Pongo and the Magic London Road is a 101 Dalmatians/Thomas and the Magic Railroad FL. It will have 101 Dalmatians clips, Toy Story clips, WALL-E clips, and Thomas and the Magic Railroad sound. It will made in June 2010 by JoesphcCL93.


  • Pongo as Thomas
  • and more


Pongo and his friends have to run the London Road while Roger is away. But then Swamp Rat and Horace and Jasper aer out to kill Spot. Its ip to Pongo to save Spot and the Magic London Road.


  • Pongo: Oh Woody. Are you all right?
  • Woody: Yes Pongo but sometimes everything happens at once. I have to see Roger to get my orders right away. Journey from New York keeps bening bumper. and bumper.
  • Pongo: Does it? (Woody blows his whistle.) Swamp Rat is back Woody. You better be careful.
  • Woody: Roger warns me about Swamp Rat. Don't worry Pongo. I'll just pop in and out with my sparkle and whatever he goes I'll keep him in oder. I hope.
  • and more

Opening Credits

Walt Disney Pictures presents a JoesphcCL93 Peter Funda Mara Wilsion Alec Baldwin as Woody and Pongo Pongo and the Magic London Road directed by JoesphcCL93.

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