Pooh and Mickey vs Pinky and Brain - is the third episode of 100 Acre Wood Chronicles.


It is Winter in the 100 Acre Wood.

Brain and Pinky were ordered by Peg Leg Pete to take over the forest. The Citizens of the 100 Acre Wood told Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse about the invaders. Pooh and Mickey set off to find them.

At the Stone Aged Castle - Mickey and Pooh Bear followed Pinky and Brain and trapped them onto the castle rooftops. Suddenly Pooh Bear slipped away and went sliding down the roof - but then he saved himself by climbing up the roof. Brain and Pinky decided to finish Mickey off. But Mickey fought back and clobbered them by sending them both falling down into a ravine.

Pooh and Mickey had brought Sanctuary to their Land.

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