Pooh's Quest is an installment from the 100 Acre Wood series.


One blustery night - Pooh bear befriended a friendly Tiger named Tigger. Tigger told Pooh that Woozles (Weasels) steal honey. After Tigger left - Pooh decided to protect his honey from Honey - Nappers and later he fell asleep. He began to Dream.

In Pooh's dream he is pursued by a group of Woozles. When Pooh bear got away from the Woozles He went to Bald Mountain where he encountered the Demon lord Chernabog and his followers. Pooh fought back with the Demons. As their Master came closer to Pooh - the light of the incoming sun causes Chernabog and his minions to retreat back into their mountain. Pooh escaped with a Magic Umbrella and later He was back in his own home when his dream ended.

One rainy day - the 100 Acre Wood gets floddier. Piglet who is Pooh's best friend got swept from his home untill he got into Pooh. Pooh and Piglet went over a waterfall and Pooh rescued Piglet.

Everyone in the 100 Acre Wood celebrated a hero party with Pooh and Piglet.

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