattson - Uses Manectric, Electrode, Electabuzz, Ampharos, Jolteon, Magneton

Lavaridge Gym

  1. Cool Trainer M Albert - Uses Granstor, Quilastor, Pinstor, Donstor, Loudstor, Grumpstor
  2. Kindler Ronald - Uses Vulpind, Charmelind, Magcargind, Cubind, Numelind, Vibravind
  3. Gym Leader Flannery - Uses Magcargo, Torkoal, Magmar, Flareon, Charizard, Camerupt

Petalburg Gym

  1. Cool Trainer F Amelia - Uses Miltance, Vaporance, Tropiance, Claydance, Blastance, Donphance
  2. Gym Leader Norman - Uses Slaking, Snorlax, Linoone, Smeargle, Kangaskhan, Stantler

Fortree Gym

  1. Bird Keeper Benjamin - Uses: Geotash, Fearash, Crobash, Xatash, Lediash, Ninjash
  2. Camper Drake - Uses Combustent, Laitent, Arbotent, Marotent, Lickitent, Scitent
  3. Picnicker Lisa - Uses Crocobask, Arcabask, Glerbask, Queenbask, Miebask, Roselibask
  4. Gym Leader Winona - Uses Swellow, Pelipper, Dodrio, Delibird, Masquerain, Aerodactyl

Magma and Aqua Takeover

  1. Magma Grunt M - Uses Geoma 1, Pinema 2, Voltma 3, Gravema 4, Forrema 5, Electma 6
  2. Magma Grunt F - Uses Ratiboo 1, Drowboo 2, Ekaboo 3, Koffiboo 4, Pupiboo 5, Shellgboo 6
  3. Aqua Grunt F - Uses Chinqua 1, Kabuqua 2, Wailqua 3, Turnqua 4, Topsqua 5, Lordqua 6
  4. Aqua Grunt M - Uses Crawdins 1, Seakins 2, Gyaradins 3, Sharpedins 4, Goldins 5, Cruelins 6

Mossdeep Gym

  1. Psychic M Carl - Uses Zamenza, Broenza, Espenza, Gutorenza, Mienza, Claydenza
  2. Hex Maniac Laura - Uses Gengex, Absex, Murkrex, Sneasex, Banex, Dusclex
  3. Gentleman Bruce - Uses Dragite, Rhon, Trous, Milk, Magton, Tas
  4. Gym Leaders Tate and Liza - Uses Solrock, Lunatone, Jynx, Gardevoir, Wobbuffet, Slowking

Sootopolis Gym

  1. Lass Sally - Uses Ursarette, Mimette, Gyaradette, Delcette, Bellette, Roseliette
  2. Beauty Jenna - Uses Blastdy, Vapody, Seakdy, Pilody, Dugdy, Steelidy
  3. Lady Maura - Uses Fabletty, Furretty, Plumetty, Mawetty, Tuffetty, Azumetty
  4. Gym Leader Juan - Uses Luvdisc, Walrein, Tentacruel, Kingdra, Milotic, Wailord

Elite Four

  1. Elite Four Sidney - Uses Mightyena, Houndoom, Absol, Cacturne, Tyranitar, Shiftry
  2. Elite Four Phoebe - Uses Gengar, Misdreavus, Crobat, Sableye, Banette, Dusclops
  3. Elite Four Glacia - Uses Glalie, Cloyster, Lapras, Delibird, Sneasel, Piloswine
  4. Elite Four Drake - Uses Salamence, Altaria, Dragonite, Aerodactyl, Gyarados, Charizard
  5. Champion Wallace - Uses Swampert, Crawdaunt, Slowbro, Corsola, Quagsire, Huntail

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