Pokemon Stadium 3 Poke Cup Walkthrough (Round 1) is Pikachufreak's idea. This is the cup where Mewtwo, Mew, Lugia, Ho-oh, Celebi, and the legendary Pokemon from Hoenn are banned.


Poke Ball

  1. Biker Gordon - Uses Chop-Ma, Key-Man, Rogue-Ty, Mer-Gri, Hita-Maku, Mur-Whis
  2. Swimmer M Justin - Uses Squirtmer, Remomer, Yumer, Pokemer, Lotamer, Magimer
  3. Rich Boy Arthur - Uses Bulbich, Farfich, Smearich, Aipich, Pupich, Slakich
  4. Channeler Ramona - Uses Gastler, Zubler, Shupler, Duskler, Misdler, Lickitler
  5. Cue Ball Hubert - Uses charmeleon, rhyhorn, snubbull, murkrow, sentret, dustox
  6. Kindler Frank - Uses Magbind, Cubind, Elekind, Qwilfind, Beldind, Koffind
  7. Poke Fan M Noah - Uses Sneasal, Porygal, Scythal, Anoral, Ponytal, Sandal
  8. Psychic M Scott - Uses Abrenza, Mimenza, Smoochenza, Girafenza, Spoinenza, Chimenza

Great Ball

  1. Pokemon Ranger F Penny - Uses Wartoger, Rinoger, Oniger, Laiger, Wobbuger, Deliger
  2. Lady Millie - Uses Puffetty, Skitetty, Piketty, Wingetty, Torchetty, Clefetty
  3. Burglar Melvin - Uses Vular, Growlar, Glilar, Drowlar, Sandlar, Numelar
  4. Gambler Horton - Uses Rinabit, Whirlbit, Nairbit, Shuckbit, Corpbit, Vibrabit
  5. Tuber Daniel - Uses Remotube, Horstube, Psytube, Deentube, Omatube, Wailtube
  6. Aroma Lady Marcia - Uses Exeggroma, Oddiroma, Bellsroma, Shrooroma, Pararoma, Sunkroma
  7. Engineer Percival - Uses Mitecian, Grician, Voltcian, Trikecian, Porycian, Spincian
  8. Gentleman Deuce - Uses Pinir, Margo, Hauner, Dito, Flay, Sel

Ultra Ball

  1. Biker Gordon - Uses Lee-Hitmon, Choke-Ma, Bull-Gran, Yama-Hari, Ape-Prime, Loom-Bre
  2. Swimmer M Justin - Uses Bromer, Crawmer, Topsmer, Miemer, Huntmer, Wrathmer
  3. Rich Boy Arthur - Uses Venich, Swalich, Marowich, Ursarich, Noctich, Scizich
  4. Channeler Ramona - Uses Gengler, Baneler, Cloysler, Absler, Duscler, Magmaler
  5. Cue Ball Hubert - Uses raticate, blastoise, kangaskhan, arcanine, stantler, delcatty
  6. Kindler Frank - Uses Houndind, Girafind, Fearind, Steelind, Electabind, Tangelind
  7. Poke Fan M Noah - Uses Persal, Blissal, Gyaradal, Torkal, Toedal, Skarmoral
  8. Psychic M Scott - Uses Zamenza, Hypnenza, Claydenza, Gardenza, Mienza, Grumpenza

Master Ball

  1. Pokemon Ranger F Penny - Uses Arcager, Herager, Donpger, Flareger, Electager, Nidokger
  2. Lady Millie - Uses Fabletty, Delcetty, Tuffetty, Jynetty, Miltetty, Kangetty
  3. Burglar Melvin - Uses Ninelar, Steelar, Rapilar, Camelar, Cruelar, Rhydlar
  4. Gambler Horton - Uses Taubit, Brobit, Snorbit, Cashbit, Arbobit, Nosebit
  5. Tuber Daniel - Uses Feralitube, Qwiltube, Laptube, Goretube, Omastube, Gyaratube
  6. Aroma Lady Marcia - Uses Venuroma, Vileroma, Victroma, Megaroma, Tangeroma, Tropiroma
  7. Engineer Percival - Uses Toncian, Mucian, Rodecian, Amphacian, Glercian, Manecian
  8. Gentleman Deuce - Uses Dragite, Enei, Artuno, Niqueen, Megross, Vapon

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