Pokemon Stadium 5 (Unova version)/Prime Cup (Round 1) is Pikachufreak's idea.


  1. Ace Trainer F Miranda - Pokemon She Uses: Rhyperiance, Venance, Lickilance, Dewgance, Gutorance, Glisance
  2. Linebacker Willie - Pokemon He Uses: Daruback, Magmoback, Flareback, Rapiback, Magcarback, Torback
  3. Black Belt Sie - Pokemon He Uses: Throh, Lee, Cross, Sawk, Chan, Yama
  4. Smasher Malinda - Pokemon She Uses: Lillismash, Bellosmash, Tropismash, Growthsmash, Jumpsmash, Radesmash
  5. Scientist Silas - Pokemon He Uses: Krookolab, Wealab, Caclab, Dauntlab, Umbrelab, Sharplab
  6. Musician George - Pokemon He Uses: Maracsic, Starsic, Wigglysic, Clefasic, Blastsic, Heatsic
  7. Backpacker F Lisa - Pokemon She Uses: Vanilpack, Cloypack, Cryogopack, Lappack, Jynpack, Bearpack
  8. Ace Trainer M Hubert - Pokemon He Uses: Victistor, Raistor, Mewstor, Ursastor, Tyranistor, Jirastor

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