Pokemon Stadium 5 Pika Cup Walkthrough is Pikachufreak's idea.


Round 1

  1. Bug Catcher Harold - Pokemon: Beautify, Buttery, Ekany, Kakuny, Ferrosy, Whirly
  2. Youngster Bernstein - Pokemon: Serviny, Farfiny, Cubiny, Lairiny, Tanginy, Cateiny
  3. Teacher Minnie - Pokemon: Lilliped, Aiped, Ived, Rinaed, Zubed, Rioled
  4. Burglar Orville - Pokemon: Talar, Numelar, Charmelar, Cargolar, Searlar, Darular
  5. Guitarist Chester - Pokemon: Raitar, Buzztar, Tontar, Blitar, Voltar, Pachitar
  6. Poke Kid Claudia - Pokemon: Dewid, Meowid, Staryid, Yanmid, Slowpid, Stunfid
  7. Sage Tyson - Pokemon: Litwage, Smoochage, Gastage, Murkrage, Shuppage, Duskage
  8. Infielder Michael - Pokemon: Krokoder, Tungder, Magmader, Scrafder, Fearder, Pinder

Round 2

  1. Bug Catcher Harold - Pokemon: Beautify, Kakuny, Eggy, Dusty, Nidory, Scythy
  2. Youngster Bernstein - Pokemon: Dewiny, Rhydiny, Pinsiny, Timbiny, Broiny, Hypnidy
  3. Teacher Minnie - Pokemon: Servied, Ambiped, Wrathed, Champed, Octiled, Masquered
  4. Burglar Orville - Pokemon: Nitelar, Magmolar, Talar, Hippowlar, Onilar, Heatlar
  5. Guitarist Chester - Pokemon: Raitar, Eelektar, Rodetar, Amphatar, Joltar, Galtar
  6. Poke Kid Claudia - Pokemon: Persid, Marowid, Meganid, Kazamid, Mukid, Dodrid
  7. Sage Tyson - Pokemon: Jynage, Mismage, Banage, Gengage, Chandage, Honchage
  8. Infielder Michael - Pokemon: Lickider, Breder, Goleder, Kingdder, Ursader, Lurkder

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