Port Shallow


Port Shallow, Douglas Island.

INFO: Port Shallow is the largest city in Ericson County, Douglas Island and the largest on the island. It is the center in the Port Shallow Metropolitan statistical area. Port Shallow is the county seat of Ericson County.

Port Shallow's neighbor to the east is suburb Granmont, and rural town Windy Grove farther east. To the north is the town of Bravewood.

The climate in Port Shallow is often mild with warmer summers. The winter, the city has some cool winds, but often is fairly dry compared to the northwest. Summer it is not rare to have temperatures hit the 80s and 90s.

SERVICES: Port Shallow is served by the Port Shallow Police Department. Both Granmont and Bravewood share the same police service as Port Shallow, which is the city police. Granmont also gets police protection from the Ericson County Sheriff's department. The city has a full special divisions unit as well as SWAT, a bio unit, and terrorist unit. There is a investigation team and a technical team for the city police department. The city also has police helicopters as well as boats.

Port Shallow has numerous medical centers and hospitals. Even more if you include the metropolitan areas of Bravewood and Granmont.


Port Shallow during the start of their industrial boom.

HISTORY: Port Shallow started as a small town with a port to start shipping goods from their lumber yards. The city expanded, and started to expand by building rail with the successful Ericson Frieght Company. The port expanded, and became the hub for immigration into Douglas Island. The Gravestone District expanded with immigrants and crime was out of hand for a long time in Port Shallow. The mayor at the time ordered Gravestone to force its residents away and tear down the district. Today, very little of old Gravestone can still be seen, and the district is now very small, but still home to Port Shallow's poorest of people. Most of the district was renamed New Hope, and now houses middle class housing and apartments. The city later broke up, turning the districts of Granmont and Bravewood into incorporated cities within Ericson coUNTY.

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