Cast: (Version 1 by DEEcat98/Dianecat98)

P.C Popple as Gru

Puzzle Popple as Dr. Nefario

Lulu Popple (from 2015 Popples) as Margo Gru

Sunny Popple (from 2015 Popples) as Edith Gru

Bubbles Popple (from 2015 Popples) as Agnes Gru

Pufflings (both the 80's ones and the 2000's ones) as The Minions

Mike Mine (from 2015 Popples) as Vector

Party Popple as Lucy Wilde

Gruffman (from 2015 Popples) as Eduardo Perez/El Macho

Prize Popple as Scarlet Overkill

Punkster Popple as Balthazar Bratt

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