Pokemon Stadium Round 3 Walkthrough is Pikachufreak's idea. This is the most intense difficulty ever made and is set at nighttime.


Pika Cup

  1. Swimmer - Tortmer, Primemer, Bromer, Seadramer, Fablemer, Gongmer
  2. Bug Boy - Buttery, Secty, Gloomy, Mothy, Arby, Beedry
  3. Mr. Fix - Porycian, Toncian, Lapcian, Nidocian, Mucian, Raician
  4. Lad - Tangely, Pinny, Pidegoty, Farfety, Mimy, Glery
  5. Fisher - Nairish, Seakish, Queenish, Golemish, Gutorish, Khanish
  6. Buglar - Talar, Donlar, Drowlar, Ratilar, Gyaralar, Onilar
  7. Hiker - Hiwrath, Higar, Hirapi, Hizam, Hituff, Hirow
  8. Lass - Jynette, Seadette, Persiette, Joltess, Omastess, Cloystess

Petit Cup

  1. Bug Boy -
  2. Lad -
  3. Sailor -
  4. Nerd -
  5. Jr. Trainer Female -
  6. Jr. Trainer Male -
  7. Lass -
  8. Pokemaniac -

Poke Cup

Prime Cup

Gym Leader Castle

Pewter Gym

Cerulean Gym

Vermilion Gym

Celadon Gym

Fuchsia Gym

Saffron Gym

Cinnabar Gym

Viridian Gym

Elite Four and Champion

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