Kallidahin NEGAS

Two Porcion

The Porcion are a ace of mute, sentient cetaceans native to the world of Porcion. The average Porcion is a short, thin being with a flat, pale face and gray hands, each with four long, dexterous fingers. Most Porcion are mute and used sign language and control devices to make their intentions known. To make up for their lack of speech, Porcion hadve mildly telepathic brains. Their deep-focus eyes were useful for work deep underground. These beings had osmotic membrane faces and growth-rings circling their wiry bodies. Many of the Porcion were miners, medics or exobiologists, and wore form-fitting bodysuits fitted with all manner of signaling devices, medical equipment and utility pouches. The majority of Porcion miners were seasoned spelunkers, and dug deep into the core of the asteroid to locate prize artifacts.

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