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  • Boomer as Fry
  • Bubbles as Leela
  • Brick as Bender
  • Blossom as Amy
  • Big Billy as Hermes
  • Professor Untonium as Professor Farnsworth
  • Bossman as Zoidberg
  • Snake as Zapp Branigan
  • Tiny as Kiff Kroker
  • Him as the Robot Devil
  • MoJo JoJo as The Clamps
  • Scott Tenorman (From South Park) as Robot Santa
  • Princess Morebucks as Mom
  • Plankton (From Spongebob) as Walt
  • Stewie (From Family Guy) as Larry
  • Satan (From South Park) as Igner
  • Randy Marsh (From South Park) as Chef Elzar
  • Snake (From the Simpsons) as Roberto
  • Princess Peach as Umbriel
  • Meg Griffin (From Family Guy) as Morgan Proctor
  • Wario (From Mario) as Glurmo
  • Ms. Keane as LaBarbara
  • The Kanker Sisters (From Ed, Edd, and Eddy) as the Amazon Women
  • Lisa Simpson (From the Simpsons) as Gladys Lennox
  • Luigi (From Mario) as Smitty
  • Yoshi (From Mario) as URL
  • The Mayor Of Townsvile as Mayor Poopenmeyer
  • Nazz (From Ed, Edd, and Eddy) as Michele
  • Kevin (From Ed, Edd, and Eddy) as Pauly Shore
  • Santa's Little Helper (From the Simpsons) as Seymore
  • Horace (From Family Guy) as Mr. pannuchi
  • Irving (From Phineas and Ferb) as Enos Fry
  • The Mayor of Dimsdale (From the Fairly OddParents) as Harry S Truman
  • Glovey Glove (From Spongebob) as Craterface
  • Peter Griffin (From Family Guy) as Robot Jackie Gleason
  • Mr Krabs (From Spongebob), Old Sea Captain (From The Simpsons), Captain Seasmus (From Family Guy), and Lineback (From the Legend of Zelda) as Whalers of the Moon
  • Mayor Quimby (From the Simpsons) as Trisol Emperor
  • Obi Wan Kenobi (From Star Wars) as Chef Spargle
  • Lenny and Carl (From the Simpsons) as the Hobos
  • The Rancor (From Star Wars) as El Chubenebre
  • Tad and Chad (From the Fairly OddParents)as Chet and Meidermyer
  • Carl (From Jimmy Neutron) as Fatbot
  • Sheen (From Jimmy Neutron) as Gearshift
  • Funky Kong (From Donkey Kong) as Robot Lincoln
  • Dr. Doofenshmirtz (From Phineas and Ferb) as Evil Lincoln
  • Head Pixie (From Fairly OddParents) as Greeting Card
  • Zelda (From the Legend of Zelda) as Elizabeth Bennett
  • King DeeDeeDee (From Kirby) as Captain Ahab
  • Escargoon (from Kirby) as QueQueeg
  • Sonic (From Sonic) as Tom Sawyer
  • Admiral Ackbar (From Star Wars) as General Colin PAC-MAN
  • Mindy Simmons (From The Simpsons) as Pamela Anderson
  • Plankton (From Spongebob) as Donbot
  • Damien (From South Park) as Mousepad
  • The Collector as Melllvar
  • Barney Gumboe (From the Simpsons) as Sal
  • Mr. Burns (From the Simpsons) as Nudar

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