• Pooh: Are you quite alright, Piglet?
  • Piglet: Uhh... Yeah. Thanks for coming after us, Pooh Bear.
  • Ash: You're welcome. But Eddie has to go back to Nickelodeon Studio.
  • Jerry: Ash's right. He must get back to it.
  • (Just then, Eddie hear a sweet female angel voice coming from the ice cream store. The Chipmunk Girl is in there and Eddie has a crush on her. Suddenly a snake tail wrapped and lift him up in the tree.)
  • Patrick: Hey, look. Where's Eddie?
  • (Cut to Eddie being lift up in the tree by Big Bayou)
  • Eddie: Let me go!
  • Big Bayou: Don't worry, Squirrel-Cub. (he tries to hypnotize Eddie) Trust in me... It is so nice to see you. I'm your friend.
  • Eddie: I don't believe you!
  • Big Bayou: I hear you want to stay in the jungle, with me. You can stay here, forever. (he chuckles)
  • Eddie: You wanna eat me!
  • Big Bayou: That's no trouble. I just want to play with you. You see, it's a splendidly day...
  • Pooh: We must get rid of Big Bayou, or he'll eat Eddie so Eddie will never seen again as he was.

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