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  • Max The Stone Chopper
  • Jason The Mine Mech
  • Amy The Granite Grinder
  • Sally The Claw Digger
  • Micheal The Thunder Driller
  • Bob The Crystal Sweeper
  • Jacob The Boulder Blaster
  • Rob The Rock Wrecker
  • Maria The Cave Crusher
  • Claudia The Mini Mining Patform
  • Danny The Titanium Command Rig
  • Jimmy The Underground Mining Station
  • Daniel The Truck
  • Timmy The Arm Driller
  • Billy The Motorbike
  • Jack The Rock Hacker
  • James The Cave Cutter
  • Matt The Aero Shredder Air Vehicle
  • Jim The Aero Ground Vehicle 
  • Chuck The Crystal Crawler
  • Charlie The Fire Blaster
  • Henry The Magma Mech
  • Cameron The Claw Catcher
  • Pablo The Lavatraz Base
  • David The Vending Machine 
  • Dave The Lavatraz Crane
  • Steve The Lavatraz Vehicle
  • Jake The Rubble Rescue Rover
  • Emily The Rock Watchman
  • Rocky The Blast Roller
  • Gordon The Cargo Crusher


  • Bertie The Net Launcher
  • Bobby The Other Net Launcher
  • Simon The Dynamite
  • Sarah The Pick Axe
  • Mike The Black Axe
  • Hatchet The Gas Tank
  • Chris The Chain Saw
  • Lizzie The Walkie-Talkie
  • Maddie The Map
  • Erica The Shovel
  • Isobel The Harpoon
  • DJ The Laptop
  • Georgia The Banana
  • CJ The Carrots
  • George The Sausage
  • Georgie The Water Tank
  • Ebony The Light
  • Tiffany The Scuba Tank
  • Mia The Coffee Machine
  • LaShawna The Dynamite Launcher

Rock/Lava Monsters

  • Sam The Meltrox
  • Lachlan The Boulderax
  • Dylan The Glaciator
  • Jasmine The Sulfurix
  • Courtney The Firox
  • Rebecca The Geolix
  • Eric The Tremorox
  • Cody The Crystal King
  • Eva The Combustix
  • Harold the Firax
  • Ezekiel The Infernox
  • Jay The Eruptorr
  • Rachel The Boulderax Keychain
  • Heather The Meltrox Keychain
  • Tara The Single Launching Catapult
  • Ayla The Double Launching Catapult

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