Daisy, who was thrilled to show off, flounced away. With very much banging and clashing, she collected an entire row of Freight Cars. Rosie left Duck’s coaches in the station and came back. Daisy was now trying to take some Freight Cars from a siding nearby.

The Freight Cars were empty and very old. They hadn’t been touched for a very long time. Their brakes wouldn’t come off properly. Daisy found them very hard to move around.

“Pull, push, pull, push!” Daisy exclaimed to the Freight Cars.

“We can’t, we won’t!” the Freight Cars groaned in unison. Rosie watched the rescue operation with interest.

Daisy lost her patience. “Grrrargh!” Daisy growled angrily. And she gave a great heave.

The Freight Cars jerked around.

“No, no, we can’t, we won’t!” the Freight Cars screamed in unison as some of their brakes broke apart and the gear hanging down bumped on the rails and sleepers.

“We can’t, we won’t, AAAAAAH!” the Freight Cars exclaimed in unison as their trailing brakes caught in the points and locked themselves solid.

“Grrrrrargh!” Daisy growled angrily as a rusty coupling broke apart and she darted away suddenly by herself.

“Tee, hee, hee!” chuckled Rosie.

Daisy recovered and tried to push the Freight Cars back, but they wouldn’t move around, and she had to give up. Rosie went silently round to where the other Freight Cars all stood in line.

“Thanks for arranging those, Daisy, I must go now, don’t you want this lot?” Rosie asked.

“No thanks, and I’ve taken all this trouble, why didn’t you tell me?” Daisy asked.

“You never asked me, besides, you were having such fun being revo-whatever-it-was-you-said, goodbye, see you later.” Rosie said as Daisy had to help the work men and women clean up the mess and she hated it. All of the Freight Cars were laughing and singing at her.

Freight Cars are waiting in the yard, tackling them with lazy

‘Let’s show the world what I can do’ gaily boasts the Daisy

inside out she creeps about, like a big green crazy

when she pulls the wrong Freight Cars out,

pop goes the Daisy………..

“Grrrargh!” Daisy growled angrily as she scuttled away and sulked in the Diesel engine shed.

End of Part 1…………….

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