Potential Plotlines is a fan-fiction thing to make episodes of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends.

Bouncing Buffers


Gordon must take some visitors from Brendam to Knapford Station, as James is waiting to collect them. But Gordon decides that it's time to enjoy being Gordon, instead of going straight to Knapford.


  • US Narrator: Michael Brandon
  • UK Narrator: Michael Angelis
  • Appearences by Thomas, Gordon, James, Salty, Hank, Stanley, Rocky and Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Cameos by Edward, Percy, Toby, Whiff, Charlie, Annie & Clarabel and Cranky.
  • First time Hank appears in full CGI.
  • Stock footage from "Creaky Cranky" is used.
  • This is made by HoorayforOliver (from YouTube) and SirHandelS10Fan.


  • When Gordon puffs towards Brendam, he has 3 coaches. But when arrives at Brendam, he has 2 coaches.

The Most Important


Cartman, the red coal-truck engine, boasts that he is the most important, which Thomas and Duck ask Gordon, Oliver, Henry and Edward what Cartman has said. James and Diesel argue who's the most important and get more frieght cars from Duck and Stepney. Then, both James and Diesel puff off and start racing down the mountain line, but as they know it, they make Cartman fall off the rails, tumbling down a mountain cliff and land on the ravine. When Sir Topham Hatt hears about this, he scolds James and Diesel for not listening to Duck, Stepney and Fergus' advices and making Cartman fall off the cliff and gives them a punishment by shunting in the yards for two months.


  • US Narrator: Michael Brandon
  • UK Narrator: Michael Angelis
  • Apperences by Thomas, Duck, Edward, James, Gordon, Cartman, Henry, Oliver, Stepney, Diesel, Fergus, The Frieght Cars and Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Cameos by Percy, Toby, Donald & Douglas and Emily.
  • First apperence of Cartman the Red Coal-Truck Engine.
  • First time Duck, Donald & Douglas and Oliver are in the Steam Team with Emily as the 12th member.
  • This is based on The Pack episode, "On Site With Thomas".
  • This is made by Steamie92, Thomasiscool1 and ThomasDuckJamesandPercyFan.


  • Narrator: On the Island of Sodor, all the engines were busy. There were jobs that they could do. They want to be really useful. But one day, there's trouble on the yards, a new frieght car engine named Cartman was boasting about being the most important.
  • Cartman: Outta the way, you idiots! Something important coming through!
  • Thomas: What makes you so important?
  • Cartman: Coal.
  • Duck: We are important too.
  • Cartman: Yes, and I am the most important!
  • Duck: Be careful, Cartman.
  • Narrator: Thomas and Duck told Gordon, Edward, Henry and Oliver about Cartman.
  • Thomas: You know, we've warned Cartman.
  • Duck: He is really mean.
  • Gordon: Don't worry. We are all important.
  • Duck: Thanks.
  • Thomas: I agree.
  • Narrator: Later, James and Diesel were boasting about who's the most important.
  • James: I'm the Most Important.
  • Diesel: I am! We have to get more cars!
  • Narrator: But before their drivers could stop, they were off to get more frieght cars.
  • James: I'm the Most Important!
  • Diesel: I am!
  • James: I am!
  • Diesel: I am!
  • Cartman: Look out! (switches to another siding)
  • (James and Diesel stop. Cartman crashes into a wall of bushes and falls down a mountain cliff, and lands into the ravine)
  • Diesel: Fizzling fenders!
  • James: Not my fault!
  • Narrator: Sir Topham Hatt was cross when he heard the news.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: I'm very disapointed with you two! You've caused a lot of trouble! And look at poor Cartman! He's all smashed up!
  • James: We're only trying to show who's the most important!
  • Sir Topham Hatt: There's no such thing as most important!
  • Diesel: But why?
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Because it was not true! And, as punishment, you'll be shunting in the yards, for the next two months!
  • James: Two months?!
  • Diesel: You can't be serious!
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Yes I'm serious! I am serious!
  • Duck: (laughs) Looks like you're in trouble.
  • Narrator: Sir Topham Hatt turned to Cartman and saw his broken parts. His sides were cracked, his front end was badly twisted, he had lost all his wheels and worst of all he had a black eye.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Cartman, I am very disapointed in you!
  • Cartman: Please, give me another chance!
  • Sir Topham Hatt: And, as your punishment, you'll be sent to the shed for two weeks!
  • Cartman: NO! NOT TWO WEEKS!
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Yes! Two weeks!
  • Cartman: Huh?
  • Sir Topham Hatt: James and Diesel get two months, whilst you get two weeks.
  • Duck: (continues laughing) Come on! Let's get you repaired!
  • Narrator: Duck pulled Cartman to the Steamworks to get repaired. James and Diesel were very ashamed. I hope they learned their lesson, don't you?

Clang! Bang!


Spencer is back on the Island and is rude to Kevin for dropping and bumping into things all the time. Then, Spencer breaks down around the back of the steamworks. Spencer tries to whistle but only a muffled sound comes out. Luckily, Kevin hears and comes to Spencer's rescue. Now, Spencer and Kevin are firm friends, and whenever Spencer visits Sodor, he always visits Kevin.


  • US Narrator: Michael Brandon
  • UK Narrator: Michael Angelis
  • Appearences by Thomas, Gordon, James, Spencer, Victor, Kevin and Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Cameos by Edward, Henry, Toby and Charlie.
  • Non-Speaking Roles by Lady Hatt and The Duke & Duchess of Boxford.
  • This story is based on the Story Library book, Kevin.
  • This is made by BiggestThomasFan and ThomasDuckJamesandPercyFan.


  • Narrator: On the Island of Sodor, there is a place where engines can go if they ever break down. It's called the Sodor Steamworks. When an engine breaks down. They go to the steamworks to get fixed. Victor is in charge of the steamworks. He makes sure engines are fixed. Kevin helps too. Kevin is a small yellow crane who tends to be clumsy. And drops things instead of lowering them. Early one morning, Victor and Kevin were sleeping at the steamworks. When all of the sudden (Spencer blows his whistle), a loud whistle woke them up. Kevin was surprised.
  • Kevin: Trembling Tracks! What's that noise?
  • Victor: That's Spencer's whistle. I'd know that snooty sound anywhere!
  • Narrator: Spencer was visiting from the mainland. And was whistling to let everyone know that he had arrived.

Thomas Rescues Rheneas


Thomas warns Rheneas about an old viaduct that was not safe, but Rheneas doesn't listen and puffs away. Rheneas needs coal to get home but breaks down on the old viaduct and it starts to collapse. Thomas races to the rescue, pulling Rheneas off the viaduct just in time.


  • Apperences by Thomas, Rheneas, Sir Handel, the Fat Controller and Mr Percival.
  • Cameos by Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby, Duck, Donald & Douglas, Oliver, Emily, Skarloey, Peter Sam, Rusty, Duncan, Freddie, Duke and Mighty Mac.
  • First time the narrow gauge engines appear in full CGI.


  • Narrator: Sir Handel saw Rheneas puffing towards the viaduct.
  • Sir Handel: Stop Rheneas! The viaduct ahead is closed for repairs.
  • Narrator: But Rheneas didn't hear Sir Handel. (Rheneas puffs onto the viaduct) Suddenly Rheneas hissed to a halt.
  • Rheneas: Oh no! I'm out of steam!
  • Narrator: Cried Rheneas. He had used up all his coal. Suddenly, he heard something.
  • Rheneas: What's that?
  • Narrator: His driver looked down. The viaduct started to collapse.
  • Sir Handel: Thomas.
  • Narrator: Sir Handel said.
  • Sir Handel: Rheneas' gone across the viaduct.
  • Thomas: I'll better check he's alright.
  • Narrator: The little blue tank engine said. But, the creaks in the viaduct were getting bigger. And the stone pieces splashed into the water below.
  • Rheneas: HELP! I'm going to fall.
  • Narrator: Thomas puffed as fast as he could to the rescue. Soon, he reached the viaduct. Rheneas was very scared. Thomas chuffed bravely onto the viaduct.
  • Rheneas: Hurry and be careful.
  • Narrator: Warned Rheneas. Soon they were coupled up.
  • Thomas: Hold on.
  • Narrator: Warned Thomas. Rheneas shut his eyes. Thomas pulled Rheneas off the viaduct just in time.

Rosie & The Signal

Rosie likes to tease other engines and knows about it. Soon Harvey, Murdoch, Spencer and Dennis are making a plan how to pay Rosie out. The next morning, Rosie is careless, and Harvey, Murdoch, Spencer and Dennis are talking about backing signals. The Fat Controller sends Rosie to take some trucks to Billy's junction. But on the way, Rosie sees a signal that was nicknamed "The Backing Signal". Rosie doesn't know about the signal, so she is late. That night Harvey, Murdoch, Spencer and Dennis are still talking about backing signals. Rosie feels silly.

Appearances of the new theme music

  • Rosie's theme (with Season 7 music)

Returns of the old theme music

  • The Fat Controller's Season 6-7 theme
  • Season 4-5 Accident theme
  • Sad Theme


  • Featuring Rosie, Harvey, Murdoch, Spencer, Dennis and the Fat Controller.
  • Cameos by Billy, Arthur and Neville.
  • Apperences of the Slide Sheds, the Yard and Knapford Station.
  • First time Billy, Arthur, Neville, Harvey, Murdoch and Dennis appear in full CGI.

Rosie The Ghost Train (Rosie's Ghostly Trick - US)

Rosie tells Billy and Harvey that driver sees a ghost train last night. But Billy tells her he's not scared of anything. That night Rosie comes back home, but on her way, she crashes into a cart of lime. She was covered in flour and arrives at the Signalbox. Harvey tells Billy about Rosie. Then Rosie scares Billy away with her ghostly voice. Billy and Harvey are at Knapford when Rosie arrives, being cleaned.

Returns of the old theme music

  • Harvey's Season 6-7 theme
  • Season 6-7 danger theme
  • The Chinese Dragon's Season 3 theme


  • Featuring Billy, Rosie, Harvey, the Coaches and Farmer McColl.
  • Cameos by Rocky and Terence.
  • Apperences of the Branch Line Sheds, the Signalbox and the Farm.

Old Stuck Up Causes Trouble (Oliver, Stepney & Old Stuck Up - US)

Oliver and Stepney meet Old Stuck Up. Old Stuck Up bangs the trucks hard and pushing more trucks into the pit. Oliver and Stepney tell Toad the Brakevan about Old Stuck Up. The trucks get cross with Old Stuck Up and they push him into some mud. Oliver brings Rocky and the Fat Controller, and Stepney clears the trucks away. The Fat Controller is cross with Old Stuck and sends him back to the Other Railway, and is very pleased with Oliver and Stepney because Toad helped them get back at Old Stuck Up.

Returns of the old theme music

  • Diesel's Season 6-7 theme (as Old Stuck Up's)
  • Season 5-6 runaway theme
  • Breakdown Train's Season 3 theme (as Rocky's)
  • Busy Season 3-4 theme


  • Featuring Oliver, Stepney, Old Stuck Up, Toad, Hector, the Troublesome Trucks, Rocky (does not speak) and the Fat Controller.
  • Cameos by Thomas, Duck and Stanley.
  • Apperences of the Coal Yards and the Coal Hopper.

Cartman Takes Charge

A new tank engine named Cartman arrives on Sodor and Rosie show him around.

Appearance of the new theme music

  • Cartman's theme (with Season 7 music) 

Sir Handel's New Friends

Thomas and Byron go to Wellsworth to see BoCo, the diesel engine, and Thomas discovers some bats at Wellsworth which need a new home. Thomas tells BoCo about a water tank, who is damaged. Later that day, Sir Handel is puffing to the wharf, and Stepney arrives at the wharf with some pigeons named Tina and Julie. Tina and Julie are loaded into a cage on the platform. Meanwhile Thomas and BoCo arrive. Byron says that the water tank is almost repaired in time. Later Sir Handel's pigeon friends push the door off of the cage, fly out it and into Colin the Crane. Sir Handel runs to Emily at the Transfer Yards and tells her what happened to Tina and Julie. Sir Handel follows Emily to the Wharf and builds a new cage with a large door. Emily goes to see Thomas and The Pack working on Wellsworth repairing the water tank. Meanwhile, Sir Handel calls Tina and Julie to eat dinner, but there's no answer. As Sir Handel turns his lightlamp on, Tina and Julie are gone! Emily brings the bats to the new cage. Emily, Kelly and Sir Handel wait for Thomas and Byron to arrive. Sir Handel says he's right.

Returns of the old theme music

  • The Pack's Season 6 theme
  • Sir Handel's Season 4 theme
  • Stepney's Season 4 theme


  • Appearences by Thomas, Emily, BoCo, Sir Handel, Byron, Kelly and Colin.
  • Cameos by Edward, Spencer, Peter Sam, Duncan, Jack, Alfie, Ned, Patrick and Monty.

Duck To The Rescue

Duck finds an old line called "The Amercian Railway" that needs another engine. So he finds a Narrow Gauge engine called Brock and saves him from scrap. Now Brock works on the American Railway.

Skarloey & Brock

Skarloey is jealous when Brock comes to the Narrow Gauge Railway. Brock has to work to Rusty.

Brock & Tarzan

A car called Tarzan chases Brock and his train with a cricket ball.


A stuck-up diesel called Quagmire breaks down and Rusty and Brock take it.

Pop Goes The Weasel

Percy meets a new diesel engine named Weasel and shows him around.

Returns of the old theme music

  • Percy's Season 5-7 theme

Weasel's Lies (Weasel's Devious Deed - US)

Weasel tries to tell lies about Percy. When Gordon, Henry and James are at Tidmouth Sheds, Percy arrives. Weasel comes out of the sheds. The Fat Controller arrives at Tidmouth Sheds and tells Percy to work at Duck's branch line. Percy puffed sadly away and Weasel reverses into the shed.


  • Appearences by Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Weasel, Duck (mentioned) and The Fat Controller.
  • First (and only) time Toby's Sad Theme is used for someone other than Toby. This is also the first time it's used since Season 4's Special Attraction.

Return of the old Music

  • Toby's Sad Theme (when Percy puffs sadly away from Tidmouth)

Percy's Close Shave (A Close Shave For Percy - US)

Percy puffed into Duck's branch line and tells Duck about Weasel's lies. Duck smiles to Percy, and Percy backs into the back of Duck's train. Duck and Percy puff up Gordon's Hill. But suddenly, Percy gets chased by the trucks and crashes into a barber shop. Oliver pulls Percy back onto the rails and Percy comes home to Tidmouth Sheds.


  • Apperences by James (non-speaking role), Percy, Duck, Oliver (non-speaking role), Troublesome Trucks, and The Fat Controller.
  • Cameos by Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, Toby, Donald & Douglas and Emily.

Trusty Duck

Duck warns Gordon about an old bridge, but Gordon doesn't listen and when he needs more coal, he breaks down on the bridge. Then, it starts to collasp. Duck races to the rescue and pulls Gordon off the bridge just in time.

Returns of the old theme music

  • Duck's Season 3 theme
  • Gordon's Season 5-7 theme

Sir Handel & Peter Sam

Sir Handel rescues Peter Sam when he breaks down.

Returns of the old theme music

  • Peter Sam's Season 4 theme

Sir Handel To The Rescue (Part 1)

Sir Handel enjoys visiting a forest railway called the "Warehouse Railway", but Sir Handel's driver is concerned that the line needs another engine, and so Sir Handel consults Duck. During the converstation, Duck mentions that only diesels travel to the Other Railway, which is where he found Brock. That suits Sir Handel, and the next day he travels to the Other Railway, slipping past the diesels by lying he is an inspection wise engine. He finds a tank engine named Adam hiding on a siding, and convinces him to travel with him to Sodor. Adam finds a new home on the Warehouse Railway.

Appearances of the new theme music

  • Adam's theme

Billy & Adam (Part 2)

Billy is jealous when Adam visits Sodor. Adam has to work with Cartman.

Appearances of the new theme music

  • Billy's theme

Adam & Lorry (Part 3)

Adam puffs past a cricket field when a batter hits a "six" and the only ball lands in a truck. Adam doesn't realize, and when his driver sees Lorry the truck racing after them.

Arnold (Part 4)

A new diesel engine named Arnold arrvies on Sodor and sucks the inspector's hat through a air-take. Cartman and Adam take the train. Arnold is sent away.

Gordon Does It All

Gordon is fed up for pulling hay cars and wants a diffrent job. But he doesn't do his new jobs propley, Thomas and Duck get the blame.

Respect For Spencer

Spencer has a rattle in his firebox and when Rosie, Molly and Weasel begin teasing him. Spencer wants to treat the engines right until he crashes into some raspberry vans.

Gordon & The Old Mine

Gordon is excited about taking some vistitors to Sodor Caves, but the Fat Controller has bad news that the machines have broken down and Bertie has to take the visitors to Sodor Caves. Gordon is upset when he has to work with Duck. When Gordon finds an old line and goes in an old mine. But when the roof collaps, Gordon gets stuck in here until he finds some trucks. Gordon pushes the trucks out of the mine and finds a way out, then he and Duck deliver the coal trucks to the Transfer Yards for Skarloey to take them to the coaling plant.


  • The Fat Controller: The machines at the main coaling plant have broken down. Mr Percival needs coal until they're mended.
  • Narrator: The Fat Controller told Gordon and Duck to bring coal down from the mine and the hills.
  • The Fat Controller: Then, Skarloey will take them to the coaling plant. And,
  • Narrator: The Fat Controller added.
  • The Fat Controller: Bertie the Bus will take the visitors to Sodor Caves.
  • Narrator: Gordon was very dissapointed. He really wanted to go to the caves. Pulling coal trucks wasn't a exciting job at all.

Sixteen's Bad Smash (Stanley, Billy & Sixteen - US)

S.C.Ruffy and Hector are calling Sixteen "stinky". Stanley and Billy tell them to stop teasing Sixteen. Sixteen then rests in a siding. S.C.Ruffy and Hector bash him off the rails, and Sixteen flies off the tracks, smashes into a building and gets badly damaged. Stanley rescues Sixteen. Sixteen goes to Crewe and gets a new shape with a different cab. When Sixteen returns, he is good as new again and feels much better.


  • Apperences by Stanley, Billy, Sixteen, S.C.Ruffy, Hector, the Troublesome Trucks and the Fat Controller.
  • Cameos by Duck, Oliver, Thomas and James

Smudger Takes A Swim

Sir Handel sees that Smudger is brought back to sevice by Mr Percival. Smudger is rude to Sir Handel. Sir Handel tells Thomas that Smudger had said. Thomas says that Smudger is still rude. Smudger is skepitcal and collects some coaches. Sir Handel tells Smudger to be careful. But Smudger doesn't lsiten. When Smudger pulls his coaches, they push him down the line. Smudger falls off a pier and into the water. Sir Handel tells Freddie about Smudger and races to the rescue. Sir Handel pulls Smudger back onto the line. Smudger is very silly. Sir Handel is a really useful engine.

Percy's Funfair Special (Percy's Cavinal Special - US)

Percy and Molly are pulling a train for a fair, but Percy wants to pull it alone. When Percy reaches the Brendam Docks, he tries to pull the train, but the tension caused by Molly at the other end snaps a coupling, and more trucks come loose during the journey, causing problems for Bertie, Adam and Molly. When caught by the Fat Controller, Percy fetches Rocky to repair the damage and he and Molly pull the train together.

Sir Handel Helps Out

Sir Handel and Duncan are sent to the Narrow Gauge coal yards. Duncan teases the coal trucks and bumps them into Peter Sam. Sir Handel tells Duncan that he's supposed to take the trucks to the village. Duncan pushes a truck into a shed. Sir Handel tells him to be careful. Duncan ignores him. Later, Duncan loads his trucks and takes them to the Wharf but the trucks push Duncan out of control. Duncan crashes into Rheneas' train of melons. Rheneas and Duncan are covered in melons. Sir Handel races to the rescue and pulls Duncan back on the rails. Mr Percival scolds Duncan. Sir Handel is a wiser engine.

Smokey Engine

Pink arrives on Sodor while Mandy is away. After Pink runs out of water, Gordon rescues her.


  • Appearences by Thomas, Gordon, Mandy and Pink
  • Cameos by Henry, James, Duck, Harvey and Cranky

Arthur & Spencer (Arthur Helps Out - US)

Spencer is sent to pull a goods train of trucks to Great Waterton. He grumbles all the way to Great Waterton until he gets stuck on the hill. Arthur pushes Spencer up the hill into Great Waterton.

Duck & The New Tractor

Duck meets a new tractor named Spud. Spud is a rude, yellow tractor. Duck tells Spud about his friend Rusty. Spud has to collect a cart of straw. Duck warns Spud to be careful. But Spud doesn't see Percy's trucks of hay and crashes into it. Duck then helps him. Spud is punished by the Fat Controller, and Duck tells Spud to be careful again.

Cartman, Percy & Weasel

Cartman and Percy are tired of working at the coal yards so the Fat Controller brings Weasel. Weasel bangs the trucks hard into the coal hopper. The Fat Controller tells Cartman and Percy that Weasel is still the avalibale engine to help. Meanwhile Weasel bumps into Percy. Percy says nothing. Weasel bumps the trucks into the pile of rocks. When Weasel is careless and oils away, he crashes into a fence, rolls down a field and crashes into a brick wall! Cartman pulls Weasel back onto the rails and Percy brings the Fat Controller. The Fat Controller is angry with Weasel and sends him away!

Diesel & The Foolish Fish Trucks (Diesel & The Foolish Fish Cars - US)

Diesel wants to show the engines diesels can pull fish cars to the docks, but he ends up falling in water.

Donald To The Rescue (Part 1)

Sir Handel tells Donald about the time he saved Adam from scrap. Donald then goes to the 'Diesel Only' Yard that night with a train. Upon shunting the cars, he stumbles across a small old tank engine called Wallace, who is running away from scrap. He tells Donald his story, and Donald helps him. Donald brings Wallace and his brakevan Frog to Sir Topham Hatt's Railway, and both get restored. Wallace now works on Cartman's branch line, and is very happy.

Wallace Owns Up (Part 2)

Wallace is new to the Island, and all the engines complimenting his braveness is making him conceited. Sir Topham Hatt tells him to shunt freight cars, and he ignores Cartman's warnings about freight cars. Wallace then causes the cars to play a trick on him, and they push him into the turntable well! Wallace soon learns from his mistakes, and when he returns from the Works, he learns to be more careful with freight cars.

Frog Stands By

Since Wallace's accident with a turntable well, the freight cars have lost all respect for him. To make matters worse, a freight car called Ruffey leads them in a song. Frog is worried, and comes up with a plan. For Wallace's next train, Ruffey is marshalled next to the engine. When Wallace starts up, Ruffey orders the trucks to "hold back". But this has an unexpected effect, when Wallace literally pulls Ruffey in half! Sir Topham Hatt explains that the freight car had rotten wood and rusty frames, but nevertheless the freight cars gain a new respect for Wallace. Ruffey is rebuilt and becomes a well-behaved freight car.

Thomas & Daisy

Thomas tells Percy that he never met Daisy before. But she does arrive.

Weasel Does It Again

Percy and Wilbert are busy at the Harbour. But there is too much work, so Sir Topham Hatt brings back Weasel, much to Percy and Wilbert's chagrin. Weasel causes trouble, but tells Percy and Wilbert if they tell Sir Topham Hatt, they'll be tattletales. Percy and Wilbert continue to watch Weasel cause trouble, and decide to go on strike. Sir Topham Hatt visits them, and convinces them to go back to work. Soon Weasel causes confusion and delay by pushing China Clay cars off a quay/wharf and into the water. Sir Topham Hatt sends Weasel away again, and Percy and Wilbert continue their work again happily.

Phill, Pete and The Dieasel

Phill & Pete are twins who work at the China Clay Pits. One day, they are aghast when they discover that their cars have gone missing! Down the line, they cause great problems and difficulty with a diesel called Fransworth, who they believe stole the cars. Confusion regains until Arthur explains everything.


  • First appearences of Phill, Pete and Fransworth.
  • Appearences by Arthur, Phill & Pete and Fransworth.
  • Cameo by Bulstrode.

Arthur, Spencer and The Wrong Road

Billy and Arthur's branch lines are important, but Spencer believes them vulgar. One night, Spencer is almost ready to leave when the fireman looks back and sees something green waving. It's not the conductor's flag as he had thought, but a lady's hat. Spencer has to be stopped and brought back. By that time, Arthur is late with his train, so leaves first. However, the signalman isn't told of this, and sends Arthur along the main line, and Spencer the Branch...

Next morning, Phill and Pete see Spencer, and discuss between themselves what they could do with them - it's clearly not Spencer, as he says branch lines are vulgar. They decide to drop the "Load of scrap metal" into the sea, leaving Spencer terrified. But Fransworth shows up, and sets the twins right. Spencer is very grateful, to say the least. He still believes Fransworth saved his life - but of course, the twins were only teasing.


  • Appearences by Billy (does not speak), Arthur, Spencer, Phill & Pete and Fransworth.
  • Cameos by The Fat Controller.

Arthur's Exploit

Arthur is taking some visitors to meet Phil and Pete. He has trouble starting and Nevile, Spencer and Dennis mock his struggle. Cartman and Farnsworth defend Arthur and eventually Arthur starts to pull his train. After Phil and Pete get back, Arthur takes them home. The weather gets bad, and suddenly, Arthur's crankpin breaks. His crew removes his siderods and, with some adjustments to the coaches, Arthur manages to take them home, despite being late.

Rosie & The Dinosaur

Some dinosaur bones are uncovered in the hills near the Railway, and Stanley is taking a photographer to the Yard to see them. Sir Topham Hatt needs two careful engines to bring the dinosaur bones down. Rosie manages to prove how careful she is, but Billy is not very careful at first, and Rosie decides to collect the bones by herself. But the heavy load proves too much for her, and drags her back down the hill. So when Billy arrives and offers to help, Rosie gladly accepts.


  • Appearences by Rosie, Billy, Stanley and The Fat Controller
  • Cameos by Neville, Cartman and Donald & Douglas


  • Billy: I'm sorry I biffed the freight cars. But, I'm sure we can pull the dinosaur together.
  • Rosie: No! I will show Sir Topham Hatt I can pull the dinosaur on my own.
  • Narrator: Said Rosie. And she puffed away.

Sir Handel and the Christmas Train


Sir Handel has to pull a christmas train to the Wharf and Duncan has to take a dirty train to the station. But Duncan is cross and teases Thomas and Wilbert while Sir Handel talks to Stanley and Duck about Duncan's rudeness. Duncan is more cross and tries to push the dirty train to the station but he gets turned to a siding and crashes into some buffers. The dirty train breaks into pieces. Sir Handel pulls Duncan back to the tracks and takes the christmas train to the Wharf while Duncan is sent to the sheds. Sir Handel is really useful.


  • Apperences by Sir Handel, Duncan, Thomas, Duck, Wilbert and Stanley.
  • Cameos by Colin, Duke, Freddie, Skarloey and Rheneas.


  • Narrator: Sir Handel arrived at the watertower where Duck was there.
  • Sir Handel: Hello, Duck.
  • Narrator: Said Sir Handel.
  • Duck: Hello, Sir Handel.
  • Narrator: Duck replied.
  • Sir Handel: Duncan is rude.
  • Narrator: Wheeshed Sir Handel grandly.
  • Duck: Thank you, Sir Handel.
  • Narrator: Said Duck happly.
  • Duck: The Fat Controller sent me to take on water at the watertower.
  • Narrator: Sir Handel chuckled.
  • Sir Handel: Sorry, can't stop.
  • Narrator: Chuffed Sir Handel eagily.
  • Sir Handel: I'm pulling the christmas train. Good bye.
  • Narrator: Duck smiled.
  • Narrator: Suddenly, Duncan saw an end of some buffers.
  • Duncan: Oh, no!
  • Narrator: Cried Duncan. He applided his brakes, but it was too late! (Duncan crashes into the buffers and the dirty train smashes into pieces) Duncan smashed into the buffers. And his dirty train smashed into bits of pieces. Luckly, Duncan wasn't hurt, but his dirty train was in pieces.

Freddie & Rosie

Freddie discovers that one of the viaducts that both the stanard gauge and the narrow gauge engines cross has creaks. He hurrys to the wharf to warn the other engines. Then he warns Mr. Percival and The Fat Controller. They both close the viaduct for repairs. Later, Rosie, who dosen't know about the viaduct, needs more coal. She turns on one of the tracks that lead to the viaduct. Halfway across Rosie runs out of steam. Then, the viaduct begins to collaps. James, who had seen Rosie puff towards the viaduct, tells Freddie, who races to Rosie's rescue. Freddie pulls Rosie off the viaduct just in time. Rosie is punished by The Fat Controller. And Mr. Percival is proud of Freddie.


  • Appearences by Freddie, Rosie, James, The Fat Controller and Mr. Percival
  • Cameos by Thomas, Skarloey, Sir Handel, Rusty and Duke


  • Narrator: James saw Rosie puffing towards the viaduct.
  • James: Stop Rosie! The viaduct ahead is closed for repair.
  • Narrator: But Rosie didn't hear James. (Rosie puffs onto the viaduct) Suddenly Rosie hissed to a hault.
  • Rosie: Oh no! I'm out of steam.
  • Narrator: Said Rosie. she had used up all her coal. Then, she heard something.
  • Rosie: What's that?
  • Narrator: Her driver looked down. The viaduct was starting to collapse.
  • James: Freddie.
  • Narrator: Said James.
  • James: Rosie's gone across the viaduct.
  • Freddie: I've better check she's alright.
  • Narrator: The little gray engine said. But, the creaks in the viaduct were getting bigger. And stone pieces splash into the water below.
  • Rosie: HELP! I'm going to fall.
  • Narrator: Freddie puffed as fast as he could to the rescue. Soon, he reached the viaduct. Rosie was very scared. Freddie chuffed bravely onto the viaduct.
  • Rosie: Hurry and be careful.
  • Narrator: Said Rosie. Soon they were coupled up.
  • Freddie: Hold on.
  • Narrator: Said Freddie. Rosie shut her eyes. Freddie pulled Rosie off the viaduct just in time.

Edward & Flora

Edward warns Flora that the trucks are troublesome. But Flora doesn't listen to Edward's advice. The Fat Controller tells Flora to take some trucks to the docks. Flora collects her trucks and takes them. Flora then climbs up Spencer's Hill and the trucks push her into a dangerous bend. Flora tumbles off the tracks and lays on her side. Edward then helps Flora back to the rails and takes her to the works to be mended.


  • Apperences by Edward, Flora, Oliver, Troublesome Trucks and the Fat Controller.
  • Cameos by Thomas, Duck, James, Gordon, Henry, Percy, Emily, Rosie, Rocky and Cranky.
  • Stock footage from Steamy Sodor is used.
  • First appearence of Flora since her introduction in Season 12's Tram Trouble.

Billy Comes To Breakfast (Part 1)


Billy tries to show Rosie and Harvey he can manage without his driver but he ends up crashing into the stationmaster's house and the stationmaster's wife puts more plaster on Billy. Gordon and Henry pull Billy back to the rails. The Fat Controller sends Billy to the works to be mended for a long job whilst he is threatened that an Amtrack diesel will do his work.


  • Apperences by Billy, Rosie, Harvey, Gordon, Henry, the Troublesome Trucks, the Coaches and the Fat Controller.
  • Cameos by Thomas, Oliver, Stanley and Duck.
  • A mix of Gordon's and Henry's theme is played when Gordon and Henry pull Billy out of the house.


  • Narrator: Then, Gordon and Henry arrived.
  • Gordon: Don't worry Billy.
  • Henry: We'll soon have you back on the rails.
  • Narrator: Gordon and Henry, puffing hard, managed to pull Billy back to safety. The Brush and the broken window frame damaged his front. Gordon and Henry laughed and left him. Billy was in disgrace. There was worst to come.
  • TFC: You are a very naughty engine.
  • Billy: I know, Sir. I'm sorry, Sir.

Edgar (Part 2)


Rosie and Harvey meet a new Amtrack diesel called Edgar who does Billy's work while he's away. They show him a shed because he wants to rest after his jouney. The next morning Edgar goes back to the station and boasts about being the latest diesel. But he blows a fuse after a milk van is coupled up his passenger train. Edgar says he'll never pull freight again.


  • Apperences by Rosie, Harvey, Edgar, the Stationmaster and the Fat Controller.
  • Cameos by Spencer and Diesel 10.
  • Billy is mentioned, but not seen.


  • Narrator: The shunter, the guard, the stationmaster and his driver all argued with him. But it did no good.
  • Edgar: It's fitter's orders.
  • People: What is?
  • Edgar: My fitter's a very nice person. He's comes very week and exemanes me carefully. "Edgar" he says, "Never Never pull freight. You'll highly sprung and freight is bad for your surve". So, that's how it is!
  • Narrator: Finished Edgar.
  • Stationmaster: Stuff and Nonsense!
  • Shunter: I can't understand. What ever made Sir Topham Hatt send us such a feble?
  • Edgar: Feble?! Feble?! Let me!
  • Passengers: Stop arguing! We're let already.
  • Narrator: So they uncoupled the van and Edgar pured away feeling very please with himself.
  • Edgar: That's a good story. I'll do just what work I choose and no more.
  • Narrator: But he said it to himself.

Rosie's Predicament (Part 3)


Rosie has an accident and Billy comes home. Edgar has ben naughty so The Fat Controller is giving him one more chance to prove himself really useful.


  • Apperences by Billy, Rosie, Harvey, Edgar, the Fat Controller and the Troublesome Trucks.
  • Cameos by Thomas, Oliver and Stepney.

Duck The Really Useful Engine

James and Diesel are unimpressed Duck is not useful at all. Meanwhile at Tidmouth Sheds, Thomas and Duck are talking about being the hard worker. Meanwhile James and Diesel are cross still until James' regulator breaks down and Diesel's airtake splutters and they are stuck haftway the level crossing. James' driver and fireman try to fix James' regulator and Diesel's driver, the stationmaster and the foreman try to fix Diesel's airtake, but it is no use. Duck comes to the rescue and pushes James and Diesel into a siding. Then he takes James and Diesel's goods train to the docks just in time. The Fat Controller rewards Duck for a new coat of green paint and the rest of the week off, and punishes James and Diesel for two months of shunting in the yards. Duck enjoys his week off while James and Diesel are shunting in the yards.


  • Apperences by Thomas, Edward, Henry Duck, Oliver, James, Diesel, Donald & Douglas, Troublesome Trucks and the Fat Controller.
  • Cameos by Gordon, Emily, Billy and Rosie.
  • Victor is mentioned in the episode, but not seen.
  • This is the third episode to have "The Really Useful" in the title. The first two episodes being Season 3's "Edward, Trevor and the Really Useful Party" and Season 6's "Edward the Really Useful Engine".


This is the First time to feature Duck in full CGI and his CGI face.

Duck & The Extension

Duck warns Diesel about the extension when Thomas leaves to run his branch line, but Diesel doesn't listen and needs coal to get back to the Smelters. But Diesel breaks down on the extension. Then, it starts to collasp. Duck races to the rescue and pulls Diesel off the extension just in time.


  • Apperences by Thomas, Duck, Diesel and the Fat Controller.
  • Cameos by Dennis, Mavis, Daisy, BoCo and Bear.


Billy & Weasel


When Rosie has to go to the Works for repairs, Weasel returns to Sodor and, as expected, causes trouble for the engines by destroying the oldest truck in Tidmouth Yards. But two days later, Billy has an accident when Edgar drips his oil on the track and the rear coach's back wheels come off the rails at the special points at Maron, so Weasel comes to the rescue. It seems that even Weasel has some good in him somewhere.


  • Appearances by Billy, Rosie, Harvey, Weasel, Percy and the Fat Controller.
  • Non-speaking roles by Edgar, Bertie and Billy's Rear Coaches.
  • Cameos by Spencer.
  • This is the televised version of "Thomas & The Evil Diesel".

Sixteen Feels Left Out

When Thomas, Duck, Sixteen and Rosie are at Knapford Station, The Fat Controller tells them that there's a new grand opening of the new Sodor Museum. Sixteen puffs away. Later at Great Wateron, Sixteen arrives and tells Thomas, Duck and Rosie that he wants to take some passangers to the new museum. But Thomas, Duck and Rosie puff away from Great Waterton, causing Sixteen to be left out and worried. Later, Sixteen went back to the Sheds when he hears a noise. It was Daisy, who is upset. Sixteen thinks he will be put in the new museum. So he runs back to the Sheds quickly as he can. The next morning, Sixteen shunts trucks with Thomas, Rosie and Duck. But Sixteen hears that the Fat Controller would say that he will be put in the new museum. So he runs away from the coal yards and all the way back to Tidmouth Sheds. But the Fat Controller says that Sixteen is too useful to be put in the museum. So Sixteen collects some passangers and puffs away to the new museum. He is a really useful engine on Sodor.


  • Apperences by Thomas, Duck, Sixteen, Rosie, Daisy and the Fat Controller.
  • Cameos by Stanley, Oliver and Toad.

A Bad Day For Harmood

A new engine named Harmood arrives on the Narrow Gauge Railway and teases Skarloey and Rheneas. When Harmood has to collect some frieght cars and take them to the coaling plant, he meets James. Harmood is still cross until he derails and Skarloey rescues him. Harmood is shut up by Mr. Percival for taking his wheels off and leaving his cab.


  • Apperences by Skarloey, Rheneas, Thomas, Harmood and James
  • Cameos by Sir Handel and Peter Sam.

Sir Handel, Donald & Douglas Go To Europe (TV Special, 22 minutes)

Donald and Douglas decide to go to Europe with Sir Handel, who follows them. Meanwhile, Thomas and Emily are at the Wharf with James. When Sir Handel, Donald and Douglas arrive at Europe, they see some real Europe trains. Their names are Bart, Eugene, Mater, Fillmore, Homer and Lightyear.


  • Apperences by Thomas, Emily, James, Donald & Douglas and Sir Handel.
  • Cameos by Duncan, Harmood and Rheneas.


  • Narrator: Sir Handel, Donald and Douglas arrived at Europe. They were surprised to see some real trains.
  • Donald: Sir Handel, Where ya see?
  • Narrator: Asked Donald.
  • Sir Handel: Real trains.
  • Narrator: Added Sir Handel.
  • Douglas: What kind of real trains did ya see?
  • Narrator: Gasped Douglas.
  • Sir Handel: Europe trains I saw.
  • Narrator: Sir Handel added. Sir Handel, Donald and Douglas puffed slowly to see the Europe trains.

Oliver & Harmood

Oliver discovers that one of the viaducts that the standared gauge and narrow gauge engines cross has creaks. He hurries to the Wharf to warn the other engines. Then, he warns the Fat Controller and Mr. Percival. They both close the viaduct for repairs. Later, Harmood, who doesn't know about the viaduct, needs more coal to get back home. He turns on one of the tracks that lead to the viaduct. Haftway across Harmood runs out of steam. Then, the viaduct starts to collasp. Sir Handel, who had just seen Harmood puff towards the viaduct, tells Oliver, who races to Harmood's rescue. Oliver pulls Harmood off the viaduct just in time.


  • Apperences by Oliver, Harmood and Sir Handel.
  • Cameos by Thomas, Skarloey, Rheneas, Peter Sam, Rusty, Duncan, Freddie, Duke and Mighty Mac.


Trusty Percy (Percy & Diesel - US)

Percy discovers that one of the viaducts has cracks, so he warns the other engines. Then, he warns the Fat Controller. Meanwhile, Diesel needs more oil to get back home. He goes to the viaduct and breaks down on it. Then, it starts to collasp. Rosie, who had seen Diesel puff towards the viaduct, tells Percy, who races to Diesel's rescue. Percy pulls Diesel off the viaduct just in time. After Percy pulls Diesel clear off the viaduct, Duck tells the Fat Controller about Diesel and the viaduct, which collasped, with Percy pulling Diesel off it. And the Fat Controller finds out, gets cross with Diesel and gives him a punishment by staying in the Smelter Shed for the next two months. Soon after the Fat Controller punishes Diesel for two months, he is pleased with Percy for his braveness.


  • Apperences by Percy, Duck, Diesel and the Fat Controller.
  • Cameos by Thomas, Annie and Clarebel.


Rosie To The Rescue (Rosie Rescues Molly-US)

Rosie has always wanted to rescue an engine. One day, Molly is chosen to take sugar to the chocolate factory. Molly is excited because it's the first time she goes to the chocolate factory. Molly is so excited that she dosen't listen to The Fat Controller's warning about a storm coming. On the way to the chocolate factory, it starts to rain. Molly delivers the sugar safely. But, on the way back it rain harder and harder. Molly's wheels begins to slip. And then, Molly gets stuck in some mud. Her driver goes for help. Rosie is shunting trucks at the quarry with Mavis, when the quarry manager tells Rosie that Molly is stuck in mud and needs help. Rosie sets off to the rescue. Rosie was happy because she was going to rescue an engine. Rosie finds Molly and pulls her out of the mud. Then, Rosie helps Molly to the washdown. When they arrive, the storm stops. Molly has a washdown and thanks Rosie for rescuing her. Now, Rosie and Molly are best friends. They work together and have fun together as good friends should.


  • Appearences by Rosie, Molly, Mavis and The Fat Controller.
  • Cameos by Edward and Henry.
  • From this point on Rosie and Molly are best friends.

Thomas & S.C. Ruffy (Sides Shocked-US)

Thomas and S.C. Ruffy are at Tidmouth Yard. S.C. Ruffy boasts about caring balast. The Fat Controller asks Salty the Dockyard Diesel to bring S.C. Ruffy to the yards for some more balast. Salty buffers up to S.C. Ruffy and pulls him to the yards. But, then, something happens. S.C. Ruffy's sides fall off and balast falls off him. Thomas tells James about S.C. Ruffy and races to the rescue and brings S.C. Ruffy to the repair yard for new sides. After S.C. Ruffy is as good as new, Thomas brings balast to him. The balast is loaded into S.C. Ruffy, and S.C. Ruffy is very happy.


  • Apperences by Thomas, Salty, James and S.C. Ruffy.
  • Cameos by Duck and Oliver.
  • First time Thomas meets S.C. Ruffy


  • Narrator: Salty went up Gordon's Hill. Suddenly, something happened!
  • S.C. Ruffy: Oooooaaaahh!
  • Narrator: Groaned S.C. Ruffy.
  • S.C. Ruffy: I don't like this!
  • Narrator: Salty made it to the top of Gordon's Hill as S.C. Ruffy still groaned.
  • S.C. Ruffy: Oooooooh! I'm coming apart! (his sides break off) OW!
  • Narrator: He rolled back down Gordon's Hill. Luckly, no one was hurt. But S.C. Ruffy's sides came off and Salty coudn't pull him.
  • Salty: Sorry, matey!
  • Narrator: Salty said.
  • S.C. Ruffy: It's not my fault.
  • Narrator: Wailed S.C. Ruffy.

Stanley & Bobby (Stanley & Bobbby's Great Race-US)

Stanley meets a bus named Bobby. Stanley challenges Bobby to a race. Stanley and Bobby speed along the branch line, each one meeting various obstacles along the way. Stanley ends up winning the race thanks to a tunnel, with Bobby following closely behind. Both get congratulated, and become best friends. They hope they can have another race.


  • First appearence of Bobby the Blue Bus.
  • Appearences by Stanley, Bobby and the Express Coaches.


  • Narrator: Everyone was there to celebrated Stanley's victory, but they gave Bobby a big welcome to.
  • Bobby: Well Done Stanley! That was fun. But to beat you over that hill, I shall have to grow wings and be an airplane.

Stepney and Spencer

Spencer says rude things about Stepney. Then, he tries to show Stepney he's the strongest engine in the world by pulling 8 coaches and 12 trucks. But he crashes into the Duke and Duchess' house, damaging his front. Stepney kind enough to help Spencer to the repair yard. Spencer is punished for two months by Sir Topham Hatt. The next day, he is fixed and apologizes to Stepney for being rude. And the two engines become friends.


  • Appearences by Thomas, Duck, Stepney, Spencer and Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Cameos by Edward, Bertie, Oliver and Whiff.
  • Non-speaking roles by the Duke and Duchess.
  • Stock footage from "Edward The Very Useful Engine" and "Old Stuck Up Causes Trouble" is used.
  • This is the second episode to have "and Spencer" in the title. The first one being Season 7's "Gordon and Spencer".


  • Narrator: Stepney was a busy engine. He likes pulling trucks or coaches. And he often likes helping engines. One day, Stepney was at the coaling plant. He was shunting trucks with Spencer, the Duke & Duchess' private engine on Sodor. Spencer teased Stepney and said rude things about him.
  • Spencer: The problem with working with other engines. It says that they're steam-pots.
  • Narrator: Spencer teased.
  • Spencer: And Stepney is the most steam-pot ever. (laughs)
  • Narrator: Spencer laughed and laughed.
  • Stepney: It's not me who was a steam-pot!
  • Narrator: Stepney puffed crossly.
  • Stepney: It's Spencer!
  • Spencer: But you are a steam-pot.
  • Narrator: Laughed Spencer. Stepney felt sad. Later, Stepney went to tell Thomas and Duck what Spencer had said.
  • Stepney: Spencer called me a steam-pot.
  • Narrator: Stepney said sadly.
  • Thomas: Don't worry.
  • Narrator: Said Thomas.
  • Duck: You are a steam engine.
  • Narrator: Duck said. Stepney felt better. Later,

Duck & The New Engine (Duck & Jason-US)

Duck meets a new tender engine called Jason. The Fat Controller asks Duck to show Jason a shed because he wants to rest after his journey. The next morning, Jason goes to collect some coaches and take them to Brendam Docks. Duck tells Jason to be careful, but Jason ignores Duck and puffs away. But when Jason has an accident with Percy's trucks. Duck rescues Jason and helps him to the repair yard. Soon Duck and Jason become friends.


  • Apperences by Duck, Percy and Jason.
  • Cameos by Thomas and James.
  • First apperence of Jason the Black Tender Engine.

Duck, Diesel 10 & Diesel

Duck and Diesel 10 warn Diesel about the broken bridge, but Diesel ignores their advice and wnats to be the strongest engine by pulling stone trucks from the quarry and taking them to the haurbor. Diesel tries to start pulling trucks to the haurbor, but the trucks bump him so hard, Diesel's back coupling snap and he speeds from the quarry and into the broken bridge, falls off it and lands into some mud, breaking his airtake. Duck and Diesel 10 rescue Diesel.


  • Appearnces by Duck, Diesel 10, Diesel, and The Fat Controller.
  • Cameos by Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby, Donald & Douglas, and Oliver.

Billy, Dennis & The Christmas Train

It's Winter on the Island of Sodor. All the engines are working hard to get ready for the Holidays. One Winter morning, Sir Topham Hatt told the engines that whoever finished their jobs first can pull the Christmas Train to the party at Knapford. Billy and Dennis both want to pull the Christmas Train so much. So, they have a race to see who can finish their jobs first. But, they go too fast on the icy rails and Billy derails. Then, Dennis crashes into the back of Billy's train. Sir Topham Hatt gets cross with them. And he still has to find someone to pull the Christmas train. Billy and Dennis asked him if they can pull it together. Sir Topham Hatt agrees, but only if they can pull slowy and steadly. Later, Billy and Dennis collect the Christmas train and set off to Knapford. They arrive careful at the party and everyone cheers. The party was a big sucess and Billy and Dennis agree that they are both really useful engines.


  • Appearences by Billy, Dennis, Hiro (does not speak) and Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Cameos by Arthur, Neville, Spencer, Stanley and Whiff.

Oliver, Lady & Old Stuck Up

Oliver and Lady warn Old Stuck Up to not cross the broken bridge. But, Old Stuck Up dosen't listen. But then, he runs out of diesel fuel. Then, the bridge begins to collaps. Oliver and Lady hurry to rescue Old Stuck Up. They pull him of the bridge just in time. Old Stuck Up is sent away by Sir Topham Hatt.


  • Appearences by Oliver, Lady, Old Stuck Up and Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Cameos by Thomas, Percy and Daisy.

Thomas Saves Victoria

Thomas is off to Great Waterton to me a new engine. When he arrives at Great Waterton, the new engine's name is Victoria and she boasts to Thomas she's biggest and strongest. Thomas warns Victoria to be careful, but Victoria doesn't listen and collects some coaches and takes them to Brendom Docks, but she has an accident with Henry's trucks. Thomas hurries to get Kevin and rescues Victoria. Soon, Thomas and Victoria become friends.


  • Apperences by Thomas, Emily, Henry (does not speak), Kevin, Victoria and the Fat Controller.
  • Cameos by Duck and Oliver.
  • First apperence of Victoria the Biggest Engine.

Victoria's New Friends

Victoria is sent to the Wharf to help Donald, Douglas, Sir Handel and Oliver. Sir Handel warns Victoria that she might fall into a canel. But Victoria tells them she never will and puffs away. Sir Handel, Donald and Douglas tell Oliver about Victoria who has to pull trucks. Meanwhile, Victoria is trying to pull trucks of coal to the docks, but the coal trucks push her into a canel full of sludge. Sir Handel, Oliver and the Scottish twin engines pull her back to the rails. Victoria tells the Fat Controller that the coal trucks push her into the canel on purpose. The Fat Controller punishes the coal trucks for pushing Victoria into the canel on purpose, and gives them a punishment by staying at the truck shed for the next two months. After Oliver pushes the trucks into their shed at the Wharf, Sir Handel finds them and tells them it is still two months, and the trucks were frightened about two months, feel silly and promise never to push Victoria off the tracks again.


  • Apperences by Victoria, Sir Handel, Donald & Douglas, Oliver, the Troublesome Trucks and the Fat Controller.
  • Cameos by Thomas, Annie & Clarebel and James.
  • This is the First episode that features Sir handel dONALD AND doulgas and oliver in full cgi and their cgi faces


  • Narrator: After Sir Handel, Donald, Douglas and Oliver pulled Victoria back onto the rails, Victoria thanked them for rescuing her.
  • Victoria: Thank you.
  • Narrator: She said.
  • Sir Handel: You welcome, Victoria.
  • Donald: Look what you done to Victoria, you trucks!
  • Narrator: Laughed Donald.
  • Trucks: Be quiet, Donald! We did'nt do it by purpose, it's an accident!
  • Narrator: Said the trucks.
  • Oliver: No, you did that on purpose!
  • Narrator: Teased Oliver
  • Douglas: You trucks are in trouble now. What you do see, you trucks?
  • Narrator: The trucks gasped.
  • Trucks: (gasp) The Fat Controller's car! Ooooo!!!!
  • Narrator: They wailed.
  • Sir Handel: (laughs) You're in trouble, trucks.
  • Narrator: Teased Sir Handel.
  • Trucks: Quiet, Sir Handel! He was well! You and your friends had come to save Victoria!
  • Narrator: Yelled the trucks.
  • Victoria: You trucks are naughty now!
  • Narrator: Victoria teased. The trucks knew what the Fat Controller would say. He found out soon enough. Victoria told him what happened.
  • Victoria: The trucks made a plan to play a trick on me. So they pushed me into the canel.
  • Narrator: She told him. The Fat Controller was very cross with the trucks.
  • The Fat Controller: Oh, you trucks! You've all done it this time! I should cut you into pieces! But I'm not going to.
  • Narrator: He said.
  • Trucks: We're sorry, sir! We're sorry sir!
  • Narrator: The trucks wailed.
  • The Fat Controller: Quiet, all of you! Now, let me see what would be an punishment for all this. Pushing engines and not behaving yourselves!
  • Narrator: The Fat Controller said.
  • Trucks: How about looking at a hook?
  • Narrator: Asked the trucks.
  • The Fat Controller: No, nothing to do that. Hmm, let me see what would be an punishment for... spending you from behaving yourselves... for the next two months!
  • Trucks: Two months?! No, sir!
  • Narrator: Cried the trucks.
  • Trucks: No, you can't be serious!
  • The Fat Controller: Yes, I am serious, you trucks! That's what you push engines off the line when you are not behaving!
  • Trucks: We're sorry sir!
  • Narrator: Said the trucks. And so the Fat Controller sent Oliver to push the trucks into the truck shed at the Wharf. And so he did. Sir Handel arrived and saw the trucks who stayed at the truck shed.
  • Sir Handel: Well, well.
  • Narrator: Chuckled Sir Handel.
  • Sir Handel: Trucks are not behaving today.
  • Narrator: Soon, The Fat Controller arrived.
  • Trucks: Ok, sir, tell me how long when it's being.
  • TFC (still angry): It is still two months!
  • Trucks: Two months?! Ooohhh! Bother!
  • Narrator: Wailed the trucks. They look silly, and hope they learned a lesson never push engine off the line again.

Diesel 10's Scary Stories

Diesel 10, Thomas, Duck, James, Stepney, Percy, Diesel and Dennis are sleeping at the sheds. Diesel 10 starts to tell Diesel a scary story about a diesel engine nicknamed "Class 49", who took a chocolate train to the chocolate factory at the Other Railway, and Diesel gets frightened!


  • Apperences by Thomas, James, Percy (does not speak), Duck, Diesel, Stepney, Dennis (does not speak) and Diesel 10.
  • The Fat Controller is mentioned by Duck, and Class 49 is mentioned by Diesel 10.
  • Cameos by Gordon.

Diesel & The Smell of Fish

After Duck pulls Percy to the works, Diesel is sent to collect some fish trucks, but Diesel doesn't like the smell of fish and has an accident. Duck rescues him.


  • Apperences by Duck, Diesel, Percy, the Fat Controller and the Troublesome Trucks.
  • Cameos by Thomas.

Percy, Wilbert & Diesel

Diesel crashes into the edge of the broken viaduct and Wilbert rescues him, while Percy takes Diesel's train.

Heave Ho Skarloey

The new engine, Lillie, has a broad American accent and Skarloey takes offence when Lillie calls him "little", so, when he has to do some jobs and show Lillie around, Skarloey decides to take everything to prove he's not little, but all he does is crack his cylinder. Skarloey confesses to Lillie, and so Lillie helps Skarloey deliver his trucks.


  • First appearence of Lillie the American NG Tender Engine.
  • Featuring Skarloey, Rheneas, Lillie, Mr. Percival, Farmer Cloud (does not speak).
  • Cameos by Sir Handel, Peter Sam, Rusty, Duncan, Freddie, Mighty Mac, Harmood and Colin.


  • Skarloey: Hello
  • Lillie: Howdy, Skarloey! Now you look like one of the finest little engines I've ever seen!
  • Skarloey: I'm a Tank Engine!
  • Narrator: Skarloey thought Lillie was being cheeky.
  • Lillie: Those trucks are too heavy for you. Let Big Lillie take them.
  • Skarloey: No Thank You! I'm strong enough to pull heavier loads than this.

Spencer and Wade


A new engine name Wade arrives on Sodor. Spencer has to work with him. He dosen't like that and he begins to dislike him. Later, Spencer was being carless and he and the frieght cars fall into the turntable well. Thomas, Percy, Duck and Wade rescue him. And Sir Topham Hatt punishes Spencer for two months. This makes Spencer feel very silly.


  • First appearence of Wade the White Engine.
  • Appearences by Thomas, Percy, Duck, Wade, Spencer and Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Cameos by Emily and Hiro.
  • Non-speaking roles by the Troublesome Trucks.
  • The Duke and Duchess of Boxford are mentioned, but not seen.
  • Spencer is the second engine to fall into the turntable well. The first being Oliver in Season 3's "Oliver Owns Up".


Diesel Learns A Lesson (Diesel' Lazy Day - US)


Diesel is told to help Duck at the coal yard while Wilbert is away. But, he feels lazy and dosen't want to work. So, he pretends to ill. While, Duck is at the coal yard. Thomas tells Duck that he's still devious, but Diesel runs off and crashes into a pit. Duck finds Diesel and pulls him out. Diesel is taken to the repair yard. The Fat Controller is there and is very cross with Diesel. He gives Diesel a punishment by keeping him in the smelter shed for the next two months. Diesel says that he has learned his lesson and promises to not to be lazy ever again.


  • Appearences by Thomas, Duck, Diesel, Boco, Bear, Wilbert and the Fat Controller.
  • Cameos by Gordon, Spencer, Neville and Dennis.


Sixteen Takes The Plunge (Percy & Sixteen - US)

Sixteen feels conceited about his shiny red coat of paint and boasts to Percy about it. Percy puffs away, leaving Sixteen still conceited about his new coat of red paint, and Sixteen hopes he will pull the express next. Later, Sixteen tells his driver what train he is pulling hopefully the express, but his driver tells him he has to pull a goods train finds Bear's train and steals it. Duck tells Bear that Sixteen stole the train, and Duck and Bear go after Sixteen, while Salty takes Sixteen's goods train, Sixteen suddenly goes to fast on the line. Sixteen sees the wall that leads into a water pit. He crashes into the wall and falls into the water pit. Duck and Bear find Bear's train and they coupled up to Bear's train and pull it into the station. Percy arrives and sees Sixteen down the water pit, and the Fat Controller finds out and punishes Sixteen for not doing his job and keeps him in the shed for two months.


  • Apperences by Percy, Duck, Salty (does not speak), Sixteen, Bear and the Fat Controller.
  • Cameos by Thomas, Oliver, Stanley and Henry.

Percy's Passengers

Percy feels sorry for his guard when no passengers travel in his brake van but feels happier when the guard gains the company of couple of foreign passengers who had missed their stop.


  • Appearences by Percy, James, Gordon, Toby (does not speak) and Hennritta (does not speak).
  • Cameos by Thomas and Henry.
  • This story is from a Thomas annual.

Skarloey and D261

Skarloey has to work with D261 with coal deliveries. D261 teases the little red Narrow Gauge engine for being stinky. The two engines set off to the coal yard, but D261's teasing continues, and Skarloey wants to pay him out. But he is not sure how. However, D261's teasing has come and he breaks down at the coal hopper, causing coal to pour down on him. D261 is covered in coal. After Skarloey delivers the coal to the Villiage, Mr. Percival is pleased with him, and the Fat Controller looks at his watch, because D261 is five minutes late. The Fat Controller is cross with D261 because he is supposed to be a good diesel engine, but he supposes he is wrong, and gives D261 a punishment by keeping him in the Smelter Shed for two months. Duck comes and takes D261 back to the Smelters.


  • Apperences by Skarloey, D261, Duck, The Fat Controller and Mr. Percival.
  • Cameos by Thomas, Sir Handel, Rusty, Freddie and Mighty Mac.
  • This is based on Flour Power.
  • James is mentioned, but not seen.


  • Narrator: Then there was trouble, D261 ran out of diesel oil! Then, coal spilled from the coal hopper! It fell all over D261!
  • D261: (cough) Oh, no! The Fat Controller thinks I'm late!
  • Narrator: D261 cried.

Oliver the Really Useful Engine

Oliver occasionally acts as banker for heavy trains on the main line in need of assistance on hills, but James and Diesel feel that he is unreliable and should be retired. This worries Stepney, who speaks to Sir Topham Hatt. Thomas and Oliver shunt trucks, while Stepney, Duck, Edward, Donald and Douglas tell Sir Topham Hatt about James and Diesel. But when James and Diesel crash into the back of the shed, only Oliver can help take Diesel's train into the station and James' Express to the station. Spamcan and Old Stuck Up realize afterwards that Oliver is not as unreliable as they thought and the Fat Controller punishes both James and Diesel for saying rude things about Oliver by letting them do shunting in the yards for two months.


  • Appearences by Thomas, Edward, Duck, Donald & Douglas, Oliver, Stepney, James, Diesel, and Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Cameos by Murdoch and Bertie.

Molly Breaks the Rules - UK (Edward and the Search For Molly - US)

Molly the Yellow Engine is a great friend of Edward. She is the pride of the sodor flour mill and feels really useful, she knows every rule in the book by heart, and has never once caused any problems. But one day, Spencer is brought in to help him and he soon causes Molly a lot of trouble when he biffs into freight cars and gets himself covered in flour. Spencer soon make a plan by forcing Molly to leave by telling him that the Fat Controller wants him to work at the smelters. Fergus believes him and soon heads off feeling very unhappy. Soon she arrives at the smelters and gets scared away when Spamcan and Old Stuck Up emerge from the darkness of the shed. Sir Topham Hatt soon hears Molly is missing and sends Edward to go and look for her, Molly turns onto and old line and runs out of coal, later Edward arrives and brings her all the way to the smelters where Sir Topham Hatt is waiting, Molly and Edward explain the situation and soon Sir Topham Hatt sends Spencer to work the smelters and Molly is still the pride of the flour mill.


  • Appearences by Molly, Edward, Spencer, Spamcan, Old Stuck Up and Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Cameo by Dennis.


  • Molly: Not like that! Do it right!
  • Spencer: Don't interfair! (The flour falls on Spencer)
  • Molly: You don't know the rules!
  • Narrator: Shouted Molly. Spencer was really cross with Molly and started making a devious plan. Later that day, he pretended to have news for Molly.
  • Spencer: Sir Topham Hatt wants you to work at the smelters.
  • Molly: Me? But, I'm the pride of the Flour Mill.
  • Spencer: Not any more! Sir Topham Hatt says I'm better than you. So, I'm going to stay here.
  • Molly: It's not fair. I love working here.
  • Narrator: But, she knew that really useful engines have to do as they are told.
  • Spencer: HAHAHAHAHA!

Spencer's Big Fight

Spencer and D261 get into trouble when they threatens to beat up themselves.


  • Appearences by Edward, Duck, Oliver, Boco, D261, Spencer, Stepney, Troublesome Trucks and Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Cameos by Thomas, Daisy, Henry and Stanley.
  • Gordon is mentioned, but not seen.
  • This is based on the Thomas The ERTL Adventures episode, Duncan's Big Fight.


D261 Pushes Some Trucks Into A Pit

  • Narrator: Later, D261 was shunting trucks, when Stepney pulled beside him.
  • Stepney: What happened to you, D261?
  • Narrator: He asked.
  • D261: Spencer's gonna beat me up.
  • Narrator: D261 said.
  • Stepney: Yes, he will.
  • Narrator: Said Stepney. D261 gasped and was cross.
  • D261: (gasps) That it!
  • Narrator: He oiled.
  • D261: I have to get suspension fast!
  • Narrator: He pushed the trucks into a pit. And Oliver was there.
  • Oliver: Hey, D261. What's up?
  • Narrator: Whistled Oliver. But D261 pushed the trucks so hard, they fell into a pit, and this made Oliver cross.
  • Oliver: D261, did you push some trucks into a pit?
  • Narrator: He huffed crossly.
  • D261: Er... no?
  • Narrator: D261 grumbled. And he purred away.

Spencer and D261's Fight

  • Narrator: Later, Spencer and D261 were preparing to fight.
  • Spencer: We have to fight now!
  • Narrator: Huffed Spencer.
  • D261: I'll fight you, you big bully!
  • Narrator: Fummed D261.
  • Spencer: I don't care!
  • Narrator: Huffed Spencer, and the fight started. First, Spencer deverted D261 into a pile of coal. Then, D261 pushed Spencer into the coal hopper. Then, Spencer pushed some trucks into D261. Then, D261 pushed some trucks into Spencer. Then, Spencer pushed D261 off the rails. Then, D261 tried to push Spencer, but with a fast speed, Spencer pushed D261 into some trucks. Spencer pushed D261 off the rails and into a pit.

Edward, Stepney, Oliver, BoCo and the Troublesome Trucks cheered. Soon, Duck arrived at the wreckage, looking cross.

  • Duck: Spencer? D261?
  • Narrator: Asked Duck.
  • Spencer: (catching his breath and finally looks back at Duck) I'm finished!
  • Narrator: Puffed Spencer. And he puffed away.
  • Duck: Somebody call the Fat Controller!
  • Narrator: Duck called. And he puffed away as the other engines watched.

Spencer and D261's Punishment

  • Narrator: Spencer and D261 were at station, feeling embarrased. Edward and Oliver chuckled.
  • Edward: Well, well, well, Spencer and D261 are in trouble.
  • Narrator: Chuckled Edward.
  • Oliver: Yes, they are!
  • Narrator: Teased Oliver. The Fat Controller walked into Spencer and D261, and he was very cross.
  • TFC: Spencer, D261, you've made a very bad fight!
  • Narrator: He boomed crossly.
  • TFC: I don't like bad fights! You have done it! As punishment, you are suspended from pulling trains, for the next two months!
  • Spencer: Two months?! You can't be serious!
  • Narrator: Wailed Spencer.
  • TFC: Yes, I am!
  • Narrator: Said the Fat Controller.
  • TFC: This is you get to fight, when you're not pulling trains!
  • Narrator: Spencer and D261 were ashamed. Edward and Oliver were still chuckling.
  • Edward: I hope you both learn your lesson.
  • Narrator: Teased Edward.
  • Oliver: Yeah.
  • Narrator: Teased Oliver. Spencer and D261 were sad. I hope they learn their lesson, don't you?

The Trouble With The Three Diesels

Duck is at Tidmouth Sheds and is talking to Thomas about the passangers saying "This is a Bad Railway" because Spamcan is sulking in the shed, and later, Duck tells Spamcan his train's ready, and Diesel angirly says that bad diesel engines don't pull trucks like friendly diesel engines and that was BoCo's job. Duck hurries to find Toby, but it doesn't work. And Duck hurries to find Bear at Tidmouth Yard. When BoCo arrives at Knapford Station, the Fat Controller tells Duck, Bear, BoCo and Toby that Diesel, Spamcan and Old Stuck Up have said rude things about friendly diesel engines, and have crashed into a train of melons and tells them to run their work. Diesel, Spamcan and Old Stuck Up are shut up in the shed for the next two months by the Fat Controller.


  • Apperences by Thomas, Toby, Duck, BoCo, Bear, Diesel, Spamcan, Old Stuck Up and The Fat Controller.
  • Cameos by Oliver and Emily.


  • Narrator: One day, Duck was at Tidmouth Sheds, listening to the noise in the distance. The passengers were angry. Thomas was beside Duck.
  • Thomas: There's trouble at the Quarry Shed, Duck.
  • Narrator: He said.
  • Thomas: Spamcan is sulking, there's no train and the passengers were saying "This is a bad railway".
  • Duck: Don't worry, Thomas.
  • Narrator: Said Duck.
  • Duck: I'll tell Spamcan he has to pull his train.
  • Narrator: He found Diesel, Spamcan and Old Stuck Up looking very cross.
  • Duck: Come along, Spamcan. It's time, your train's ready.
  • Narrator: He said.
  • Diesel: Spamcan's not going!
  • Narrator: Said Diesel in his oily voice.
  • Diesel: We wouldn't pull Quarry trains like friendly diesel engines! That was BoCo's job! We're all bad diesel engines! We fetch our coaches and we pull them! Bad diesel engines don't pull trucks!
  • Duck: We'll see about that.
  • Narrator: Duck said.
  • Duck: My friend, Oliver, shunts trucks like bad diesel engines.
  • Narrator: And he puffed away to find Toby. Toby was pulling Quarry Stone Trucks to the Quarry, when Duck arrived.
  • Duck: Leave your trucks, Toby.
  • Narrator: Said Duck.
  • Duck: I want you to shunt the empty coaches for Diesel to take them.
  • Toby: Thanks, Duck.
  • Narrator: Said Toby.
  • Duck: You're welcome.
  • Narrator: Duck said, as Toby chuffed off to fetch the empty coaches for Diesel to take them. So Toby brought the empty coaches to Diesel, and Diesel oiled away with the empty coaches. Later, Toby looked unhappy. And Diesel came oiling past him, dripping oil onto the tracks.
  • Duck: Bless me!
  • Narrator: Said Duck.
  • Duck: What a oily noise!
  • Toby: They all drip oil on the rails beside me! They say bad diesel engines don't pull trucks and say I have grey wheels. I don't, have I, Duck.
  • Duck: Don't worry, Toby.
  • Narrator: Said Duck.
  • Duck: I'll get Bear.
  • Narrator: Toby smiled, as Duck puffed away. In the yards, Duck found Bear.
  • Duck: Hello, Bear.
  • Narrator: Duck puffed cheerfully.
  • Duck: You wanna help pull trucks?
  • Bear: Yes, Duck.
  • Narrator: Said Bear happliy. Duck, Toby and Bear pulled the trucks to Knapford Station, where BoCo arrived.
  • BoCo: Hello, guys!
  • Narrator: BoCo said.
  • Duck: How are you feeling?
  • Narrator: Asked Duck.
  • BoCo: Good.
  • Narrator: Said BoCo.
  • Bear: We hope the diesels are trouble.
  • Narrator: Said Bear.
  • Toby: Yes, here's the Fat Controller.
  • Narrator: Toby said. The Fat Controller said.
  • TFC: Listen, Diesel, Spamcan and Old Stuck Up are sulking. They say they don't pull trucks, and they crashed into a train of melons. So I have to punish them after you do their work.
  • Duck: Thank you, sir.
  • Narrator: So, Duck, Toby, BoCo and Bear pulled Diesel, Spamcan and Old Stuck Up's train to the Docks. Soon, they went to the Quarry. Diesel, Spamcan and Old Stuck Up were staring at the Fat Controller and he was cross with the three bad diesels.
  • TFC: Diesel, Spamcan and Old Stuck Up, you had said rude things about friendly diesel engines!
  • Narrator: The Fat Controller boomed.
  • TFC: I had to shut you up in the quarry shed, for the next two months!
  • Diesel: Two months?!
  • Narrator: Wailed Diesel
  • Old Stuck Up: You can't be serious!
  • Narrator: Old Stuck Up wailed.
  • TFC: Yes, I am!
  • Narrator: Said the Fat Controller.
  • TFC: This means you get to be friendly diesels and you know it!
  • Narrator: And the Fat Controller left. Diesel, Spamcan and Old Stuck Up were cold, lonley and upset. They wish now they hadn't been so silly.

Stanley's Tricky Tree

Stanley has been sent to collect the Christmas tree from the Wellsworth, but he can't find it and Spencer and Neville tease him for not knowing what a Christmas tree looks like. Stanley steams away indignantly. He meets Arthur at some points, but ignores him, not noticing Arthur is pulling the tree. Stanley finds a flatbed carrying what he thinks is the Christmas tree sheltered by a tarpaulin, and pushes it away, but takes the wrong turning and pushes the flatbed into the canal, revealing its real load: pipes. Stanley looks at Arthur, who shows him where the tree is, and Stanley manages to deliver it in time.


  • Appearances by Stanley, Billy, Arthur, Molly, Spencer, Neville (does not speak), and Donald and Douglas (do not speak)


Spencer Drops a Clanger

Spencer is collecting the clock tower's bell to be polished. When he collects it he quickly comes to admires the bell's chime; so much in fact that he doesn't listen to the foreman's warning about the old track nor the other engines' warning him to slow down. Spencer realises his mistake when he hits some bumpy tracks and loses the bell, but, by listening carefully, Spencer finds the bell caught in a tree above the line. Once the bell is back on his flatbed, Spencer goes slowly and carefully for the rest of the way to the polishers.


  • Appearances by Billy, Rosie, Arthur, Spencer, Molly, Donald and Douglas and Neville (does not speak)
  • Cameos by Sir Topham Hatt


Duncan Goes Overboard!

When Thomas leaves to run his branch line, Duncan is chosen to double head the mountain road with Sir Handel he isn't pleased, and is rude to him when Sir Handel offers some help and advice. But when Duncan suddenly derails on a steep mountain cliff, with Sir Handel holding him on! After Sir Handel helps Duncan back to the rails, the two engines set off to the station, and Duncan is punished for two months for being rude to Sir Handel.


  • Apperences by Thomas, Sir Handel, Duncan and Mr. Percival.
  • Cameos by Peter Sam and Duke

Edward In Charge

Edward is given the job of overseeing an important special while Sir Topham Hatt is at a meeting with Mr. Percival, but he daydreams and doesn't listen to the others. Skarloey arrives to find the special unready, and Edward races to correct his errors.


  • Apperences by Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Duck, Skarloey, Harmood, and Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Cameos by Thomas and Percy.

Cool Truckings

Skarloey has arrived at Knapford Station to collect some coal, but snow has blocked the line and Gordon is unable to shunt the coal cars into place. Elizabeth offers to take him to the other side of the yards, and Gordon is winched up. While driving through the countryside, Gordon complains that the journey is boring and Elizabeth is too slow, so she speeds up and drives up a bumpy country lane. Gordon is delighted when Elizabeth starts spraying snow everywhere, even more so when they approach the top of the hill and run down, but ice has covered the road ahead and Elizabeth slips onto the edge of a cliff. Luckily, she is able to reverse back onto the road and they make it safely home. That night, Elizabeth arrives at the sheds to find Gordon has told the other engines, and she sprays the delighted engines with snow.


  • Apperences by Gordon, Elizabeth, Skarloey, and Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Cameos by Thomas, Henry, James, Percy, Toby, and Duck.


Harmood has delivered a new car for Sir Topham Hatt's hiking trip, but it doesn't have a horn. Toby doesn't know where to find one, but so as not to look silly he pretends he knows where to find one, and sets off. He sees a foghorn's horn and has it put on the horn, but James notes that the foghorns don't look it. Toby quickly sets off, and, at the station, borrows Kuffy the Clown's necklace of horns. Henry remarks that the children aren't taking any notice, and Toby runs off. He decides to return to Tidmouth Sheds, but when he sees Harmood, James and Henry, he backs off. He sees a horn destined for the school and has it put on too, but it falls over, and it creates such a noise the others come to investigate. Toby sheepshly leaves, when he sees Skarloey with an old foghorn. He has an idea and, once it is cleaned and polished, the horn from Sir Topham Hatt's old car is attached to the new car.


  • Apperences by Henry, James, Toby, Skarloey, Harmood, and Sir Topham Hatt.

Billy Storms Through

A farmer needs some engines to take his sheep to shelter when a storm threatens, and Sir Topham Hatt gets Billy, Rosie and Neville to help. Billy becomes scared by the thunder, and hides in a siding. However, when Rosie and Neville run out of coal, Billy plucks up courage and rescues the remainder of the sheep.


  • Apperences by Billy, Neville, Rosie, and Sir Topham Hatt.

Wash Behind Your Buffers

Billy and Rosie need to be cleaned for the country show and Elizabeth is asked to tell them. However, Elizabeth is so determined to deliver the message she doesn't keep clean herself and when she arrives she accidentally sprays the two with mud.


  • Apperences by Billy, Rosie, Elizabeth, and Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Cameos by Arthur, Neville, Spencer, Dennis, Harvey, and Cartman.

Billy, Rosie and The Dragon

Rosie is still ribbing Billy about the time he thought Rosie was a ghost. Billy pays no attention, and one night is asked to collect a special load from Brendam. Billy is horrified to find it's a dragon, but his driver tells him it's made of paper and is needed for a carnival. Meanwhile, Rosie has stuck on some points while shunting and has to stay there for the night. She finds it hard to sleep, and when Billy passes with the dragon she is so terrified she doesn't sleep at all. The next day, Rosie sees the dragon again, but is indignant when she sees Billy pushing it. The two make up their teasing.


  • Apperences by Billy, Spencer, Dennis, Rosie, Sir Topham Hatt, and Neville (does not speak)
  • Cameo by Molly.

Billy and The Old Bridge

After an accident on a rickety wooden bridge, Billy becomes afraid to cross it and he is demoted to shunting engine while Rosie does his work. But when Rosie runs out of water on the bridge, only one engine can help her...


  • Apperences by Billy, Rosie and Sir Topham Hatt
  • Cameos by Spencer, Dennis, Cartman, Thomas and Duck.

Percy and The Roller Coaster

Percy is taking some schoolchildren on a tour of the Island of Sodor and wants to make their day fun. He does, quite by accident, when he ventures onto an old line.


  • Apperences by Percy, Duck and Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Cameos by Thomas, Henry, Gordon and Billy.

Gordon Gets Spooked

When Henry's freight cars break away and fall into a ravine Gordon chortles that Henry's freight cars will return to haunt him, so Duck tells him of an engine who tried to cross the same ravine and fell into the swamp below. Gordon is dismissive, but his crew plan to teach Gordon a lesson and take him across the bridge. After seeing the ghost heading towards him, Gordon is spooked and runs back to the safety of the shed.


  • Apperences by Henry, Gordon, Duck, Foolish Freight Cars and Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Cameos by Thomas.

Snow (Episode)

Skarloey and Cartman become snowed down by a tunnel, so the pass the time Cartman tells Skarloey a story. One snowy day, Billy was travelling up to the slate mine when he passed through a ravine. His driver was concered that noise could cause an avalanche, and he sets an emergency cap. When Billy runs over it, nothing happens, so his crew decide to make a cup of cocoa. Unfortunately, up in the slate mines some "empties" jam the winch and some freight cars run down the slope into the ravine, causing an avalanche which buries Billy. When Cartman comes to the rescue, they discover that Billy' heat has created an igloo, and inside they find Billy's crew nonchantly slipping cocoa. Duncan then arrives with his snow machine, only to be buried when the noise causes an avalanche. Skarloey jokes that if Billy could emerge from an avalanche laughing, Duncan could at least do the same.


  • Apperences by Billy, Cartman, Skarloey, Rheneas, Duncan, and the Foolish Freight Cars.
  • Cameos by Neville and Spencer.

Duck and The Boulder

A new quarry is being built near the mines and Duck is afraid a giant boulder will fall onto the line. He confesses his fears to Billy and Rosie, but they forgot about them when a new machine named Thumper arrives to help the building process. Later, Duck's fears are amplified when a huge stab of rock nearly hits him one rainy day. However, no one takes much notice, and the next day the nail is put on the coffin. Thumper knocks the boulder loose and it chases Duck down the line. Duck escapes by going onto an uphill siding. Thomas meets the boulder near the slate mines and runs into another siding. Percy soon meets the boulder, and narrowly avoids disaster by running into a coalbunker. Finally, Rosie meets the boulder at the mines, when it crashes into the shed, completely destroying it and setting it on fire. Sir Topham Hatt closes the mine down, and the boulder is placed on a nearby hill.


  • Apperences by Thomas, Percy, Duck, Billy, Rosie, Arthur, Thumper and Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Cameos by Terence and George.
  • Rosie sounds like a grandma.

Dunkin' Gordon

Thomas, Percy and Duck go to the slate mines to help Gordon. Gordon is impatient and behaves rudely towards the others. While the others are taking some freight cars back, Gordon pushes the freight cars around, and, while shunting some "empties" at the incline, gets his coupling tangled with a car. The winch hauls the freight cars and Gordon up the slope. Gordon's weight is too much for the winch and a coupling breaks, making Gordon run down the hill into the swamp. Gordon is pulled out and Sir Topham Hatt makes him work at the mines as punishment until he learns to be "patient and careful".


  • Apperences by Thomas, Gordon, Percy, Duck, and Sir Topham Hatt.

Duck Saves The Day

Thomas and Percy's line is neglected and when Duck suggests repairing the line to Sir Topham Hatt he is given an ultimatum: repair the lines while blasting is going on in the slate mines or the line will be closed for good. The three work their hardest, but they are fighting a losing battle and Elizabeth is the first to notice. Duck luckily tricks her into helping them and they finish the work on time.


  • Apperences by Thomas, Percy, Duck, Elizabeth, and Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Cameo by Henry.

Faulty Whistles

Henry is delivering some goods, but on the way home his whistle is knocked off by a branch. Gordon laughs and sets off with his goods. When he passes Terence in a field he prepares to give him a surprise by tooting his whistle, but it simply flies off into the field. Luckily, one of Gordon's items to transport is an organ destined for Strawberry Grove School, and Headmaster Hastings plays the organ when Gordon should whistle. Gordon reaches home safely, and is able to make good humour with the others.


  • Apperences by Thomas, Henry, Gordon, Percy, Duck, Elizabeth, and Terence.
  • Cameo by James.

What's The Matter With Peter Sam?

Peter Sam's feeling under the weather, but Skarloey and Rheneas are skeptical and lie to a foreman that Peter Sam has volunteered to take most of their freight cars. Rusty, however, believes Peter Sam and when he loses water due to leaky tubes he comes to the rescue, while Skarloey and Rheneas are sent to do Peter Sam's work. When Peter Sam returns, however, he complains that the workmen didn't check him good enough.


  • Apperences by Skarloey, Rheneas, Peter Sam, Rusty, and Mr. Percival.
  • Cameos by Duncan and Harmood.

Rheneas Gets It Right

Rheneas encounters loose on Freddie's tramway, but no one takes any notice. Skarloey is later sent to collect a bull from a farm on the tramway, but becomes buried in a landslide. Rheneas goes to the rescue.


  • Apperences by Skarloey, Rheneas, Duncan, Freddie, Harmood, and Mr. Percival.
  • Cameos by Sir Handel, Peter Sam, Rusty, and Mighty Mac.

Big Strong Neville

Neville is upset when Spencer gets to help Farmer McColl, so Billy, Molly and Rosie urge him to prove he is stronger. Unfortunately, when Neville tries to take twenty freight cars of hay down Spencer's Hill he loses control and derails. While Neville is taking the hay back, the cows in Spencer's cattle cars wander out, and Neville ingeniously leads the cows back to Farmer McColl using the freight cars of hay.


  • Apperences by Billy, Arthur, Neville, Spencer, Rosie, Molly, Rocky, Sir Topham Hatt, and Farmer McColl.
  • Cameos by Dennis,

Margret and George.

Rosie and The Missing Freight Cars

Rosie has to take slate cars to Wellsworth, but when Billy has to take coal cars even though he needs a rest, Rosie decides to surprise him and take her freight cars to Wellsworth too. However, when she comes to the hill she can't get up with all the freight cars, so she leaves Billy's in a siding. She delivers the slate, but returns to find the freight cars have disappeared. While searching for them, Billy appears and says he'll have to tell Sir Topham Hatt. Rosie realizes it was all her fault and decides she must tell the other engines. She does, and the others support his thoughtfulness, but then Neville arrives with the missing freight cars, enquiring as to who was meant to take them. Billy and Sir Topham Hatt arrive a few minutes later, and Rosie tells them about her surprise. In the end, everything is sorted out and Billy is thankful.


  • Apperences by Billy, Rosie, Neville, Stanley, Arthur, Molly, Dennis, and Sir Topham Hatt.

Skarloey and The Big Bang

Skarloey plays a trick on Rosie by whistling beside her, making the engines knock his freight cars of pillings. The other engines want to join in too and surprise Cartman, Arthur and Neville. When Sir Topham Hatt finds that none of Skarloey's freight cars have been loaded he is furious. Skarloey, seeing the error of his ways, works to get everything in order, but plays one last trick on Sir Topham Hatt and hides his freight cars. When Sir Topham Hatt discovers the trick he decides Skarloey is "a very funny engine!"


  • Apperences by Skarloey, Billy, Arthur, Neville, Rosie, Cartman, and Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Cameos by Rheneas, Duncan, and Harmood.

Which Way Now?

Molly is chosen to take Sir Topham Hatt and his family around the Island of Sodor, but first she has to place signs at the landmarks. She rushes this job and finds everyone at the wrong place. Molly puts everything right, and then recompletes the job of placing the signs where they should be.


  • Apperences by Molly, Stanley, Sir Topham Hatt, Lady Hatt, Stephen Hatt, and Bridget Hatt.
  • Cameos by Billy, Arthur, Neville, Dennis, and Rosie.

Wellsworth and Peace

Billy is startled when some pipes fall near him and he spills the flour. Billy feels pathetic, even after helping Molly and Spencer by mistake, but when he saves Rosie from some falling logs Rosie tells her he is brave after all. Billy plucks up courage at Wellsworth, and when the freight cars try to play tricks on him Billy quickly shuts them up!


  • Apperences by Billy, Spencer, Rosie, Molly, and Stanley

Trucks!-UK (Edward Helps Percy - US)

James is advised by Gordon that if he were ill. So Edward and Percy go to the Slate Mines. But, Percy is mistaken for being James by the trucks and they crash into him, cracking his funnel and denting his boiler. Edward helps him, and the Fat Controller punishes James for lying and keeps him in the shed for two months.


  • Apperences by Edward, Duck, Percy, James, Gordon and The Fat Controller.
  • Cameos by Thomas, Henry and Mavis.


Spencer and The Old Mine

Spencer is looking forward to take holidaymakers to see Sodor Caves when his job is given to Bertie instead. Sir Topham Hatt wants him to work with Molly delivering coal cars to Knapford Station for Stanley as the machines at the coaling plant have broken down. On his way to the coal mine, Spencer sees an old line leading towards some bushes and, ignoring Molly's reminder that they have work to do, he goes down the old line which leads to an old mine entrance. Carelessly, Spencer crashes into a roof support, causing the entrance to collapse behind him! Spencer carries on into the mine until he hits something, which he thinks are buffers - until he hears a squeaking noise and realises that he ran into some coal trucks. Pushing the coal cars, Spencer finds that the mine shaft was actually a mine tunnel when he arrives at a bordered-up exit, and then, he pushes the freight cars out of the mine. Molly, who had being looking for Spencer, finds him with the coal cars, so they take it down to the Knapford Station where Sir Topham Hatt tells Spencer that he must think clearly when he wants to have another advenuture.


  • Apperences by Stanley, Molly, Spencer and Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Cameos by Dennis.

Gordon Drops a Clanger

Gordon is collecting the clock tower's bell to be polished. When he collects it he quickly comes to admires the bell's chime; so much in fact that he doesn't listen to the foreman's warning about the old track nor the other engines' warning him to slow down. Gordon realises his mistake when he hits some bumpy tracks and loses the bell, but, by listening carefully, Gordon finds the bell caught in a tree above the line. Once the bell is back on his flatbed, Gordon goes slowly and carefully for the rest of the way to the polishers.


  • Apperences by Thomas (does not speak), Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy (does not speak) and Duck.
  • Cameos by Sir Topham Hatt.

Gordon and The Hot Air Balloon

Gordon is disappointed to learn that, instead of taking Sir Topham Hatt's children on a special train ride for their birthday, they will having a ride in the hot air balloon. When Gordon collects the balloon he is told to go carefully, but when he comes across some bumpy track the balloon becomes untethered. Gordon slyly bangs into the balloon, causing it to float away. However, when the weathervane on Sir Topham Hatt's house tears a hole in the balloon, Gordon sees the error of his ways and owns up to Sir Topham Hatt. Gordon collects the balloon repair man, who has little hope of repairing the balloon until Gordon suggests using his birthday flag.


  • Apperences by Gordon, Skarloey, Sir Topham Hatt and Henry (does not speak).
  • Cameos by Thomas, Percy and Lady Hatt.

No Joke For Sixteen (Sixteen's Bad Day)

When James annoys Sixteen by saying he not as important as him, Sixteen decides to get revenge by telling Duck that the Fat Controller wants Sixteen to pull the express and that James should pull the trucks. Confusion ensues when Sixteen has an accident with a muddy ditch. The Fat Controller punishes Sixteen for his jokes and keeps him in the shed for two months.


  • Apperences by Duck, James, Sixteen and Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Cameos by Thomas and Percy.

A Bad Day For James

James and Duck have to work with Thomas, Billy and Stanley, but James is rude. The Fat Controller tells James to take a goods train to the Station. But James has an accident and Duck rescues him.


  • Apperences by Duck, James, Billy, Stanley, Spencer, Thomas and Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Cameos by Percy, Oliver and Charlie.

Dirty Work For Harmood


Harmood has barely returned from the Works when news comes of a special: an engine is needed to take the Mayor of Sodor to the Festival of Light at the castle. Harmood volunteers, and Skarloey, Rheneas and Rusty get to do goods work. Harmood is cleaned and arrives at the castle, but is shocked to discover the others haven't finished their work, and goes to help his friends at once. The four manage to get to see the Festival of Lights, and Mr. Percival is proud with Harmood.


  • Apperences by Skarloey, Rheneas, Rusty, Harmood and Mr. Percival.
  • Cameos by Peter Sam.

Arthur and The Mail


Rosie is in need of maintenance, and the other engines nominate Arthur to do the mail run, thinking that he knows what to do. Arthur doesn't, but so as not to look inexperienced he collects the mail anyway. Unfortunately, he mixes all the deliveries up, dropping Farmer McColl's parcels off at Maithwaite, giving Abbey School equipment for a party, and unloading the school supplies at Farmer McColl's. When Arthur discovers he has mixed everything up, he collects the parcels again and tries to get them to the right places, but he is in such a hurry he takes a wrong turn and collides with a barrier on a closed branch line. Arthur realises that he needs Rosie's help, and at the Works Rosie explains she just starts at Vicarstown and works her way back to Tidmouth. Arthur finally does everything right, and feels wiser for taking advice.


  • Apperences by Billy, Arthur, Neville, Rosie, Molly, Sir Topham Hatt and Farmer McColl.
  • Cameos by Dennis.

Stanley and Billy's Big Day Out


Billy is in need of repairs and Stanley volunteers to take him across Sodor to the Works. Stanley decides to make Billy's trip exciting by showing him several sights Billy has never seen before, but on Spencer's Hill the wellwagon carrying Billy breaks away and rolls down the hill. Billy's truck crashes into some buffers, and Stanley, realising his mistake, rescues Billy and continues the journey.


  • Apperences by Stanley, Billy and Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Cameos by Rocky.

Man In The Hills


Stanley arrives at Wellsworth with a birthday tent for Sir Topham Hatt's birthday party. Arthur tells Stanley about the "Man in the Hills", a tall white man who has never been seen before. Stanley decides to find the "Man in the Hills", but ignores Harvey and Rosie's advice to help. Stanley takes the dairy manager and the miller to the wharf, but discovers that neither are the "Man in the Hills". Worse still, the dairy manager and the miller still have to make the food for the party! Quickly, Stanley tells Billy and Rosie to take the birthday tent whilst he takes the miller and the dairy manager back to their workplaces. On his way back with the food, Stanley takes a short-cut and, at Green Valley Junction, discovers a chalk figure in the hillside - the "Man in the Hills". Stanley tells Harvey to gather Sir Topham Hatt and the engines together and bring them to see the "Man in the Hills".


  • Apperences by Stanley, Billy, Rosie, Arthur, Spencer, Harvey and Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Cameos by Neville.

Harvey and The Flood


During many days of rain, Harvey is asked to investigate a dam during rainy weather, and discovers it is about to burst its banks. Harvey hurries to get to higher ground, but the bridge he is on is swept away after the dam collapes. Harold drops a rope to be tied to Harvey's bufferbeam and gives the other end to Rosie. Harvey is saved and when the floodwater subsides a party is held in Harvey's honour.


  • Apperences by Rosie, Harvey, Harold and Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Cameos by Percy, Bertie, Caroline, Trevor and Sodor Mail Van.


  • Stock footage from "Percy's Promise" is used.

Billy and The Rumours


Some children are upset that their playground has been closed, but before Billy can tell the others Rosie butts in with news that Harold has been hired to show a special visitor around Sodor. A few days later, Spencer is travelling to Knapford when he sees Harold and goes down the wrong line into a tunnel being bored. Billy is worried that Spencer will be scrapped, but Sir Topham Hatt laughs and says Harold was hired so the man could find a new site for the playground from the air, and the man declares that the sand cleared from the tunnel will be perfect for the playground.


  • Apperences by Billy, Neville, Spencer, Dennis, Rosie, Sir Topham Hatt and Harold.
  • Cameos by Molly.


  • Stock footage from "Harold and The Flying Horse" is used.

Make Someone Happy


Billy tells Dennis to think of other people, and when Mrs. Kyndley discovers her sister can't visit her, Dennis is happy when Harold gives her a ride. Dennis later takes Mrs. Kyndley on a mystery tour, and Mrs. Kyndley is delighted when she gets to open the seaside fair.


  • Apperences by Billy, Dennis, Rosie, Wallace, Cranky, Harold, Sir Topham Hatt, Mrs. Kindley and Tiger Moth.
  • Cameos by Thomas, Henry, Spencer and Molly.


  • Stock footages from "Thomas and Stepney", "Henry's Forest" and "Billy and The Rumours" is used.

Something In The Air


Skarloey's trip to Brendam is delayed by a crate of fish falling onto him and eroded tracks on the coastal route, but Peter Sam doesn't pay attention to Skarloey's warnings and leaves before the signalman can be warned. Peter Sam puffs straight into the sea and has to stay there all night until he is rescued. When Peter Sam returns Skarloey jokes with him about the whole adventure.


  • Apperences by Skarloey, Peter Sam, Colin and Mr. Percival.
  • Cameos by Harmood.

Gordon The Rock N Roll Engine


Duck and Thomas are concerned Gordon will derail at a dodgy section of line near Knapford Station due to his "rock 'n' roll", but Gordon refuses to take advice from a "smelly engine", and matters are only made worse when Harmood backs Gordon up the next day. Gordon is full of admiration, and starts to "rock 'n' roll", causing him to derail.Duck is furious, but helps Gordon after remembering the passengers, and the two sort out their differences.


  • Apperences by Thomas, Gordon, Duck and Duncan.
  • Cameos by Edward, Henry, James, Skarloey, Rheneas, Jack and Sir Handel.

Topped Off Skarloey


Skarloey challenges Gordon to a race, but when they pass a station they create a wind blast that sends Mr. Percival's hat flying, and so Skarloey is sent to chase after it.


  • Apperences by Skarloey, Gordon, Duncan, Bertie, Harold and Mr. Percival.
  • Cameos by Sir Handel and Harmood.

Gordon and The Runaway Elephant


A new park is being opened and Gordon is bossing the engines about and telling them to do their work quicker. When Gordon finishes his jobs, he is asked to take an elephant statue down to the park, but Gordon carelessly leaves without the brakevan. Thomas warns him to be careful, But Gordon also ignores the warnings to slow down, and thus runs out of control, finally derailing at the park and sending the elephant flying into the pond. Gordon is repaired in time for the opening, but is surprised to find the elephant still in the pond due to general favour of the elephant's position, and embarrassed to be lauded by the others for his fortunate mistake!


  • Apperences by Thomas, Gordon, Duck, Sir Topham Hatt and Lady Hatt.
  • Cameos by Henry, James and Percy.

Spencer Takes a Tumble


Spencer brags to Salty that it isn't "dignified" for express trains to take trucks, but when Spencer is later told to take trucks he swears to do it how an express engine should. The effect is ruined when he rolls down a hill after a points failure and ignoring a "go slow" sign.


  • Apperences by Billy, Neville, Spencer, Dennis, Rosie, Salty and Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Cameos by Butch.

Bye Bulgy!


When Thomas leaves to run his branch line, Rosie & Molly take Bulgy to a construction site where he is needed to flatten some ground, but when he has to flatten a crossing Bulgy deliberately tarmacs the rails, and when Billy runs through he derails and runs into a barn. Later, Bulgy is working in a station yard when Molly arrives with some freight cars, but Bulgy is blocking the way and a freight car is still on the main line. Before Spencer and the Express can be alerted, Spencer rushes through and hits the freight car. When Sir Topham Hatt hears, he sends Bulgy to the timber mill to learn manners.


  • Apperences by Thomas, Percy, Billy, Spencer, Rosie, Molly and Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Cameos by Arthur.

Sixteen Takes A Tumble (Sixteen & The Goods Train-US)


Sixteen brags to Duck that it isn't "dignified" for bad-tempered engines to take goods trains, but Sixteen is later told to take a goods train he swears to do it how a bad-tempered engine should. Thomas warns him to be careful, but the effect is ruined when he rolls down a hill after a points failure and ignoring a "go slow" sign. So the Fat Controller punishes Sixteen for ignoring Thomas' advice and go slow signs and keeps him in the shed for two months.  


  • Apperences by Thomas, Edward, James, Duck, Stanley, Sixteen and the Fat Controller.
  • Cameos by Annie and Clarabel and Butch.

Lamp Trouble Again


Salty ignores Duck's advice about fish. Later, Henry needs Salty's help, so Salty helps Henry up the hill, but the lamp falls off and Salty crashes into the back of Henry's train. The Fat Controller tells Salty his accident isn't his fault.


  • Apperences by Duck, Henry, Salty and The Fat Controller.
  • Cameos by Thomas and Edward.

A Busy Day For Duck


Duck collects some trucks and takes them to the station. After that, Percy crashes into a barn and Duck rescues him


  • Apperences by Duck, Percy and Edward.
  • Cameos by Thomas and Gordon.

Coaches and Crossings


Gordon Wants To Take The Express But The Fat Controller Wants Him To Shunt While Thomas Pulls It To The Station. When He Gets Stuck In A Muddy Bank, Duck Rescues Him.


  • Appearances By Gordon, Thomas, Percy, Duck & The Fat Controller.
  • Cameos By James, Edward, Henry, & Toby.

Oliver and Stepney's Christmas Adventure


Oliver looks forward to delivering his mail to the people of the Mountain Village. However, one night the Island of Sodor has a bad snowstorm. The Mountain village is snowed under. Oliver is summoned to help and Stepney takes the mail for him. But on his way he gets told to go back for help. Stepney tells Harold and Oliver collects Terence to help them rescue the village. Harold drops hot drinks for them and Terence clears the tracks. For all their hard work the villagers make a surprise or the engines. That night, Duck collects everything, and the next morning the engines see that Tidmouth sheds have been decorated and they all agree it was the best Christmas ever.


  • Appearences by Duck, Oliver, Stepney, Harold, Terence and The Fat Controller.
  • Cameos by Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby, Donald and Douglas, Emily and Caroline.

Stanley, Diesel and Jack Frost


The winter weather is becoming increasingly colder, and so Sir Topham Hatt assigns Diesel and Stanley to the task of making extra coal deliveries across the island. Duck jokingly warns Stanley to be careful of Jack Frost, which Stanley takes seriously, but Diesel rubs off as nonsense. Later that night, when Stanley is taking coal to Lower Suddery, he finds himself stranded in the snow and becomes coated in ice, moments before Diesel passes and mistakes him for the mysterious Jack Frost.


  • Appearences by Stanley, Duck, Diesel, Trevor and Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Cameos by Neville, Spencer, Flora and Oliver.

The Trouble With James


James is conceited about his new coat of paint, so Duck tells Stanley about him. James starts to make trouble. First, he pushes Stanley into a building, so Duck helps him back on the rails. Then, instead of taking his goods train, he steals Stanley's Coaches from him, so Billy takes his goods train. Then, he crashes into his goods train that he doesn't pull. Soon, Duck arrived and chuckled at James. Sir Topham Hatt punishes James for two months.


  • Apperences by James, Duck, Billy, Stanley and Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Cameos by Thomas and Percy.

Mavis's New Cowcatchers



  • Apperences by Mavis, Toby, Bill and Ben (non-speaking roles), Harvey and Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Cameos by Thomas.

Sir Handel's Do-It-Yourself Disaster


Sir Handel tries to fix a leaky pipe which Duncan has smashed, with the help of Thomas, while Emily and Isobella discover the mess that Duncan made and repair it, with the help of Daisy.


  • Appearances by Thomas, Emily, Sir Handel, Jack, Alfie, Isobella, Patrick, Buster, Kelly, Ned, Oliver (Pack) and Nelson.
  • Cameos by Duck, Max & Monty and Duncan.

Engine Wars Part 1


Thomas, Duck, Rheneas, Skarloey, James, Edward and Sir Handel see Duncan's new show called "The New Adventures of Duncan". James and Skarloey go on a misson to get rid of Duncan's new show and Skarloey tries to stop James from getting rid of Duncan's new show, but James shuts him up and puffs fast to find Duncan's new show. On the way, James, with his frieght cars of bombs, challanges Skarloey, with a truck of coal, and races to Duncan's new show, with Skarloey spinning out of control, going into the wrong turn, falling off a cliff and crashing down the ravine.


  • Apperences by Thomas, Edward, James, Duck, Skarloey, Rheneas, Sir Handel and Duncan.
  • Cameos by Oliver.

Engine Wars Part 2


After leaving Skarloey injured on the ravine, James arrives at the Duncan Studio and defeats Duncan by pushing him off a cliff. Soon, Duck arrives the Rocky to take Skarloey to the Sodor Steamworks.


  • Apperences by Duck, Skarloey, James and Rocky (does not speak)
  • Cameos by Thomas, Percy and Stanley.

Derek In Charge


Derek wants to be in charge of the Sodor Steamworks, but his plan backfires into an accident with a muddy ditch.


  • Apperences by
  • Cameos by

Thomas, Skarloey and The Pigs


Thomas and Skarloey are sent to collect some pigs and take them to Farmer McColl's Farm. But when they get there, Skarloey was amazed because he likes pigs. When they arrive at the Farm, Farmer McColl is pleased.


  • Apperences by Thomas, Skarloey, Sir Topham Hatt, Mr. Percival and Farmer McColl
  • Cameos by Sir Handel and Rheneas.

Inspector Diesel


The Railway Inspector goes to Sodor Hospital and Diesel becomes the new Railway Inspector, destroying Boco's frieght cars, ruining Nelson's Shed and getting stuck on the cement. Thomas, Duck and Oliver rescue him and Sir Topham Hatt punishes him for two months just as the Railway Inspector comes back.


  • Apperences by Thomas, Duck, Oliver, Diesel, Boco, Sir Topham Hatt, Nelson and The Railway Inspector.
  • Cameos by Emily.

Rosie and The Special Picnic


Rosie has to collect a special picnic and take it to the beach. But she derails and Duck rescues her. Rosie arrives and Sir Topham Hatt is pleased with her. Rosie is happy.


  • Apperences by Duck, Rosie, Sir Topham Hatt and Rocky the Crane.
  • Cameos by Thomas Percy and James.

Bulgy Does It Again


Bulgy starts causing trouble. First, he tells lies to Rosie. Then, he derails James' frieght cars. Then, he blocks Duck's way. Duck tells him to get out of his way, and he does. But Bulgy crashes into a muddy ditch. And Duck rescues him. Sir Topham Hatt punishes Bulgy for two months.


  • Apperences by James, Duck, Rosie, Bulgy and Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Cameos by Thomas, Percy and Stanley.


  • Narrator: Duck saw Bulgy on his way and stopped.
  • Duck: Will you get out of my way?
  • Bulgy: Yes. Sorry.
  • Narrator: And he did. And Duck puffed away.

Kelly's Jungle Fun


Kelly starts to have Jungle Fun with his friend, Alfie. But Alfie has an accident, Kelly rescues him.


  • Apperences by Thomas, Emily, Jack, Alfie, Max & Monty, Kelly, Isobella and Mrs. Jenny.
  • Cameos by Patrick.

Rosie Runs Away


Rosie Runs Away

Rosie has to go to the Sodor Steamworks for repairs, but when Rosie sees a scary looking tool she runs away from the Steamworks, Rosie tried to hide in Henry’s Tunnel, but fails when Gordon comes with the Express, Then she tries to hide at Whiff’s Waste Dump, but Scruff had to shunt the trucks away that Rosie was hiding behind, then Rosie tried to hide at the Search and Rescue Centre, but Rosie finds there isn’t a place to hide there, When The Fat Controller finds Rosie broken down on the level crossing holding up George the Steamroller, he sends Oliver to take Rosie back to the Steamworks Rosie finds the scary tool is just a spanner and she becomes a really useful engine. Characters:


George (non-speaking-role) Victor Kevin Oliver Derek (cameo) Scruff Gordon Whiff (mentioned) Henry (mentioned) Thomas (cameo) Annie & Clarabel (cameo)


Narrator: It was a beautiful morning on the Island of Sodor, all the engines were working hard, except for Rosie, she had to go to the Sodor Steamworks.

Victor: Hello Rosie my friend, whats wrong!

Rosie: I've broken my brakes!

Victor: Oh, Kevin!

Kevin: Sorry boss, slip of the hook.

Victor: I know Kevin, I know.

Narrator: Just then, Rosie saw a scary looking tool, Rosie was scared.

Rosie: Sorry Victor I'll come back later.

Victor: Hey! Rosie, come back!

Narrator: But Rosie didn't come back, Rosie Puffed up to Henry's Tunnel.

Rosie: I'm sure noone will find me here.

Narrator: Rosie puffed into the tunnel, just then Rosie heard a whistle, Gordon was coming with the express.

Gordon: Who's in here, anyway?

Narrator: Rosie Puffed out the other end and went to Whiff's Waste Dump, Rose tried to hide behind some rubbish trucks, but then Scruff shunted them away.

Scruff: Hello Rosie, What are you doing here?

Narrator: Rosie didn't say a word, she just puffed quickly away, later the Fat Controller got a phone call from the Signalman.

Signalman: Rosie has broken down on the level crossing.

Narrator: The Fat Controller hurried to the crossing, there was Rosie, George was getting cross.

The Fat Controller: Rosie, what are you doing here, you have caused confusion and delay!

Rosie: I went to the Sodor Steamworks to get my brakes fixed, but I saw are scary tool and ran away.

The Fat Controller: Rosie, I'll send Oliver to collect you.

Narrator: Oliver arrived.

Oliver: Come along Rosie.

Narrator: When they arrived at the Steamworks, Rosie saw that the scary tool was just a spanner, The next day, Rosie was as good as new.

The Fat Controller: Rosie, you are a really useful engine!

Narrator: Rosie just beamed.