Pokemon Stadium Alpha Cup Walkthrough is Pikachufreak's idea.


Round 1

  1. Rocket - Gengact1, Electract2, Joltact3, Golemact4, Magnetact5, Dittact6
  2. Beauty - Jyndy, Dugdy, Saurdy, Exeggudy, Alakady, Chandy
  3. Fisher - Gyaradish, Laprish, Tarmish, Vaporish, Articish, Khanish
  4. Jr. Trainer Female - Chanchan, Ditdit, Taurtaur, Electelect, Kangakanga, Gengen
  5. Jr. Trainer Male - Alakaster, Zapster, Articuster, Kangaster, Hypster, Gyaraster
  6. Pokemaniac - Dragomania, Lapmania, Tonmania, Chanmania, Jynmania, Venumania
  7. Cool Trainer Female - Electrance, Golemance, Kangaskance, Dugtrance, Vaporance, Articance
  8. Cool Trainer Male - Taurstor, Kazamstor, Joltestor, Starmistor, Genstor, Exeggustor

Round 2

  1. Rocket - Gengact1, Electract2, Magnetact3, Golemact4, Joltact5, Venusact6
  2. Beauty - Jyndy, Alakady, Chandy, Dugdy, Ditdy, Joltdy
  3. Fisher - Laprish, Tarmish, Vaporish, Gyaradish, Articish, Hypnish
  4. Jr. Trainer Female - Jynjyn, Kangakanga, Chanchan, Tonton, Taurtaur, Ditdit
  5. Jr. Trainer Male - Dugster, Gyaraster, Articuster, Zapster, Garster, Alakaster
  6. Pokemaniac - Dragomania, Golemania, Alakamania, Joltemania, Hypmania, Chanmania
  7. Cool Trainer Female - Zapdance, Exeggutance, Dugtrance, Jynance, Laprance, Kangaskance
  8. Cool Trainer Male - Taurstor, Rodestor, Genstor, Kazamstor, Starmistor, Articustor

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