This is about Thomas and steamies who help others find homes

Ep.1 Roise wants to have a home. Ep.2 Diesel and the meanies mess up a house (Percy watches) and Billy is blamed. Ep.3 Percy has bad dreams. Ep.4 Duck gives Rosie a gift and she is kidnapped. Ep.5 Thomas and the gang trie to help Skarloey. Ep.6 Mavis is in pain and is having baby trains. Ep.7 Thomas and Emily find Rusty cold and scared. Ep.8 Edward comes to trie to scare a ghost. Ep.9 Percy and Rosie trie to know where babies come from. Ep.10 Percy is worried when Henry comes and finds out that he lied. Ep.11 Molly tells a story about Peter Train. Ep.12 Percy wants Petersam to be a golden engine but Percy gets in a fire. Ep.13 Emily thinks she is the train star. Ep.14 The trains help Bertie get back to Alanlta. Ep.15 The gang help Tencents find a home. Ep.16 Percy doesn't want a shot. Ep.17 Percy saves Harold. Ep.18 Rosie finds a bird. Ep.19 Emily has a dayoff. Ep.20 Thomas runs away and helps Fergus. Ep.21 D-10 kidnappeds cats,dogs,and Percy. Ep.22 Sally wants Rosie to steal. Ep.23 The engines meet Whiff Ep.24 Emily meets Gordon. Ep.25 The engines give Pearl,Sunshine,and Carla a home. Ep.26 The trains help Toby home. Ep.27 Thomas and the gang help Lord Stinker,Annie,Clarabel,and Duke stop eating rubbish.

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