The Teletoon 17 are in the Comic Book


  • Let's Get Them
  • We Are Superheroes


  • Executive Producers: Aja Craig and Pikachufreak
  • Line Producer: Natasha Kopp
  • Story Editor: Scott Peterson
  • Music by: Pikachufreak
  • Theme Song by: ThomasandFriendsFan
  • Let's Get Them and We Are Superheros: Lyrics By Chris0630
  • Orlando Brown as Damey Wayne
  • Shawn Wayans as Toof
  • Jamil Walker Smith as Mo' Money
  • Tico Wells as Marvin
  • T'Keyah Crystal Keymáh as Roz
  • Vincent Martella as Phineas
  • Ashley Tisdale as Candace
  • Thomas Sangster as Ferb
  • Alyson Stoner as Isabella
  • Aries Spears as Big Chill and Kwame
  • Tone Loc as C-Bear
  • Kim Fields Freeman as Maya
  • Arthur Reggie III as Jamal Wingo
  • Bettina Bush as Dotty Dog
  • Georgi Irene as Woolma Lamb
  • Francesca Smith as Helga
  • Cree Summer as Angry Girl
  • Character Design: Greg Guler, Michael Milo and Celeste Moreno
  • Prop Design Melinda Leasure Chuck and Puntuvatana Anthony Vukojelich
  • Animation Production by: Wang Film Productions
  • Film Editor: Ted Supa
  • Assistant Film Editor: Lauren Crist
  • Animatic Editor: Anne Harting
  • Retake Director: Sue Perrotto
  • Post-Production Dialogue Editor: Jim Harrison
  • Dialogue Editor: Robbi Smith
  • Re-Recording Mixers: Melissa Ellis and Fil Brown
  • Dialogue Engineer: Chris Cirino
  • Assistant Dialogue Engineers: Scott Corwin and Ryan Coursey
  • Digital Coordinator: Karen Wong
  • Post Production Supervisor: Geri Bryan
  • Production Control: Sarah Wintucky
  • Post Production Coordinators: Stephenie Moffatt and Treasure Rawson
  • Sound Designer: Robert Poole II
  • Digital Audio Transfer: Robert Pratt
  • On-line Editor: Keith Cook
  • Foley Artist: J. Lampinen
  • Foley Mixer: Roy Braverman
  • Mixed at: Studio 306
  • Production Supervisor: Lance Lecompte
  • Production Associate: Kenny Kweens
  • Production Secretary: Teresa Lara and Ferregamo
  • Script Coordinator: Dawn Connors
  • Produced with the participation of: Canada Media Fund, Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit, Ontario Film and Television Tax Credit and Shaw Rocket Fund
  • (c) 2015 Nelvana Limited and Scratchpad Wikia Originals
  • A Co-production of Treehouse TV, CTV, Nelvana Limited and Scratchpad Wikia Originals


[pages flipping]
Phineas: Spike, you really need to go to sleep!
C Bear: Aw, two more minutes, Twilight! I'm just getting to the really good part! The Angry Girl is about to—
Phineas: "The Angry Girl"?
C Bear: The Power Teletoon' most evil nemesis! She was the power-mad owner of a hair-care product company. A tragic accident at her shampoo factory in Teletoonopoils not only gave her mane strange new powers, but also caused her to go completely insane! She and her henchponies are planning to break into the Teletoonopoils Museum and steal the Electro-Orb, so she can use it to power up her doomsday device! Of course, the Mane-iac wouldn't have even known if Super Rapper Bear hadn't slipped up and told her all about it.
Phineas : Super Rapper Bear?
C Bear: Nah, the guy in the blue boots and pointless red rope chains. The Power Teletoon bumbling and totally useless sidekick. The Power Teletoon have to stop the Angry Girl or Teletoon-opoils is doo-hoo-hoo-hoomed!
Phineas: Believe me, C Bear. If anybody understands what it's like to get caught up in a really good book, it's me. But if we're going to make any progress fixing up Jenny and Stacy's old castle tomorrow, we all have to do our part. We don't want to be too tired to lend a hoof... or claw.
C Bear: Okay, okay, I'm going to bed. Goodnight.
Phineas : Two more minutes.
C Bear: Yes!

When I was young I was too busy to make any friends.
Such silliness did not seem worth the effort it expends.
But my lfriends, you opened up my eyes
And now the truth is crystal clear, as splendid summer skies.
And it's such a wonderful surprise.
It's The Land of Teletoon
It's The Land of Teletoon
It's The Land of Teletoon
It's The Land of Teletoon
When danger makes me wanna hide, you'll Candace to my side,
Kindness is never in short supply, once smitten twice as them.
For honesty no body can deny, you are the Big Chill and Kwame of my eye,
A heart that shines so beautiful, a Roz and Maya to come funny
And you all make fun and laughter as easy as Mo' Money!
It's The Land of Teletoon
It's The Land of Teletoon
It's The Land of Teletoon
It's The Land of Teletoon
Our friendship's channel and it's growing all the time.
A new adventure waits for us each day is yours and mine.
We'll make it special every time!
We'll make it special every time!
It's The Land of Teletoon
It's The Land of Teletoon
It's The Land of Teletoon
It's The Land of Teletoon
It's The Land of Teletoon
It's The Land of Teletoon
It's The Land of Teletoon
It's The Land of Teletoon

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