Cast: (Version 1 by DEEcat98/Dianecat98)

Puzzle Popple as Jimmy Neutron

P.C Popple as Sheen Estevez

Putter Popple as Carl Wheezer

Blue Puffling as Goddard

Prize Popple as Cindy Vortex

Pancake Popple as Libby Folfax

Coach Loudly (from 2015 Popples) as Hugh Neutron

Mrs. Shush (from 2015 Popples) as Judy Neutron

Party Popple as Betty Quinlan

Mrs. Snooply (from 2015 Popples) as Mrs. Fowl

Mayor Maynot (from 2015 Popples) as Principal Willoughby

Babapop (from 2015 Popples) as Sam Melvick

Mike Mine (from 2015 Popples) as Eustace Stych

Bibsy Popple as Baby Eddie (Bibsy is not a villain but she is a baby like Eddie)

Yellow Puffling as Humphrey

Gruffman (from 2015 Popples) as Butch Pakovski

Puffball Popple as Brittany Tenelli

Lulu Popple (from 2015 Popples) as Amber

Yikes Popple (from 2015 Popples) as Bolbi Stroganovsky

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