The story begins with the usual introductions set 3 months before the events of Phantom Ruler Zorarak with Ash along with Brock and Dawn uniting with May and Max from Hoenn as well as Misty who was travelling nearby Sinnoh. One evening, Ash recieves a call from Professor Oak at a weak signal. He tells him and his friends that strange creatures had invaded and overrun all of Kanto but Pallet Town as well as the Indigo Plateau and Mt Silver turning it into a web of shadows. Before Ash can ask him anything, the signal fades. He then decides to return to Kanto to make sure Oak is safe. Dawn then asks him if they could come along to help him through the adventure. Max secretly ponders to himself if the rumors he heard were true before he met Ash. They set off to Cerulean Coast only to shipwreck themselves with Misty being mad about Ash in charge of order giving whilst she was driving. May breaks up from a surf with Manaphy telling her despite the storm they made it at least alive. Misty soon finds she is stuck under rubble but Brock's Onix digs her out. Ash and Dawn emerge from the fog telling them they wouldn't believe their eyes of what's happened. The webs sparks a memory of a rumor in Max's mind which he tells them. There were some people in use of darkness experimenting with Pokemon with mutate evolving. The kind he heard were mutated Spinrak into six breeds of Visorak ending with the expression of nasty creatures. Ash says the only way to find out more would be to find Professor Oak and make sure he is safe through a long journey to Pallet Town. The others agree and as he takes a step forward a green energy flash hits and paralyzes him. Five more come out of the fog and paralyzes the group before being knocked one by one on top of each other. Misty makes a tempered remark with Ash being "fearless leader". May responds that bickering would not get them out the situation. A loud roar not far ahead worries Dawn and Brock and Max saying "We'll soon find out". A montrous spider creature along with 6 more of the same. Misty panics guessing Visorak Pokemon. Max replies the breed being Keelerak or in Visorak tongue "Stealers of Life". Brock replies that they don't have tongues becuase all the group can see are teeth. May asks Ash what to do but he is only paralyzed by fear as they are wrapped into separate cacoons. A lone Keelerak makes his way up to Mt Silver where Team Rocket Boss Giovanni awaits. It tells him (in Visorak tongue) they have captured the six trainers that had been interfering and foiling Team Rocket's plans for the previous 4 years. Giovanni goes to the peak ledge to find them to his suprise. He orders them to drop them. A cold figure named Roodaka approaches to tell him for the Visorak to bring them to her after they been mutated and dropped to the mountain base. Over in the cacoons Misty yells at Ash for not having it been a safe journey other than him without realising of getting captured, poisoned and brought up to the top of Mt Silver to be stuck up there and who knows what happens. Max tries to reply but his voice gets muffled allowing her to say he agrees.

Dawn tells Misty that its not Ash's fault entirely. He tells her not to bother with that and wishes he was better as a trainer and no matter how much he didn't want to change. Suddently, a shot of venom shoots right up his cacoon and his arm bursts out looking monstrous with a flame torch. Unable to control it he accident sets a small flame on May's cacoon which she quickly blows out. More venom shoots right up the other cacoons mutating Misty, Brock, Max, and May and them falling from the peak. Ash's cacoon bursts open in front of Dawn and his horrific mutation worries her. Ash makes one final apology that he messed up again before falling. Dawn closes her eyes hoping not fall but the mutation proves too strong causing her to fall. Giovanni laughs as he makes his way to the throne room. Ash begins falling dangerously faster towards the base when a light shines in front of him. The figure grabs Ash just before he hits the floor. 4 other figures grab Brock, May, Max and Dawn from their fall. One last figure grabs Misty from her fall and reacts to it not to mess up her hair. The 6 mysterious figures carry the group to Cinnabar Island and leaves them there to recover before setting off. Next morning, Misty wakes up wondering where her saver had left her. She then curses herself about Ash leading them into their mutation. Misty then trips on a rock to see her reflection of what she mutated to. Terrified, she tries to splash her mutated arm blade but it proves that it was real. She then notices five other figures in her reflection with similar mutations to her own. Angry, she starts to attack one of them with her mutated arm. The figure barely defends with its hammer before she has her legs tangled in some sort of cable. As Misty struggles to get herself free, the figure she attacked tells her its all right. She soon recognises it being May she attacked by accident. May then replies they'll find a way about it together. Dawn then apolgises to Misty for the severe cable she launched. Max and Brock appear to her before she realises the last figure to be Ash. She turns to him and asks strictly if he was thinking up another plan from the last one. Ash replies saying he was done making plans. Misty was about the launch her blade at him for his recklisness when the mysterious figure that saved Ash appears saying if they wanted to return to their old forms they would listen. Back in Mt Silver, Roodaka appears before 100 trainers telling them Kanto is just the beginning for Team Rocket's Visorak dominance. A Boggarak nervously talks to her she angrily asks it why are Ash and his friends still alive. It speaks about them being saved by Rahaga. Back on Cinnabar Island, the figure then explains Keetongu which Max first guesses the key to nongu but he explains about it being a Pokemon that rarely appears and has the power to cure anything of mutation. Dawn then asks him what they have been mutated to. The stranger then explains about Hordika venom which courses through the group and if not controlled, takes root and the person it courses through remains Hordika forever. He then introduces himself as Norik and then introduces Gaaki, Bomonga, Pouks, Kulas and crash-landing Iruni.

After a brief conversation, Misty slighty starts to get relieved that there would be a cure to their current situation but sternly asks Ash about the idea to which he replies to stay on their original goal. Norik replies it would be easier with their Hordika powers which the group had not yet learned to use. A green flash is seen through Ash's eyes as he angrily leaves the camp.

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