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Pony Kart is a parody of Mario Kart. It is a My Little Pony.

Characters and their karts

Pinkie Pie-Magic Car

Twilight Sparkle-Motorbike


Rainbow Dash-Bicycle

Fluttershy-Tour Bus


Potter Kart

This is called Potter Kart. Now, KARTS!

Harry Potter-Tour Bus of Lemon Demon

Ron-Car that looks like the butterfly

Hermione and Snape-Bicycle with bells that play wedding music

Voldemort-Magic Train

Dumbledore-Piano Raft

Neville-Shopping Cart/Stroller

Hagrid-with everyone on a double decker bus

Toon Kart

Mr. Grumpy-Penny Farthing

Mr. Happy-Steamroller

Mr. Fussy-Bike

Mr. Bump-Wheelchair

Mr. Strong-Tow Truck

Mr. Tickle-Garbage Truck

Mr. Rude-Bicycle

Mr. Scatterbrain-Unicycle

Mr. Quiet-Wheelchair

Little Miss Daredevil-Motorcycle

Little Miss Scary-Car

Little Miss Whoops-Bubble Bicycle

Little Miss Calamity-Bicycle colored green

Little Miss Magic-Flying Bicycle

Candace and Ferb-Bicycle Ambulance




Doofenschmirtz and Vanessa-Penny Farthing


Suzy-Old Fashioned Bike

Hermione, Harry and Ron-Hermione-Driven Bike

Zoot-Dogsled with Animal as dog

Pinkie Pie-Bicycle

Rainbow Dash-Bicycle

Miser Bros.-Sleigh

Hillary Clinton-Bicycle


Mr. Stubborn-Gold Bicycle (Titanic was eaten)

Mr. Busy and Mr. Brave-Car with piano for radio and scooter for body of car

Colby's New Band


A saxophone section


Mommy and Daddy

A bagpiper

A jugband

The University Of Michigan Marching Band


Cool Tapes

and Grumpy Dwarf

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