Pop Goes James is a Story from Percy the Small Engine and Friends.


  • Diesel 10 as Duck
  • James as Diesel
  • and more


  • Narrator: Diesel 10 has his doubts
  • Diesel 10: Come on
  • Narrator: James pured after him
  • Diesel 10: You're worthly fat PT Boomer to you
  • Narrator: James looked hurt
  • James: You're worthly PT Boomer thinks I need to learn he is misaking we engines don't need to learn we know everything we're come to a hard and inprove it we are revousno
  • Diesel 10: WHAT If you're revothinkergummy peropse if fetch my coaches well I fetch Bulgy's vechlies
  • Narrator: James was delighted and pured away
  • and more

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