Poptropica is a computer game for children aged 6-15. You get to make your own character and play lots of games. There are these island that have quests for you to complete. Don't worry, by the time you defeat all of them, more will be released!

List of Islands

1. Early Poptropica

2. Shark Tooth

3. Time Tangled

4. 24 Carrot

5. Super Power

6. Spy

7. Nabooti

8. Big Nate

9. Astro Knight

10. Counterfeit

11. Reality TV

12. Mythology

13. Skullduggery

14. Steamworks

15. Great Pumpkin

16. Cryptids

17. Wild West

18. Wimpy Wonderland

19. Red Dragon island

20. Shrink Ray

21. Mystery Train

22. Game Show Island 23.Ghost Story

24. S.O.S

25. Vampire's Curse

26. Twisted Thicket

27. Poptropolis Games

28. Wimpy Boardwalk

29. Lunar Colony

Upcoming Islands

1. Supervillian

2.Willy Wonka

Fan Fiction Islands

1. Chumifie

2. Super Space

3. Monster Man

4. Fame City

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