Pokemon Stadium 3 Prime Cup Walkthrough (Round 2) is Pikachufreak's idea.


  1. Cool Trainer F Mona - Uses Rhydance, Laprance, Spindance, Stantance, Slowbrance, Magmance
  2. Rocker Fred - Uses Zapdace, Buzzace, Manectrace, Jumplace, Tangelace, Roseliace
  3. Blackbelt Hiro - Uses Lee, Bull, Chan, Yama, Cross, Top
  4. Triathlete F Felicia - Uses: Kangethe, Venusethe, Miltethe, Rapidethe, Fearethe, Cloysethe
  5. Scientist Homer - Uses Forretlab, Caclab, Misdrelab, Shiftlab, Primelab, Dauntlab
  6. Dragon Tamer Roy - Uses Charizame, Tyraname, Steelame, Niteame, Altariame, Salamame
  7. Hex Maniac Eloise - Uses Gengex, Umbrex, Crobex, Sablex, Mightex, Absex
  8. Cool Trainer M Boomer - Uses Jirastor, Raistor, Mewstor, Miestor, Perstor, Celestor

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