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Power of the Mid East(PotME) Is a total conversion for the famous computer game "Empire Earth", designed by Empire Creations and based on an idea of Normandy887.

Power of the Mid East moves the focus of Empire Earth to the Middle East, including Iraq, Iran, Israel and Saudi-Arabia. Additional maps, such as PotME_New York or PotME_Texas extend the area of PotME to the United States.

New features: PotME eliminates some of the old features of Empire Earth, but adds several new ones to it, to allow adapted gameplay. PotME only uses 2 out of the five, originally used resources of Empire Earth. IRON and GOLD In Power of the Mid East, IRON represents oil, which is being mined from oil-well derricks by civilians. To transform oil to money, it has to be refined. Refining oil works automatically, if you have refineries(settlements in normal EE).


Command HQ: Produces civilians, canine scouts and officiers

Barracks: Produces infantry

Factory: Produces tanks, artillery, and transport vehicles

Hangar: Produces helicopers and aircrafts

Refinery: Resource drop off point

Power plant:(only Coalition and Opposition) Produces energy

Oil-platforms: Oil source (available on land and sea)

Mosque: (Terrorists only) Produces suicide units and hatemongers(priests)


Fractions: Power of the Mid East introduces 3 new fractions with completely new aspects of gameplay.

1.) Western Alliance or Coalition Forces: Advantages: strong army, best aircrafts

2.) Mid East Forces or Opposition: Advantages: good economy: automatic resource gathering

3.) Terrorists: Advantages: Strong suicide units, no energy needed Disadvantages: fewer units, weak standard troops(tanks, aircraft, infantry)



Suicide Bomber: B52 that crashes after bomb drop

Terrorist: Armed with grenades. Blows himself up in two shots

Suicide Boat: Blows up itself and other ships near it

Hatemonger: Coverts enemy units

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