The Ponean's are tusked bipeds. The three types of Ponean, the Po, the Nea (who were the result of genetic mutation), and the Nean, were distinguished by their hands and eyes. Po had finned hands, while the Nea and Nean had clawed, fingered hands. The fingered Ponean also varied in the number of eyes—while the Nean, like the Po, had two eyes, the less-common Nea had four. While most Nea and Nean had claw-like hands with five fingers,[2] some Nea had three-fingered hands with very thick digits. Though Nea and Nean only made up about ten percent of the Ponean population, their fingered hands made them more comfortable with technology. Thus, they were the subspecies more commonly found off-world. Because the Po saw the Nea as responsible for the image the Ponean had on the galaxy as thugs, the latter subspecies were considered pariahs on Ponea, which had a lower population of Ponean than the galaxy itself.

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