Which Video Codec do you think will be the first to available in Safari, Chrome, Opera and Firefox? Right now, Firefox, Chrome and Opera support Ogg Theora. Safari and Chrome support H.264.

Put your guess for the video codec and the date you think it will happen.

Ogg Theora, August 2010. I think that Apple will decide to support Ogg Theora if only to support wikipedia videos by default. If Apple does not do that, then I think the video codec comes down to in order of probability, MPEG-1 when the patents expire in the 2010-2013 range, Motion JPEG just because it is simple to support and patent free, H.263 baseline, since it might be patent free or should be in the next eight years, and a lossless codec like huffyuv. Jrincayc 03:18, 8 July 2009 (UTC)