Polytheism is the belief in the existence of and the worship of many (usually more than 4) gods.  It is the type of multi-theism which was formerly the most popular all over the world, until the dogmatic onlyist totalist imitation monotheistic religions (e.g. Christianism and Islamism) started spreading like a cancerous wildfire across the globe.  Actually, most kinds of monotheism, such as Zorasterianism and Christianity, are actually multitheistic.  Zorasterianism recognizes or acknowledges (posits the existence of) two distinct deities (gods), one good, one evil (although they only seek to worship one, they still believe in the existence of the other).  Judaism & Islam do this with God and Satan, while Christianity divides God into 3 persons: the Father (God), the Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit or Ghost (Logos). So Christianity, although claiming to be monotheistic, is actually tri-theistic or even quad-theistic (count them: God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Satan); they may only worship 3, or "1 in 3 ways", but they actually acknowledge the existence of 4 (although some totally deny that Satan is a god or deity, but only describe him as a "dark power" or "fallen angel".  The angels themselves, however, are also gods or at least demigods, as are the Saints).

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