Two interplanetary guilds in the universe of the Void of Earth's Solar System are officially recognized by most governments as legitiment, politically neutral forces that can serve the common good, including the United Earth Regime, the League of Planets, the Empire of Spectra, and member states of the Outworld Alliance. One is the Free Trade Guild, composed of independent operators and owners of private spaceships who specialize in interplanetary trade, recognized as a leading source of economic prosperity, and the Religious Guild, which consists of many religious leaders from various traditions (see religion in VESS), who cater to the spiritual welfare or ordinary citizens, and they can double as an unofficial diplomatic corp promoting intergovernmental peace over war. The many spaceships owned by members of the Free Trader's Guild are frequently used by passengers desiring interplanetary space travel, especially between the jurisdictions of two governments, since this guild is trusted by virtually all political powers in the solar system. The Religious Guild has it's own space fleet, and it's ships, while normally used for religious purposes or to promote peace talks between two governments in a shooting war, are sometimes, in a spirit of divinely-mandated charity, used by passengers for interplanetary space travel.

Of the ordained clergy who make ip the Religious Guild, 45 percent represent Solar Monotheism, 25 percent Ecumenical Monotheism, and 21 percent the Neo-Pagan Movement, and the remaing nine percent older, ancient, minority spiriual traditions.

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