Cast (Version 1)

  • Lord Zedd as Pauly Falzoni
  • Ransik as Bobo Gigliotti
  • Darkonda as Sleek the Elite
  • Rito Revolto as Habib
  • Goldar as Rocky
  • Jindrax as Davo Dinkum
  • Rygog as Junior
  • Elgar as Chong Fat
  • Gluto as Kev the Kiwi
  • Jinxer as DJBJ
  • Rita Repulsa as Bobo's Mama
  • Astromena as Claudia McPherson
  • Divatox as Shazza
  • Genreal Havac as Dazza
  • Vypra as Katrina
  • Trakenna as Toula
  • Diabolico as Murray the Cop
  • Squatt as Mohammad 2
  • Baboo as Omar
  • Louie Kaboom as Mohammad 1
  • Nadria as Lin Chow Bang

Version 2

  • Darkonda as Pauly Falzoni
  • Ecliptor as Sleek the Elite
  • Lord Zedd as Bobo Gigliotti
  • Squatt as Habib
  • Baboo as Rocky
  • Elgar as Davo Dinkum
  • Goldar as Junior
  • Gluto as Kev the Kiwi
  • Finster as Chong Fat
  • Porto as DJBJ
  • Rygog as Dazza
  • Divatox as Shazza

Version 3 (Bandora Gang)

  • Squatt as Pauly Falzoni
  • Baboo as Sleek the Elite
  • Goldar as Bobo Gigliotti
  • Rita Repulsa as Bobo's Mama
  • Scorpina as Lin Chow Bang
  • Finster as Davo Dinkum
  • Putty Patrollers as Ronnie McDoggle
  • Elgar as Habib
  • Rygog as Rocky

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