The Poneans are a peaceful, diminutive species. They are divided into two separate species—one, a Near-Human race, the other a floppy-eared, furred humanoid species. One of the Ponean species is thought to have evolved on the Ponean Homeworld. They are slightly taller than the Near-Human Poneans, with an adult height of 1.0 to 1.6 meters (females being slightly taller on average.) They are covered in short fur, ranging from black to tan in color. Their faces had floppy ears, long muzzles, and small black eyes. They had three long fingers and a thumb on each hand. The Near-Human Poneans differed from the Human norm primarily in their short stature (1.0 to 1.5 meters for adults of both sexes.) Near-Human Poneans were often said to resemble Human children, though males frequently (and proudly) grew full beards. Xenobiologists believed that the Near-Human Poneans arrived on the Ponean Homeworld from a nearby planet eons ago, and adopted the culture of the original Ponean species. No other animal species on the Ponean Homeworld was related to them genetically.

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