Judge Judy returns to Sodor and passed the warning sign and crashed.

Thomas (does not speak)



Judge Judy

Henry (cameo)


Bear (doesn't speak)

Sir Topham Hatt



Old Stuck up (does not speak)

Narrator: Sir Topham Hatt likes steam engines the best, and diesels also can be useful.

James liked Boco and Bear because their friendly. One day Judge Judy returned from the Other railway, she looked outside in disgust and refused to go

Judge Judy: Why on Earth does your Controller keep out of date objects.

Narrator: She growled rudely

Judge Judy: dirty and silky slow things, Ick!

Narrator: She went to the quarry and wanted to pass the danger board.

Judge Judy's driver: If the notice says danger, you do not pass it.

narrator: One day, pulled trucks in front of the danger sign and the trucks bumped her.

Judge Judy's driver: You silly engine

Judge Judy: wasn't my fault, it was those trucks

Judge Judy's driver: you always wanted to pass that board, so you asked the trucks to bump us on purpose.

Narrator: Boco ran towards her.

Boco: what are you doing over there, it's not safe

Narrator: the rails beneath Judge judy sank and judge Judy crashed on her side.

narrator: Emily and Thomas puffed towards her.

Emily: You remind me of Sixteen trying to pass the board.

Narrator: She and Thomas laughed

Sir Topham Hatt: Return Judge Judy to the other railway

Narrator: The engines returned to the sheds and Douglas who cleaned up the mess told them about Judge Judy

Douglas: She always wanted to pass that board for almost a week.

James: She reminds me of an engine before from the other railway.

Emily:who's that?

James: Old stuck up and here he comes now.

Narrator: The engines watched with interest as Old stuck up as he was taking Judge Judy back home. the engines laughed and went to sleep.


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