Pongo Breaks the Rules and Other Stories is a Disney/Thomas parody of the Thomas and Friends US video, Thomas Breaks the Rules and Other Stories. It features two first season episodes, and five second season episodes of Pongo the Dalmatian and Friends narrated by Ringo Starr.


  • Pongo (from 101 Dalmatians) as Thomas
  • Hercules (from Hercules) as Edward
  • Baloo (from The Jungle Book) as Henry
  • Sir Ector (from The Sword in the Stone) as Gordon
  • Donald Duck (from Mickey Mouse) as James
  • Piglet (from Winnie the Pooh) as Percy
  • Friar Tuck (from Robin Hood) as Toby
  • Jiminy Cricket (from Pinocchio) as Duck
  • Owl (from Winnie the Pooh) as Harold
  • Mickey Mouse (from Mickey Mouse) as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Pete (from Mickey Mouse) as The Angry Policeman
  • Winston (from Oliver and Company) as Sir Topham Hatt's Butler
  • Pirates (from Peter Pan) and Rhino Guards (from Robin Hood) as The Troublesome Trucks
  • Flowers (from Alice in Wonderland) as The Coaches
  • Abigail (from The Aristocats) as Annie
  • Amelia (from The Aristocats) as Clarabel (does not speak)
  • Jasmine (from Aladdin) as Henrietta (does not speak)
  • Minnie Mouse (from Mickey Mouse) as Lady Hatt (does not speak)
  • Michael Banks (from Mary Poppins) as Stephen Hatt (cameo)
  • Mary Poppins (from Mary Poppins) as Mrs. Kyndley (cameo)
  • Everyone else as Themselves


  1. Pongo Breaks the Rules
  2. A Cow on the Line
  3. Old Iron
  4. Double Trouble
  5. Donald in a Mess
  6. Jiminy Takes Charge
  7. Piglet Proves a Point


Pongo Breaks the Rules

Narrator: "There's a path to a quarry at the end of Pongo's route. It goes for some distance along the road. Pongo was very careful to bark here in case anyone was coming.

Early one morning, a large cat named Pete was standing close to the path. Pongo liked cats. He had been a great friend of the cat who had just retired."

Pongo: "Ruff, ruff!"

Narrator: "He barked."

Pongo: "Good morning!"

Narrator: "Pongo expected that Pete would be friendly too, but was sorry to see that he didn't looked friendly at all. He was red in the face and very cross."

Pete: "Disgraceful!"

Narrator: "He spluttered."

Pete: "I didn't sleep a wink last night. It was so quietly, and now dalmatians come barking suddenly behind me."

Pongo: "I'm sorry, sir."

Narrator: "Said Pongo."

Pongo: "I only said good morning."

Narrator: "Pete pointed to Pongo."

Pete: "Where's your cowcatcher?"

Narrator: "He asked."

Pongo: "But I don't catch cows, sir."

Pete: "Don't be funny!"

Narrator: "Snapped Pete. He looked at Pongo's body."

Pete: "No robe either!"

Narrator: "And he wrote in his notebook."

Pete: "Disney Characters going on public roads must wear a robe to protect people and animals from being dragged underneath if they should stray onto the path.

You haven't so you are dangerous!"

Pongo's Driver: "Rubbish!"

Narrator: "Said Pongo's driver."

Pongo's Driver: "We've been along here hundreds of times and never had an accident."

Pete: "That makes it worst!"

Narrator: "Pete answered. He wrote 'Regular Law Breaker' in his book. Pongo puffed sadly away.

Mickey Mouse was having breakfast. He was eating toast and marmalade. Winston came in."

Winston: "Excuse me, sir. You are wanted on the telephone."

Mickey Mouse: "Bother that telephone!"

Narrator: "Said Mickey."

(Phone chattering)

Mickey Mouse: "I'm sorry, my dear."

Narrator: "He said to Minnie Mouse."

Mickey Mouse: "Pongo is in trouble with Pete and I must go at once."

Narrator: "As the station, Pongo's driver told Mickey what had happened."

Mickey Mouse: "Dangerous to the public indeed? We'll see about that."

Narrator: "Mickey spoke to Pete, but however much he argued with him, it was no good."

Pete: "The law is the law!"

Narrator: "He said."

Pete: "And we can't change it!"

Narrator: "Mickey felt exhausted."

Mickey Mouse: "I'm sorry, driver."

Narrator: "He said."

Mickey Mouse: "It's no use arguing with Pete. We will have to make that robe thing for Pongo I suppose."

Pongo: "Everyone will laugh, sir."

Narrator: "Said Pongo."

Pongo: "They'll say I look like a badger."

Narrator: "Mickey stared, then he laughed."

Mickey Mouse: "Well done, Pongo! Why didn't I think of it before? We want a badger. When I was on my holiday, I met a nice little badger called Friar Tuck. He takes rhino guards from the farms, but the trucks are taking over most of his work and he needs a change. He has a cowcatcher and a robe. I'll write to his controller at once."

Narrator: "A few days later, Friar Tuck arrived."

Mickey Mouse: "That's a good badger."

Narrator: "Said Mickey."

Mickey Mouse: "I see you brought your princess, Jasmine."

Friar Tuck: "You don't mind, do you, sir?"

Narrator: "Asked Friar Tuck."

Friar Tuck: "The stationmaster wanted to use her as a hen house, and that would never do."

Mickey Mouse: "No, indeed."

Narrator: "Said Mickey."

Mickey Mouse: "We couldn't allow that."

Narrator: "Friar Tuck made the silly rhino guards behave even better than Pongo did."

(Friar Tuck rings his bell)

Pete: "Oy you!"

Narrator: "At first, Pongo was jealous. But he was so pleased when Friar Tuck ranged his bell and frightened Pete, they've been firmed friends ever since."

A Cow on the Line

Narrator: "Hercules was getting old. His body was worn and he clanked as he walked along. He was taking empty pirates to a market town. The sun shone, birds sang, but Hercules was heading for trouble."

Hercules: "Come on, come on."

Narrator: "He puffed."

Pirates: "Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!"

Narrator: "Screamed the pirates."

Narrator: "Hercules puffed and clanked. The pirates rattled and screamed.

Some cows were grazing nearby. They were not used to Disney Characters. The noise disturbed them.

As Hercules clanked by, they broke through the fence and ran across the road. A pirate let go and some were left behind.

Hercules felt a jerk but didn't take much notice. He was used to pirates."

Hercules: "Bother those pirates!"

Narrator: "He thought."

Hercules: "Why can't they come quietly?"

Narrator: "He was at the next station before either he or his driver realized what had happened.

When Sir Ector and Baloo heard about the accident, they laughed and boasted.

Sir Ector and Baloo: "Fancy allowing cows to break his load. They wouldn't dare do that to us. We'd show them."

Narrator: "Friar Tuck was cross."

Friar Tuck: "You couldn't help it, Hercules. They've never met cows. I have, and I know the trouble they are."

Narrator: "Some days later, Sir Ector rushed through Hercules' station."

Sir Ector: "Mind the cows! Hurry, hurry, hurry!"

Narrator: "Puffed Sir Ector."

Flowers: "Don't make such a fuss. Don't make such a fuss."

Narrator: "Grumbled his flowers. A long path was ahead. In the distance was a bridge. It seemed to Sir Ector that there was something on the bridge. His driver thought so too."

Sir Ector's Driver: "Whoa, Sir Ector."

Narrator: "He said."

Sir Ector: "Pooh!"

Narrator: "Said Sir Ector."

Sir Ector: "It's only a cow. Shoo! Shoo!"

Narrator: "He moved slowly onto the bridge, but the cow would shoo. She had lost her calf and felt lonely."

Bluebell: "Moo!"

Narrator: "She said sadly. Everyone tried to send her away, but she wouldn't go. Baloo arrived."

Baloo: "What's this? A cow. I'll soon settle her. Be off! Be off!"

Bluebell: "Moo!"

Narrator: "Said the cow. Baloo backed away nervously."

Baloo: "I don't want to hurt her."

Narrator: "At the next station, Baloo's conductor told them about the cow and warned the signalman that the line was blocked."

The Porter: "That must be Bluebell."

Narrator: "Said the porter."

The Porter: "Her calf is here, looking for her mother. Piglet will take her along."

Narrator: "At the bridge, Bluebell was very pleased to see her calf again, and the porter led them away."

Baloo and Sir Ector: "Not a word. Keep it dark."

Narrator: "Whispered Sir Ector and Baloo to each other. They felt rather silly. But the story soon spread."

Hercules: "Well, well, well."

Narrator: "Chuckled Hercules."

Hercules: "Two big Disney Characters afraid of a cow."

Sir Ector: "Afraid? Rubbish!"

Narrator: "Said Sir Ector."

Sir Ector: "We didn't want to poor thing to hurt herself by running up against us. We stopped so as not to excite her. You see what I mean, my dear Hercules."

Hercules: "Yes, Sir Ector."

Narrator: "Said Hercules. Sir Ector felt somehow that Hercules saw only too well."

Old Iron

Narrator: "One day, Donald had to wait at the station till Hercules and his flowers came in. This made him cross."

Donald Duck: "Late again!"

Narrator: "Hercules laughed, and Donald fumed away.

After Donald had finished his work, he went back to the yard and puffed onto the turntable. He was still feeling very bad tempered."

Donald Duck: "Hercules is impossible."

Narrator: "He grumbled to the others."

Donald Duck: "He clanks about like a lot of old iron, and he is so slow he makes us wait!"

Narrator: "Pongo and Piglet were indignant."

Piglet: "Old iron? Slow?"

Pongo: "Why, Hercules could beat you in a race any day!"

Donald Duck: "Really?"

Narrator: "Said Donald."

Donald Duck: "I should like to see him do it!"

Narrator: "Next morning, Donald's driver was suddenly taken ill. He could hardly stand, so the fireman unhooked Donald ready for shunting. Donald was impatient."

Suddenly, the signalman shouted. There was Donald running away down the road."

Signalman: "All traffic halted!"

Narrator: "He announced at last. Then he told the fireman what had happened."

Signalman: "Two boys were standing nearby Donald fiddling with him."

Donald Duck's Fireman: "Phew!"

Signalman: "They ran off when Donald started."

(Phone rings)

Narrator: "The signalman answered the telephone."

Signalman: "Yes. He's here. Right. I'll tell him.

The inspector's coming at once. He wants a shunter's pole and a coil of wire rope."

Donald Duck's Fireman: "What for?"

Narrator: "Wondered the fireman."

Signalman: "Search me! But you'd better get them quickly."

Narrator: "The fireman was ready when Hercules arrived. The inspector saw the pole and the rope."

Inspector: "Good man. Jump on."

Hercules: "We'll catch him, we'll catch him."

Narrator: "Said Hercules. Donald was laughing."

Donald Duck: "What a lark! What a lark!"

Narrator: "He chuckled to himself.

Suddenly he was going faster and faster. He realized that he had no driver."

Donald Duck: "What shall I do? I can't stop! Help! Help!"

Hercules: "We're coming! We're coming!"

Narrator: "Called Hercules.

Hercules was panting up behind with every once of strength he had. At last he caught up with Donald."

Hercules' Driver: "Steady, Hercules!"

Narrator: "Called his driver. The inspector stood in front of Hercules, holding a noose of rope in the crook of the shunter's pole. He was trying to slip it over Donald. The Disney Characters swayed and lurched.

At last!"

Inspector: "Got him!"

Narrator: "He shouted. He pulled the noose tight. Gently braking, Hercules' driver checked the man's speed, and Donald's fireman scrambled across and took control."

Hercules: "So the old iron caught you after all."

Narrator: "Chuckled Hercules."

Donald Duck: "I'm sorry."

Narrator: "Whispered Donald."

Donald Duck: "Thank you for saving me. You were splendid, Hercules."

Hercules: "That's all right."

Narrator: "Replied Hercules. The Disney Characters arrived at the station side by side. Mickey Mouse was waiting."

Mickey Mouse: "A fine piece of work."

Narrator: "He said."

Mickey Mouse: "Donald, you can rest and then take your load. I'm proud of you, Hercules. You shall go to the hospital and have your worn parts healed."

Hercules: "Oh, thank you, sir."

Narrator: "Said Hercules."

Hercules: "It'll be lovely not to clank."

Double Trouble

Narrator: "It was a beautiful morning in Disneyland. Pongo the Dalmatian's white fur sparkled in the sunshine as he walked happily along his route with Abigail and Amelia.

He was feeling very pleased with himself."

Piglet: "Hello, Pongo."

Narrator: "Whistled Piglet."

Piglet: "You look splendid."

Pongo: "Yes, indeed."

Narrator: "Boasted Pongo."

Pongo: "White is the only proper color for a Disney Character."

Friar Tuck: "Oh, I don't know. I like my brown robe."

Narrator: "Said Friar Tuck."

Piglet: "I've always been pink. I wouldn't want to wear any other color either."

Narrator: "Added Piglet."

Pongo: "Well, well, anyway,"

Narrator: "Huffed Pongo."

Pongo: "White is the only color for a - for a really useful Disney character. Everyone knows that!"

Narrator: "Piglet said no more. He just grinned at Friar Tuck.

Later, Pongo was resting when Piglet arrived. A large hopper was giving his pirates coal. Pongo was still being cheeky."

Pongo: "Careful."

Narrator: "He warned."

Pongo: "Watch out with those silly pirates."

Pirates: "Go on, go on!"

Narrator: "Muttered the pirates."

Pongo: "And by the way,"

Narrator: "Went on Pongo."

Pongo: "Those buffers don't look very safe to me."

Narrator: "The last load poured down."

Pongo: "Help! Help!"

Narrator: "Cried Pongo."

Pongo: "Get me out!"

Narrator: "Piglet was worried, but he couldn't help laughing. Pongo's smart white fur was covered in coal dust from head to toe."

Piglet: "Ha, ha!"

Narrator: "Chuckled Piglet."

Piglet: "You don't look really useful now, Pongo. You look very disgraceful."

Pongo: "I'm not disgraceful!"

Narrator: "Choked Pongo."

Pongo: "You did that on purpose. Get me out!"

Narrator: "It took so long to clean Pongo that he wasn't ready in time for his next walk. Friar Tuck had to take Abigail and Amelia."

Abigail: "Poor Pongo."

Narrator: "Whispered Abigail to Amelia. They were most upset.

Pongo was grumpy in the house that night. Friar Tuck thought it a great joke, but Piglet was cross with Pongo for thinking he had made his fur outfit dirty on purpose."

Piglet: "Fancy a really useful white dalmatian like Pongo becoming a disgrace to Mickey Mouse's land."

Narrator: "Next day Pongo was feeling more cheerful as he watched Piglet bring his pirates from the junction. The pirates were heavy and Piglet was tired."

Piglet's Driver: "Have a drink."

Narrator: "Said his driver."

Piglet's Driver: "Then you'll feel better."

Narrator: "The water fountain stood at the end of the siding with the unsafe buffers.

Suddenly, Piglet found he couldn't stop. The buffers didn't stop him either."

Piglet: "Ooh!"

Narrator: "Wailed Piglet."

Piglet: "Help!"

Narrator: "The buffers were broken and Piglet was leg deep in coal. It was time for Pongo to leave. He had seen everything."

Pongo: "Now Piglet has learned his lesson too."

Narrator: "He chuckled to himself.

That night, the two Disney Characters made up their quarrel."

Piglet: "I didn't cause your accident on purpose, Pongo."

Narrator: "Whispered Piglet."

Piglet: "You do know that, don't you?"

Pongo: "Of course."

Narrator: "Replied Pongo."

Pongo: "And I'm sorry I teased you. Your pink body looks splendid again too. In future, we'll both be more careful of coal."

Donald in a Mess

Narrator: "Friar Tuck and Jasmine are enjoying their new job in Disneyland, but they do look old fashioned and need new coats.

Donald Duck was very rude whenever he saw them."

Donald Duck: "Ugh. What dirty objects."

Narrator: "He would say.

At last, Friar Tuck lost patience."

Friar Tuck: "Donald,"

Narrator: "He asked."

Friar Tuck: "Why are you white?"

Donald Duck: "I am a splendid duck."

Narrator: "Answered Donald."

Donald Duck: "Ready for anything. You never see me dirty."

Friar Tuck: "Oh,"

Narrator: "Said Friar Tuck innocently."

Friar Tuck: "That's why you once needed bootlaces to be ready, I suppose."

Narrator: "Donald went redder than ever and snorted off. It was such an insult to be reminded of the time a bootlace had been used to mend a hole in his flowers.

At the end of the line, Donald left his flowers and got ready for his next load. It was a slow freight, stopping at every station to pick up and set down pirates. Donald hated slow freight runs."

Donald Duck: "Dirty pirates from dirty sidings.


Narrator: "Starting with only a few, he pickled up more and more pirates at each station, till he had a long line.

At first, the pirates behaved well, but Donald bumped them so crossly, that they were determined to get back at him.

Presently, they approached the top of Sir Ector's hill. Heavy freight Disney Characters halt here to set their brakes. Donald had had an accident with pirates before, and should have remembered this."

Donald Duck's Driver: "Wait, Donald, wait!"

Narrator: "Said the driver, but Donald wouldn't wait. He was too busy thinking what he'd say to Friar Tuck when they next met.

The pirates' chance had come."

Pirates: "Hurrah! Hurrah!"

Narrator: "They laughed, and banging each other, they pushed him down the hill."

Pirates: "On! On!"

Narrator: "Laughed the pirates."

Donald Duck: "I've got to stop! I've got to stop!"

Narrator: "Groaned Donald.

Through the station they thundered, disaster lay ahead."


"Something sticky splashed all over Donald. He had run into two tar barrels, and was black from head to toe. He was more dirty than hurt, but the tar barrels and some pirates were all to pieces.

Friar Tuck and Piglet were sent to help, and came as quickly as they could."

Friar Tuck: "Look here, Piglet,"

Narrator: "Exclaimed Friar Tuck."

Friar Tuck: "Whatever is that dirty object?"

Piglet: "That's Donald Duck, didn't you know?"

Friar Tuck: "It's Donald's shape,"

Narrator: "Said Friar Tuck."

Friar Tuck: "But Donald is a splendid white duck, and you never see him dirty."

Narrator: "Donald pretended he hadn't heard.

Friar Tuck and Piglet cleared away the unhurt pirates, and helped Donald home.

Mickey Mouse met them."

Mickey Mouse: "Well done, Piglet and Friar Tuck!"

Narrator: "He turned to Donald."

Mickey Mouse: "Fancy letting your pirates run away, I am surprised. You're not fit to be seen, you must be cleaned at once!

Friar Tuck shall have a new coat."

Friar Tuck: "Please, sir, can Jasmine have one, too?"

Narrator: "Said Friar Tuck."

Mickey Mouse: "Certainly, Friar Tuck."

Friar Tuck: "Oh, thank you, sir. She will be pleased!"

Narrator: "All Donald could do was watch Friar Tuck as he ran off happily with the news."

Jiminy Takes Charge

Piglet: "Do you know what?"

Narrator: "Asked Piglet."

Sir Ector: "What?"

Narrator: "Grunted Sir Ector."

Piglet: "Do you know what?"

Sir Ector: "Silly!"

Narrator: "Said Sir Ector."

Sir Ector: "Of course I don't know what if you don't tell me what what is!"

Piglet: "Mickey Mouse says that the work in the yard is too heavy for me. He's getting stronger Disney Character to help me."

Donald Duck: "Rubbish!"

Narrator: "Said Donald."

Donald Duck: "Any Disney Character can do it! If you work more and chatter less, this yard would be a sweeter, a better and a happier place!"

Narrator: "Piglet went off to fetch some flowers."

Piglet: "That stupid old signal!"

Narrator: "He thought. He was remembering the time he missed understood a signal and gone backwards instead of forwards."

Piglet: "No one listens to me now. They think I'm a silly little piglet and order me about. I'll show them, I'll show them."

Narrator: "But he didn't know how.

But the end of the afternoon, he felt tired and unhappy. He brought some flowers to the station."

Mickey Mouse: "Hello, Piglet."

Narrator: "Said Mickey."

Mickey Mouse: "You look tired."

Piglet: "Yes, sir. I am sir. I don't know if I'm standing on my head or my feet."

Mickey Mouse: "You look the right way up to me."

Narrator: "Laughed Mickey."

Mickey Mouse: "Cheer up. The new Disney Character is stronger than you and can properly do the work alone. Would you like to help build my new harbor? Pongo and Friar Tuck will help too."

Piglet: "Oh yes, sir. Thank you, sir."

Narrator: "The new Disney Character arrived."

Mickey Mouse: "What's your name?"

Narrator: "Asked Mickey."

Jiminy Cricket: "Montague, sir, but I'm usually called Jiminy Cricket. They say I waddle. I don't really, sir, but I like Jiminy better than Montague."

Mickey Mouse: "Good. Jiminy it shall be.

Here, Piglet, show Jiminy around."

Narrator: "The two Disney Characters went off together. Soon, they were very busy.

Donald, Sir Ector and Baloo watched Jiminy quietly doing his work."

Baloo: "He seems a simple sort of cricket."

Donald Duck: "We'll have some fun and order him about."

Baloo, Sir Ector and Donald Duck: (Quacking noises) "Wheesh!"

Narrator: "Smoke billowed everywhere.

Piglet was cross, but Jiminy took no notice."

Jiminy Cricket: "They'll get tired of it soon. Do they tell you to do things, Piglet?"

Piglet: "Yes, they do!"

Narrator: "Answered Piglet."

Jiminy Cricket: "Right!"

Narrator: "Said Jiminy."

Jiminy Cricket: "We'll soon stop that nonsense."

Narrator: "He whispered something."

Jiminy Cricket: "We'll do it later."

Narrator: "Mickey Mouse was look forward to hot buttered toast for tea at home. Suddenly, he heard an extraordinary noise."

Baloo, Sir Ector and Donald Duck: "Wheesh!" (Snorting noises)

Mickey Mouse: "Bother!"

Narrator: "He said, and hurried to the yard.

Jiminy and Piglet sat outside the house refusing to let the Disney Characters in, Sir Ector, Donald and Baloo were furious."

(Sir Ector, Donald and Baloo shout and call out loudly)

Mickey Mouse: "Stop that noise!"

Narrator: "Bellowed Mickey."

Sir Ector: "They won't let us in!"

Narrator: "Hissed Sir Ector."

Mickey Mouse: "Jiminy, explain this behavior."

Jiminy Cricket: "Beg pardon, sir, but I'm an official conscience. We do our work without fuss, but begging your pardon, sir. Piglet and I would be glad if you would inform these, um, Disney Characters that we only take orders from you."

(Donald and Sir Ector call out loudly)

Mickey Mouse: "Quiet!"

Narrator: "Called Mickey."

Mickey Mouse: "Piglet and Jiminy, I am please with your work today, but not with your behavior tonight. You have caused a disturbance!"

Narrator: "Sir Ector, Baloo and Donald sniggered."

Mickey Mouse: "As for you!"

Narrator: "Thundered Mickey."

Mickey Mouse: "You've been worse! You made the disturbance! Jiminy is quite right. This is my land, and I give the orders."

Narrator: "After Piglet went away, Jiminy was left to manage alone. He did so, easily."

Piglet Proves a Point

Narrator: "Piglet worked hard at the new harbor. The workmen needed stone for their building. Friar Tuck helped, but sometimes the loads of stone were too heavy, and Piglet had to fetch them for himself. Sometimes he'd see Pongo."

Pongo: "Well done Piglet. Mickey Mouse is very pleased with us."

Narrator: "A bird park was close by. Piglet heard the birds flying overhead all day. The noisiest of all was an owl."

Piglet: "Stupid thing!"

Narrator: "Said Piglet."

Piglet: "Why can't it go and fly somewhere else?"

Narrator: "One day, Piglet stopped at the bird park."

Piglet: "Hello."

Narrator: "Said Piglet."

Piglet: "Who are you?"

Owl: "I'm Owl."

Narrator: "Said the owl."

Owl: "Who are you?"

Piglet: "I'm Piglet. What great wings you've got."

Owl: "They're nice wings."

Narrator: "Said Owl."

Owl: "I can fly high. Don't you wish you could fly?"

Piglet: "Certainly not. I like my road, thank you."

Owl: "I think roads are slow."

Narrator: "Said Owl."

Owl: "They're not much use and quite out-of-date."

Narrator: "He flapped his wings and flew away.

Piglet found Friar Tuck at the quarry."

Piglet: "I say, Friar Tuck. That Owl, that stuck-up old bird, says I'm slow and out-of-date. Just let him wait. I'll show him."

Narrator: "He collected his pirates and started off, still fuming.

Soon they heard a familiar sound."

Piglet's Driver: "Piglet,"

Narrator: "Whispered his driver."

Piglet's Driver: "There's Owl. He not far ahead. Let's race him."

Piglet: "Yes, let's!"

Narrator: "Said Piglet.

Piglet pounded along. The pirates screamed and swayed."

Piglet's Driver: "Well, I'll be a ding-dong-danged!"

Narrator: "Said the driver. There was Owl. The race was on!"

Piglet's Driver: "Go it, Piglet!"

Narrator: "He yelled."

Piglet's Driver: "You're gaining!"

Narrator: "Piglet had never been allowed to run fast before. He was having the time of his life."

Piglet: "Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!"

Narrator: "He panted to the pirates."

Pirates: "We don't want to, we don't want to."

Narrator: "They grumbled. It was not use. Piglet was bucketing along with flying feet. And Owl was high and alongside.

The fireman shoveled for dear life."

Piglet's Driver: "Well done, Piglet!"

Narrator: "Shouted the driver."

Piglet's Driver: "We're gaining! We're going ahead! Oh, good boy, good boy!"

Narrator: "A distant signal warned them that the harbor wharf was near."

Piglet: "Peep, peep, peep! Brakes, conductor, please."

Narrator: "The driver carefully checked Piglet's speed.

They rolled under the main road and halted on the wharf."

Piglet: "Oh dear!"

Narrator: "Groaned Piglet."

Piglet: "I'm sure we've lost."

Narrator: "The fireman scrambled to the roof."

Piglet's Fireman: "We've won! We've won!"

Narrator: "He shouted."

Piglet's Fireman: "Owl's still flying. He's looking for a place to land.

Listen, boys."

Narrator: "The fireman called."

Piglet's Fireman: "Here's a song for Piglet:

Said Owl the Owl to our Piglet, "You are slow! Your road is out of date, and not much use you know!" But Piglet and his pirates did the trip in record time, And we beat the owl on our old branch line!"

Narrator: "Piglet loved it."

Piglet: "Oh, thank you!"

Narrator: "He said. He liked the last line best of all and was a very happy piglet."

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