Pokemon and Digimon: The Movie is a fan-fiction crossover film made by Pikachufreak.

Plot of This Movie

  • The movie starts with Ash Ketchum waking up one morning at 7:00am. He wakes his sister Mary up and they head for the kitchen. There, Wilhelmina has cooked delicious pancakes and Ash and Mary eat them. Then, the two head outside and Ash meets Brock, Ralph and Nelson. Together they sing What A Perfect Day. Damian, Alex Davis, Koji and Ken spy on Ash, Brock, Ralph and Nelson and plan on conquering the world. At Tai's room, he has just brushed up his teeth and calls his sister Kari. The two head downstairs and Tai meets up with Matt, Takato, Henry, Izzy, Joe, Marcus and Thomas. They all head to join Ash and the others, not noticing Kazu, Keenan, Kenta and Devimon. In The Poke Scouts' room, Bailey, Marina, Krystal, Chigusa and Rebecca have put their normal outfits on and they head to The Sailor Scouts' room, where Serena, in her An Unnatural Phenomena outfit, Mina, in her Cherry Blossom Time outfit, Raye, in her Rubeus Evens The Score outfit, Lita, in her Mirror, Mirror On The Wall outfit, and Amy, also in her Mirror, Mirror On The Wall outfit, have just put their opaque tights and shoes on. The Scouts unite and they sing As Good As Five. At The Kratt Sisters' room, they call their pet dogs Courage and Lucky, as they all head for The Hiiragi Twins' room, where Kagami and Tsukasa have just put their normal outfits and opaque black tights. At Koga's room, he is doing ninja skills when Master Fung arrives. He tells him that Aya, Satsuki and Charmaine, The Steamettes, have just been hanging out with Jeri, Zoe and Yoshi. At Team Rocket's room, they are ordered on a mission by Giovanni, to get the fame. The trio, along with The Greaser Dogs set out to find Ash and the other Mon characters. Meanwhile, in Florinda and Tamao's room, they have just worn their Daphne and Josie outfits and pink tights and head for Angie and Nene's room, where the two are in Sam and Suzie outfits and pink tights. Back at the Scouts' room, The Longstocking and Blonde Sisters have changed to their costumes, complete with white gloves and opaque tan pantyhose. Together, they sing Between A Princess and A Sailor as they shoelessly brush Sally, Matthew, Luna and Artemis. Back outside, Surge, Blaine and Bruno have their perfect day as they, along with Mikey, Jeremy and Christopher, make their trek to the mall. At Scissor Street, Suzy and Pietra are busy massaging Meilin and Madison's feet. Back outside, Ash and the others reach Puzzle League High school and they head inside. Team Kiwi appear and ask Ash where Team Rocket went. Ash explains that they have been having a day off. On the other side, Raye meets up with King Dedede and Riff Raff. Removing her black heels, she asks the two to massage her feet that are covered in red tights and they both accept. That night starts the costume party, and Ash sings It's Absolutely Real. However, Mewtwo and Apocalymon intrude and want to take possesion. Timon, Pumbaa, Mordecai and Rigby luckily arrive, but Team Sesame appear as well. Team Rocket and The Greasers see them and Jessie and James battle Ernie and The Count and win. After that, the movie finishes with both Ash and Tai kissed by both Bailey and Serena.


  1. Ash Ketchum
  2. Mary
  3. Wilhelmina
  4. Brock
  5. Ralph
  6. Nelson
  7. Damian
  8. Alex Davis
  9. Koji
  10. Ken
  11. Tai Kamiya
  12. Kari Kamiya
  13. Matt Ishida
  14. Takato Matsuki
  15. Henry Wong
  16. Izzy Izumi
  17. Joe Kido
  18. Marcus Damon
  19. Thomas H. Norstein
  20. Kazu Shoida
  21. Keenan Crier
  22. Kenta Kitagawa
  23. Devimon
  24. Bailey
  25. Marina
  26. Krystal
  27. Chigusa
  28. Rebecca
  29. Serena Tsukino
  30. Mina Aino
  31. Raye Hino
  32. Lita Kino
  33. Amy Mizuno
  34. Whitney
  35. Tierra
  36. Courage
  37. Lucky
  38. Kagami Hiiragi
  39. Tsukasa Hiiragi
  40. Koga
  41. Master Fung
  42. Aya
  43. Satsuki
  44. Charmaine
  45. Jeri Katou
  46. Zoe Orimoto
  47. Yoshi Fujieda
  48. Jessie
  49. James
  50. Meowth
  51. Wobbuffet
  52. Giovanni
  53. Cliff
  54. Lube
  55. Shriek
  56. Florinda Showers
  57. Tamao
  58. Angie Hinomoto
  59. Nene Amano
  60. Sally
  61. Matthew
  62. Luna
  63. Artemis
  64. Lt. Surge
  65. Blaine
  66. Bruno
  67. Mikey Kudo
  68. Jeremy Tsurugi
  69. Christopher Aonuma
  70. Suzy
  71. Pietra
  72. Meilin Rae
  73. Madison Taylor
  74. Kiwi Adair
  75. Raditz
  76. Bowser Jr.
  77. King Dedede
  78. Riff Raff
  79. Mewtwo
  80. Apocalymon
  81. Timon
  82. Pumbaa
  83. Mordecai
  84. Rigby
  85. The Count
  86. Ernie
  87. Elmo
  88. The Honker


  1. What A Perfect Day
  2. As Good As Five
  3. Between A Princess and A Sailor
  4. It's Absolutely Real

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