• Charlie
  • Porter
  • Salty
  • Rocky
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Thomas (cameo; seen passing Porter on his way to the Search and Rescue Centre)
  • Percy (cameo; seen leaving Brendam Docks when Porter arrives)
  • Belle (cameo; seen at the Search and Rescue Centre)
  • Butch (cameo; seen at the Search and Rescue Centre)
  • Flynn (cameo; seen at the Search and Rescue Centre)
  • Harold (cameo; seen at the Search and Rescue Centre)
  • Captain (cameo; seen at the Search Rescue Centre)


UK and US

  • Matt Wilkinson as Charlie and Rocky
  • Steven Kynman as Porter
  • Keith Wickham as Salty and Sir Topham Hatt
  • Nathan Clarke as Porter's driver
  • Kerry Shale as Porter's fireman


  • Steven Kynman as Charlie
  • David Menkin as Porter
  • Keith Wickham as Salty
  • William Hope as Rocky
  • Keith Wickham as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Nathan Clarke as Porter's driver
  • Kerry Shale as Porter's fireman


Narrator: Porter is a friendly and helpful dock yard shunter who enjoys chatting up the engines at Brendam Docks. Even the trucks seem to enjoy his company, but Porter enjoys being with Salty most of all. When Porter first arrived on the Island, Salty had said he had more humps than a camel, due to his three domes. Well, today Porter was asked to pick up a group of camels from the Docks and take them to the Animal Park. While the camels were being unloaded, Charlie pulled up alongside Porter.

Charlie: Hey Porter!

Porter: Hello Charlie.

Charlie: I've got a joke about camels. What do you call a camel with three humps?

Porter: I don't know.

Charlie: Humpthree!

Porter: Now there's a coincidence. Salty had said I looked a bit like a camel when I first came to Sodor.

Charlie: Really? Well how do you look like one?

Salty: I guess it's because of his number of domes young Charlie?

(the three engines laugh)

Narrator: Porter was laughing so much, that he pulled away too soon and left the brakevan behind.

Charlie: Porter, wait! You've left your brakevan behind.

Narrator: But Porter was already gone.

Salty: Bother!

Porter: I wonder why I never saw camels up until now. They must be strange-looking creatures indeed. Ah well, I'll get used to them sooner than later.

Porter's driver: Porter, the signal!

Porter: What? Oh no, the signal's red!

(Porter applies his brakes)

Narrator: Because he didn't have the brakevan, Porter couldn't stop safely, and the flatbed derails. Luckily the camels weren't hurt, and their cage was still on the flatbed.

Porter: Oh dear. I hope I didn't cause confusion and delay.

Porter's fireman: Don't worry, it wasn't entirely your fault.

Porter's driver: Yes, Charlie made you laugh too much to stop and wait for the brakevan, but we'd better put this right.

Porter: I know just what to do. I'll go and alert Rocky at the Search and Rescue Centre.

Narrator: On his way, Porter went back to the docks and collected not only his brakevan, but some food for the camels as well.

Porter: Salty, I need your help!

Salty: But of course, what's the matter Porter?

Narrator: And Porter explained what had happened.

Salty: I'd be happy to fetch Rocky from the Search and Rescue Centre.

Porter: Well then, there's not a moment to lose.

Narrator: Salty collected Rocky, and brought him to where the camels were waiting.

Rocky: This will take no time at all. Don't you worry Porter.

Porter: Thanks Rocky.

Narrator: When the flatbed was safely back on the rails, the camels settled down to their food. And after Salty had taken Rocky home, Porter carried on his way to the Animal Park, without any more disasters.

(Porter arrives at the Animal Park)

Porter: Here you are camels, your new home.

Narrator: Well the camels knew they were going to enjoy living at the Sodor Animal Park. And Porter was delighted to have finally seen a camel.

Sir Topham Hatt: Congratulations Porter on a job well done.

Porter: Thank you sir. It has been a funny day.

(both Porter and Salty laugh about their adventure)

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