• Ghouligan as Keith Warne
  • Delisha Ennivel as Amanda Doyle
  • Goldgoyle as Jonathon Turnbull
  • Bloom of Doom as Melissa Schembry
  • Pirantishead as Paul "Mario" Gauci
  • Punch a Bunch as Louie "Luigi" Marietti
  • Demon Racers as Mark and Mike Tanner
  • Coralizer as Abdul Azar
  • Octophantom as Sole Umaga
  • Cannontop as Jackie Leungfung
  • Robogoat as Bill Beazley
  • Miss Chief as Jen Beazley
  • Rhinoblaster as Habib
  • Fish Face as Jim Spooner
  • Smogger as David Jackman
  • Commander Crayfish as Leonard Umaga
  • Saliguana as Alex
  • Electrotramp as Murray Smith
  • Pursehead as Doreen Ballini
  • Scatterbrain as Renzo Ballini
  • Madam Woe as Leanne Murdoch
  • Lizzinator as Oliver Vlacic
  • Icy Angel as Elle Whick
  • Octoplant as Jan
  • Katastrophe as Clarissa
  • Shellshock as Kev Kiwi
  • Spidertron as JJ
  • Frankenstien as Sam
  • Oysterizer as Aaron "Agro" Smith
  • Primator as George Darwin
  • Snizard as Fernando
  • Lizwizard as Momo Gauci
  • Invenusable Flytrap as Anthony Sukor
  • Grumble Bee as Vikram Jayasili, Indian dispatch worker
  • Peckster as Fadi El Faik and Mechanic
  • Hate Master as Indian Taxi Driver and Parking Officer
  • Goo Fish as Safety Inspector
  • Hatchasaurus as Damien Payne
  • Redeye as Karen Smythe

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