Pokemorphs are a new race of beings that emerged sometime after the war with King Rasets. They are a fusion of Pokemon and Human DNA, this means that they have the Power of Pokemon with the Intelligence of Humans.

Kinds of Pokemorph's

Although their are as many Pokemorphs as there are Pokemon. There are two kinds of Pokemorph's, Natural Pokemorph's and Bonded Pokemorphs.

Natural Pokemorphs

These kind of Pokemorphs are usually humans that where born with Pokemon DNA in there Bodies this makes them Pokemorph's although there powers don't surface till their Teenage years. You could say their powers surfacing is puberty to them, the only Natural Pokemorphs known are nearly every single member of the Space Warrior Except, Kirby, Metaknight, Omega, Chef Colette, Alyssa, Andy, Alistair and Ross.

Bonded Pokemorph's

These Kind of Pokemorphs are born as Humans but get fused with a Pokemon Spirit turning them into Pokemorphs. These kinds can sometimes have more power than Natural Pokemorphs, mostly because these Pokemorphs can unlock the main powers of the Pokemorphs earlier. Right now the only Bonded Pokemorphs are, Alyssa, Andy and Alistair.

Pokemorph Hybrids

These Kind of Pokemorphs are a new kind, mostly it's another race besides humans that come into contact with a Pokemon Spirit, or a Child born, with one of it's paretns beign a Pokemorph and it's other parent being a different race.

Right now the only Pokemorph Hybrids, are Hikari Ino, Roscoso, Ozzy and Spider-girl!

Pokemorph History

The Pokemorph Race became existant shortly after the war with King Rasets was over, Arceus created the Pokemorph's as a hidden army incase any new evil's where awakened, The Pokemorph's stayed in hiding, most of them lived in the Pokemorph Sanctuary, while others simply travlled the world usually keeping their powers hidden form all beings, Balance's, Darksides and any other's.

Many Legendary Pokemorphs made friends with different races, one of them is the Dialga Pokemorph Justin who befriended, Hikari Inos father Kaito Ino.

Mostly Pokemorphs stayed hidden for many centuries, the race started to come out of hiding when Roscoso was brought to the Dimension along with the Life Aura's, when he formed The Space Warriors he formed it with multiple Legendary Pokemorph's. The Pokemorph race also have to come out of hiding after the Pokemorph Sanctuary was reveal by Drake Darkstar.

The Pokemorph Tournament

The Pokemorph Tournament was a special Event created by Arceus when the Pokemorph Race was created as a test to see if the species would survive, it only made one return which was put as another test for all Pokemorphs who would fight against the Darksides. The way it worked was 24 Pokemorphs would randomly be put into matches, the twelve Winners would be put into 6, Two-man Teams. Where each team would face each other in a best two out of three match. The Two Teams with most wins would face once more to decide the winner.

Pokemorph Contestants

The Space Warriors (Roscoso, Andy, Micheal and Aistair)

Shawn the Regigigas Pokemorph

A 15 year old Pokemorph with the Pokemon Spirit of the Coloseus Pokemorph Regigigas, Shawn actually met the Space Warriors before the Tournament, Challenging Ross to a fight. Ross won just as the Space Warrior's where invited to compete, Shawn wanting a rematch with Ross, entered as well. But when Shawn, Ross, Alistair, Andy and Micheal made it through. Ross and Shawn where teamed together to form the Chaos Revolution.

Phoebe the Lugia Pokemorph

A 20 year Old Pokemorph, she is mostly cold, merciless and battle hungry, you could say she's the Polar Oppisite to Hikari Ino, Phoebe entered the Tournament to prove her strenght she teamed up with Andy in the Tournament to form the Team, Cold Front.

Ben the Heatran Pokemorph

A 19 year Old Pokemorph who lived on the streets. Ben had a dream when his powers awakened to be the most powerful Pokemorph alive. So he jumped at the chance to enter the Tournament. When he teamed up with Micheal to form the Volcanic Pounders, at first they didn't get along especially when they fought the Cold Front.

Ian the Registeel Pokemorph

A 16 year old Pokemorph who long with three other Pokemorphs where good friends with Alistair. They met up at the Tournaments where Alistair teamed up with Ian to form the Metal Dragon. Ian can put too much pressure on himself causing him to be stressed out.

Zander and Alex the Lati Twins

A Brother Sister Team, who already had experience is team battling. They are a Latios and Latias Pokemorphs. They both use there tag team attacks to win battles, luckly for them they both where put together when the teams where announced.

Grace and Rick the Regi Force

A pair of Pokemorphs that have the spirits of Regice (Grace) and Regirock (Rick)they both entered the Tournament to prove themselves. Mostly they are much better in single battles than double battles.

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