A new series with thomas and friends.

some of the episodes are:

Secret Agent Train: Rosie meets Duck who has a gift the diesel wants.Splatter and Dodge kidnap Rosie and Thomas and the crew go to save her.

Uncle Henry!: Percy is worried that Henry will find out that he lied about everything.

Billy the messy engine: Diesel,Zorran,Zip,Zug,and Trawler mess the Riches house but are seen by Percy and Billy is blamed.

Star Train: the 3 stooges vist sodor to find the star train. they find Emily is the star train. But can she avoid Diesel 10 from trying to kidnap her?

Diesel 10 and the tugs: Thomas and friends meet sally,Ten Cents, and Top Hat. The engines try to save the tugs and trains but when Diesel 10 kidnaps Percy the crew will have to save him.

Thomas' lost love: Thomas is happy when he meets his girlfriend Lady.

the fairy trainmother: Molly the fairy tries to help Mavis.

Percy gets the point: Percy doesn't want to get a shot.

Ghosthunters: A ghost haunts the yard and Percy hopes his hero Duke can stop the ghost.But Percy doesn't know that Duke is a T.V. star.

Rosie's crime?: A crook named Johnny Cuba adopts Rosie and makes her do robbries and Rosie doesn't know it.

Rosie's new friend: Rosie makes a friend at the yard called Rebecca. Rebecca shows Rosie her home in a alley. Rosie is told to get things for her new friend unrealiezing Rebecca made her do robberies.

Emily Day: When Mother's Day arrives on Sodor! The engines work their hardest for Emily because she is like a "mother".

The train who couldn't whistle: Scarloey the new train is unhappy because he can't whistle.

Where do little engines come from: Edward's wife is having babies and Percy and Rosie ask everyone where babies come from. Unforganitly, they have a little trouble and almost get captured!

Catch those trains!: The new borns are arguing and cause trouble! Tieing up Percy and Rosie,making a cloud steam covring Emily, and almost captured!

Percy's troublesome night!: Percy has bad dreams and his friends try to help them! but, his buddies are captured and are going to be sent to Alaska! Can Percy save them?!  

Rusty the diesel: Rusty (a small diesel) is frighted of things bigger than him!

Where are you Thomas?: Thomas runs away meeting a stray engine named Gordon!

Rubbish Night(The Musical!): The engines meet some rubbish-eating engines! Dasiy kidnaps the rubbish engines and Percy!

Fire Engine: Percy meets Freddie the new engine and Freddie wants to be a fire engine! Percy tries to make Freddie a sports engine but when Dasiy makes a machine Percy is captured and he, Mavis, Dasiy, Lillie and Diesel are trapped in a fire! Who can save them?

Come home James!: When someone starts stealing the engine's stuff they find it in James' shed and he is blamed!

Where is Sie Handel?: Sir Handel gets help from Thomas and his friends to get him home!

Peter Sam's friend: PeterSam has an imaginary friend!

Clean this mess!: There is a mess in the yard.

Snowy Land: Thomas and the crew help their friend Fergus get home!

Thomas' Christmas Carol(Final Episode!):Thomas and his friends meet Rheneas, have help from Molly,and go in Dasiy's dream what a Christmas!

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