Bear is to show another diesel engine named Spamcan, but Spamcan takes no notice.


Bear is proud to be an express diesel. He talks endlessly about it but he makes everything run like clockwork. It was a splendid day. The trucks and coaches behaved well and the passengers even stopped grumbling, but the engines don't like to bustle about. "There are two ways of doings things; the right way and the wrong way. I'm an express diesel and…" "Don't we know it," they groaned. The engines were pleased when a visitor arrived. He purred smoothly towards them. "Here is Spamcan, I've agreed to give him a trial on the Island," boomed Sir Topham Hatt. "Hello," he oiled , "Is that Pip & Emma, Gordon, Henry, James, & Emily. I'm delighted to meet such famous engines." Bear oiled quickly away to the yard.

Spamcan fallowed him. "Your worthy um-" "Sir Topham Hatt," Bear said sternly. Spamcan looked hurt. "Your worthy Sir Topham Hatt thinks I need to learn," reproached Spamcan, "but he is mistaken, we diesels don't need to learn, we know everything, we come to a yard and improve it, WE ARE REVOLUTIONARY!" "Oh," said Bear, "if your revo-thinggummy, perhaps you could fetch my trucks while I get Gordon's coaches." Spamcan, delighted to show off, purred away. When Bear returned, he saw Spamcan trying to take some frieght cars from a siding. They, by the way they looked, had not been touched in years and all te brakes were old. Spamcan found them hard to move. "Pull, Push, Backwards, Forwards."

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhh!" groaned the trucks, "We can't! We won't!" they groaned. Spamcan lost patience. "Ruhhh gggggggrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrr," he growled and gave a great heave and the trucks jerked forward. "Oh! Oh! Oh," they groaned "we can't we won't-aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" they screamed as Spamcan jolted forward, but all the brakes caught in the sleepers and points. Spamcan lost his patience

"Grrrrr!" he roared but all it did was snap a rusting coupling and he shot forward. "Ho! Ho! Ho!," chuckled Bear. Spamcan recovered and tried to push the trucks back, but they wouldn't move, he had to give up. Bear ran round to fetch the other trucks.

"Thank you for arranging these, Bear, I must go now." Don't you want this lot." no, thank you." But-but I've taken all this trouble why didn't you tell me." "You were having so much fun be rev-whatever-it-you-said, Good Bye."

"Grrrrrr!" Spamcan had to help the workmen clear the mess. He didn't like it. All the trucks were laughing and singing. Trucks are waiting in the yard;

tackling them with ease'll

"Show the World what I can do,"

gaily boasts the Spamcan.

In and out he creeps about,

Like a big blue weasel

When he pulls the wrong trucks out-

POP goes the Spamcan!

"Grrrrrr!" growled Spamcan and he scuttled away to sulk in the sheds.

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