Pony Lucha! Is about three friends: Rikochet Dash, the brave leader of the group who learns more and more about friendship and masked wrestling every day, Buena Sparkle, the the smart stickler who is in love with books, particularly The Code of Friendship and Masked Wrestling, and FlutterFlea, the cute, nervous one who doesn't really care much for hygiene. They go to school at The Foremost Equestria-Renowned International School of Friendship and Lucha. They sometimes get advice from others, such as Scootaloo Rey, Rikochet Dash's father Soarin' Star, Grandmami Smith, and Senorita Cherilee. They often try to avoid Headmistress Luna by trying not to screw up, and also try to avoid bullies such as Gilda Potata Jr.


Season 1

  • Back To School/Weight Gaining
  • How Rikochet Dash Got Her Move Back/Heart of Lucha (also known as Big Bad FlutterFlea)
  • Woulda Coulda Cherilee/The Anger of Diamond Slam
  • The Fantastic Backpack/The Naked and the Masked
  • The Curse of the Masked Toilet/The Enchantress
  • Bring Your Dad To Lucha Day/Our Fonder
  • Tooth or Dare/Mask Mitzvah
  • FlutterFlea's Fighting Fish (also known as A Little Fishy)/El Rapid-Flamencito
  • Will The Real Scootaloo Rey Please Stand Up?/The Musica Colt
  • Pinball Wizard/Not So Buena Sparkle
  • Honor Thy Lucha/Chinche Pie
  • Trixie of 1,000 Masks/All Creatures Masked and Small
  • Mask Away

Season 2

  • Soarin' Stars/The Littlest Luchadora
  • The Colt from M.A.S.K./FlutterFlea's Buena Twin
  • Nightmare on Pony Street/Revenge of The Masked Toilet
  • Calling All Monsters/Pig Out
  • Thrills and Skills/Party Animal
  • Dancing with Bugs/Chain of Fools
  • You Look Radishing
  • War of the Donuts/Show Me the Funny
  • Derpy Twisted/Hungry Like Los Lobos
  • Big Buena Sellout/Laying in Ruins
  • Getting Ahead/Los Fabulosos
  • Meet the Muertos/Mask Maker
  • Undercover FlutterFlea/Kid Pipsqueak
  • Churro Overload/Mini Mercado of Doom
  • La Chrystalis/El Nino Loco
  • The Collector
  • The Brat in the Hat/Election Daze
  • Late Night Lucha/FlutterFlea At Last
  • FlutterFlea's Personal Demons/Virtual Luchadores
  • Cinco De Pinata/Lizard Lucha
  • Attack of the Luchabots


  • Pony Lucha!: The Return of El Discord

Season 3

  • My Hairy Hooves/Brains Meets Brawn
  • Asphalt of Doom/Hot Hot Hot
  • I Was a Pony Chupacabra/Carnival of Masked Terror
  • Getting Her Goat/10 Rounds of Trouble
  • Buena Basura/Shamrock and Roll
  • Spider and FlutterFlea/The Incredible Rarity Plutonium
  • Dare To Lucha/Monkey Business
  • Dawn of the...Donuts/Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Cider
  • Big Worm/Medico Mayhem
  • Banditos De Los Muertos/Field of Screams
  • Slamazon and On.../Buena on Wheels
  • A Whole Lot of Scootaloo Reys/Doomien
  • The Match Before Hearthwarming
  • The Call of the Mild
  • Niko Snip's Happy Battle Funtime Dome 3000/Smarticus
  • Mars Madness/Fears of a Clown
  • The Magnificent 3

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