Cast: (Version 1 by DEEcat98/Dianecat98)

P.C Popple as Gumball Watterson

Puzzle Popple as Darwin Watterson

Potato Chip Popple as Anais Watterson

Mrs. Shush (from 2015 Popples) as Nicole Watterson

Coach Loudly (from 2015 Popples) as Richard Watterson

Mrs. Snooply (from 2015 Popples) as Mrs. Simian

Mayor Maynot (from 2015 Popples) as Principal Brown

Party Popple as Penny Fitzgerald

Net Set Popple as Tobias Wilson

Sunny Popple (from 2015 Popples) as Rachel Wilson

Big Kick Popple as Rocky Robinson

Putter Popple as Banana Joe

Pretty Bit Popple as Carrie Krueger

Puffball Popple as Teri

Prize Popple as Sarah G. Lato

Lulu Popple (from 2015 Popples) as Carmen

Blue Puffling as Evil Turtle

Purple Puffling as Mr. Cuddles

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