Narrator: As six friends head to Kanto, the region Ash once called home

Dawn: What was that?

Narrator: Has become a web of shadows. Ruled by an evil queen, their Pokemon confiscated and caught in a dangerous trap.

May: AAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Narrator: They will be transformed by a mysterious force...

Max: We've changed.

Norik: Hordika venom courses within you. If it is not neutrilised, it will take root and Hordika you'll be forever.

Brock: That's encouraging.

Narrator: And betrayed by one of their number.

Ash: I'll show them all.

Roodaka: You are everything I have hoped you'd be.

Narrator: Now, they will begin a quest...

Ash: Follow me.

Narrator: That will test their new powers...

Misty: I don't know what's gotten into me, oh thats right, SOME KIND OF MONSTER!

Narrator: And they'll discover that only the power of friendship can save their friend and Pokemon.

May: We'll find a way together.

Brock: Cus' thats what friends do.

Narrator: Experience a Pokemon Adventure like no other. Pokemon United 3 Web of Shadows.

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