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Powerpuff Girls/Cyberchase is a parody with Powerpuff Girls clips and Cyberchase sounds and it will come out October 26, 2010 by ShenziBanzaiandEd.


  • Ms. Keane as Jackie
  • Blossom as Inez
  • Professur Utonium as Matt
  • Butch as Digit
  • Mojo Jojo as Hacker
  • Little Arturo as Buzz
  • Brick as Delete
  • Sara Bellum as Motherboard
  • Boomer as Dr. Marbles
  • Bubbles as Lady Ada Lovelace
  • Skinny Slim as Master Pi
  • Him as Spout
  • Bossman as Slider
  • Big Billy as Nero the Animal Hero
  • Buttercup as Creech
  • Sedusa as The Wicked Witch
  • Ace as Deke
  • The Mayor as The King of Happily Ever After
  • Fuzzy Lumpkins as Baskerville
  • Snake as Jules

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