Postman Pat/Sonic is a parody with Postman Pat clips and Sonic audio.


  • Postman Pat as Sonic
  • Ted Glen as Tails
  • Mrs. Pottage as Amy Rose
  • Alf Thompson as Knuckles
  • Sara as Princess Sally Acorn
  • Dr. Gilbertson as Bunnie
  • Peter Fogg as Antoine
  • George Lancaster as Rotor
  • Mr. Pringle as Uncle Chuck
  • Major Forbes as Vector
  • Sam Waldron as Shadow
  • Miss Hubbard as Rouge
  • Reverend Timms as Big
  • Tom Pottage as Charmy
  • Lucy Selby as Cream
  • Bill Thompson as Rocket
  • The Beast of Greendale as Dr. Eggman

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