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Sneak Peek 1

Brock: Say, Ash. Didn't you see Ranger Lhikan last?

Ash: Yes. Then the Dark Rangers took him away because of me. I then heard in a dream with May to save the heart of Sinnoh.

May: That's strange. I had exactly the same vision. Do you think our visions are intertwined Ash? Ash?

Ash: No!

Lhikan: Save the heart of Sinnoh.

May: And how do we do that?

Lhikan: Find the great disks.

(The great disks fly towards Ash and May)

May: Watch out!

Ash: Whoa!

Misty: Whats up with them?

Max: May was like that last night.

Ash: We saw it. Sinnoh was destroyed and the disks were flying at us.

Misty: Thanks for sharing dreams you two.

Dawn: Visions can sometimes mean a sign of madness or what's to become of the future.

Sneak Peek 2

Krekka: Over here Ash Ketchum!

Ash: Krekka!

(laser blasts)

Ash: Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!

Krekka: AAh!

(laser blasts)

Misty: A Gym Leader knows no fear! Staryu, Water Gun!

(Laser Blast)

Misty: What the? AAH! Guys, there's a Gym Leader down here.

Ash: (whispers) Pikachu, prepare Volt Tackle. (aloud) Lets go!


Krekka: You doing that?

Nidiki: Now what?!

Ash: Earthquake?

Dawn: I don't think so.

Sneak Peek 3

Misty: Wohoo! Only a good trainer or gym leader could tame a wild Mamoswine without a Poke Ball. Ow!

Dawn: And it seems a Gym Leader...

Ash: Just got tamed.

(Back in the Prison)

Lhikan: Don't rely on your memory all the time. Look for what lies ahead.

Brock: Hey, I'm not a Zubat okay? I can't see in the dark. Ow!

Max: I could struggle at this forever and learn nothing from the future.

Lhikan: Today you could learn that building the tallest tower begins with a single stone.

May: And it looks like we'll need a lot more than we got.

Lhikan: You should learn not to give in so easily to what seems impossible. You must help your friend and brother if this is to be acomplished.


Misty: Zadahk. Hundreds of them.

Dawn: How do we get past? One move and we're blasted.

Ash: I have a plan.


Brock: Ow! That was a complete waste of time!

Lhikan: Without self-discovery, nothing will be accomplished as of now.

Brock: Well so much for nothing!

May: Brock, calm down.

Brock: Taking orders from an elder was one thing but from... Ah!

May: (thoughts) Sit down! Sit down now!

Brock: That's it. You're history. Even if...

Max: Stop!


Brock: Whoa! How'd you do that?!

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