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Katie's positive behaviour policy. Positive behaviour policy for Bumble Bees.

Statement of beliefs, values and goals. At Bumble Bees, we prefer to focus on the positive behaviour occurring in the class rather than the negative. We believe that by praising the positive behaviour, the negative behaviour will stop. We believe that by providing a positive learning environment that is stimulating and interesting for every child, there will not be as much need for negative behaviour, although we do understand that occurrences in children’s lives outside of their control do sometimes lead to negative behaviour. A positive learning environment is essential in order for children to learn

Aims of this policy • To support a positive learning environment. • To focus on the behaviour at individual child-level and first of all try to determine the cause of the behaviour. • For children with behavioural difficulties to be included in the setting.

Info about setting’s provisions.

The rules chosen by everybody in the setting • Provide a stimulating environment with activities to suit every child’s needs. • Always encourage the good behaviour shown in the setting before discouraging the negative behaviour. • Never use or threaten any form of physical violence towards a child. • A child may only be restrained when they are a danger to themselves or others.

Each child will begin each day with a fresh start. Our school rules are • Keep hands and feet to ourselves. • Listen when others are talking. • Follow instructions first time they are given. • Move around the setting carefully. • Always be polite. Each class then has the option to add ONE extra rule if they find it appropriate.

Encouraging positive behaviour by… • Thumbs up/ smile from a practitioner. • Verbal praise. • Smily face on hand • Special stars.

Normally, verbal praise will be enough to raise esteem and prevent negative behaviour. Special stars will be given to children seen performing out of the ordinary in anything.

The agreed inappropriate behaviour Inappropriate behaviour is behaviour which needs to be prevented immediately and the child needs to understand why their behaviour was inappropriate. This consists of children breaking the school rules and being aggressive.

The methods agreed on for sanctioning inappropriate behaviour Unwanted behaviour should always be discouraged… • by being shown how to behave correctly. • By

The arrangements for provision for children who have emotional and/or behavioural difficulties. The arrangements for admission of children with behavioural difficulties. The arrangements for identifying and assessing behavioural difficulties. The arrangements for providing support for children with behavioural difficulties. The arrangements for providing access by the child with behavioural difficulties to a balanced and broadly based curriculum

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